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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 9

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So you are a pervert (4)

Even though he asked to be sure and even got confirmation, he couldn’t believe it.

Her hair, whose original color was difficult to tell with the oil and dust, had a silvery glow like a slightly dyed lilac flower. Even when she was dirty, her eyes had a mysterious beauty to them, not to mention now.

Her long, cast-down lashes were like a butterfly’s wings. Her lips looked full like a blooming petal yet also soft. Perhaps because she had just finished taking a bath, her damp hair and the rosiness on her cheek made whoever was looking at her feel strange.

A thin jawline, a deep neckline, and clear white skin that almost seemed transparent.

Tarkan had never reacted like this to someone’s appearance. Not even the fair beauties that came to the palace could attract his eyes.

But the woman in front of him right now…

‘It’s just because she looks so different from before.’

Tarkan hastily concluded in his mind.


Aristine glanced at the two people who were acting strange then she tossed it out of her mind and sat in the chair.

Judging from how the teacups were set on the table, it looked like they had brought an additional one out for herself.

Even after she sat down, no one poured tea for her so Aristine reached out to pick up the teapot. Only then did the startled Dionna pick up the teapot.

“I-I’m sorry, Princess.”

Dionna bowed her head and hurriedly poured the tea. She was worried the princess might take it as her being disrespectful.

‘I can’t cause a conflict in front of His Highness Tarkan.’

She carefully watched the princess, but the princess only turned her head quietly.

There was no expression on her face so Dionna couldn’t tell how she felt. She had no idea whether the princess was offended or simply didn’t care.

Even that part of her seemed mysterious and strange.

It was baffling that her expressionless face could look this attractive.

‘And I was happy when I heard the first princess was coming instead of the second…!’

With this, there was no reason for her to be happy. Even though Tarkan wasn’t the type to be interested in a woman’s appearance, who knew what would happen if he was faced with such a beautiful woman every day.

‘He was definitely shaken up earlier too!’

Dionna squeezed the teapot in her hand even tighter.

It was very rare for Tarkan to look shaken by anything. But after this woman came, he had already been shaken up several times.

‘And he’s only seen her for a few minutes!’

Trying her best to hide her surging emotions, Dionna bowed to Aristine after pouring the tea.

“Greetings to the Princess. My name is Dionna.”

“I see.”

Even her voice was clear and elegant.

Dionna tried to smile but couldn’t do anything about the gloominess in her heart.

“You may leave now.”

At Tarkan’s words, Dionna, who was in the middle of arranging the tea-set, paused.

‘I should leave? So it’s just two of you?’

But she soon gave a flawless smile and bowed her head.
The court ladies also left with her, leaving Aristine and Tarkan alone in the room.

Silence fell over the room.

Tarkan opened his mouth to speak first.

“What is it?”

“What do you mean?”

“I believe you came to see me because you have something to say.”

“We are going to be a married couple soon, must there be a reason for me to have tea with you?”

“Indeed, at least between you and me.”

‘He’s more rigid than I expected.’

Aristine thought, humming to herself.

If she tried having a pleasant chat to lighten up the mood, she might get kicked out before she could even talk about what she wanted.

It seemed it would be best to forget the introductions and go straight to the point.

“Anyway, you accepted this marriage too, did you not?”

At those words, Tarkan wrinkled his brow in disapproval. His expression was saying it was not his decision to accept the marriage with Aristine.

‘No, same goes for me too. Do you think I volunteered to marry you?’

Aristine mumbled to herself, bring the tea to her lips.

The scent floating into her nose was enchanting. The warm tea glided smoothly over her tongue and went down her throat. This was her first time drinking such high-quality tea.

It was honestly delicious. She liked it quite a bit.

…She didn’t come here because she wanted to or because she liked to, but this sort of thing was nice.

‘But let’s keep it to myself. Tarkan doesn’t have to know.’

“Well, alright. I didn’t come here to see you for a friendly chat.”

Aristine straightened her back and looked straight at Tarkan.

Since Dionna was gone, she had to talk about something more certain than love or lovers. Using an outside relationship was her second-best option.

The thing Aristine was most confident about was her own ability.

“I will be straightforward with you.”

A pair of golden eyes like the sun and purple eyes like a dawning sky clashed in the air.

“Do business with me.”

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  1. “Clear white skin that almost seemed transparent”
    Everytime I read that I can’t help but wonder : Can you also see her meat under her skin? That just sounds so creepy 😫

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