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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 37]

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Fluffy (2)

“Oh my god…!” (?)

“Ehem, so that’s how it is.” (?)

“Princess is more…wow…that you look.” (?)

The court ladies glanced at Aristine a few times and giggled.

Aristine didn’t know why but some of them even gave her a thumbs up.

“Yes, soft and fluffy. We understand perfectly.” (?)

“Don’t worry. Just leave it to us. We will prepare something that can take any shock or movement!” (?)

“Of course. Unshakable comfort!” (?)

Huhuhu, hohoho.

Aristine narrowed her eyes at their strange laughter.

‘Why are they acting like this?’

Did asking for something fluffy deserve this kind of reaction?

Either way, she was thankful for the court ladies who actively tried to engage her in their approach.

Until now, Aristine never had someone to ask if she wanted something or someone who would listen to her, let alone a servant that waited on her.

“Thank you, everyone.” (Aristine)

“Oh, don’t mention it.” (?)

“Hohoho, fluffy ones are good, but wide ones are just as good, aren’t they?” (?)

“Oh my gosh, stop!” (?)

The court ladies burst into giggles.

“No, I’m not too fond of it wide…I’m fine as long as it’s not too narrow. When it’s too wide, it just leaves space.” (Aristine)

At Aristine’s straightforward words, the eyes of the court ladies sparkled.

To say it leaves space…

‘How tight does she want it to be?!’

“Yes, Yes. Who needs it wide! That’s useless!”

“Right. You just need enough space for one person to lie down!”

“I can’t believe I recommended a wide one. My thoughts were lacking. As expected, the Princess is smart.”

‘Wait, I don’t think I should be called smart over this.’

Aristine’s mind was filled with doubts and reluctance but seeing the happiness on the faces of the court ladies, she decided to let it be.

‘So when the people around me are in a good mood, it put me in a good mood too.’

She never knew that before.

“Then, we will withdraw now and search for the perfect item.”

“Please look forward to it; we will prepare something that will surprise you, Princess.”

“It will surprise His Highness Tarkan as well!”

Who knew what was so exciting to them but the court ladies burst into giggles again.

‘I guess they really like their work.’

Since they were such passionate employees, she’d love to scout them when she opened her business.

‘I wonder whether they’ll agree if I offer them a higher salary after my business succeeds and ask them to change jobs.’

While that thought ran through her mind, she watched the court ladies leave.

Even as they walked to the door, they glanced at Aristine with odd looks in their eyes and chuckled suspiciously.

Somehow, their gaze was crafty and unusual.

The court ladies who weren’t really checking their front because they were looking at Aristine, discovered the person standing by the door late and were startled.

“Y-Your Highness, Tarkan.”

The court ladies hurriedly performed their greetings.

And before Tarkan could say anything, they quickly left the room like they were running away.

Tarkan who was leaning slanted against the door, watched them hurry away then he entered the room.


Aristine waved her hand in a friendly manner.

Since Tarkan was here, tea would naturally be served and of course, dessert would be served with it too.

‘I wonder what kind of tea and dessert they’ll serve today.’

Her heart pounded at the thought of it.

Tarkan sat down in the seat opposite Aristine.

He frowned when he saw the somewhat excited look on her face. Didn’t they decide to be a business-like couple with no love whatsoever?

“I heard your discussion with the court ladies.”

“Oh, you heard.”

Unlike what he expected, Aristine was pleased to hear that.

“I made it clear. I like it fluffy.”

She even re-emphasized it.

Tarkan didn’t know how he was supposed to take this. Noticing his lack of reply, Aristine frowned slightly.


She brought her face closer to Tarkan to check.

Her long hair moved softly and the loose fabric on her arm swayed gently, revealing her immaculate wrists and elbow. Under the glaze of the sun, her purple eyes seemed more mysterious than usual. The closer she was, the more vivid it was. It seemed like the entire world was reflected in her sparkling glassy eyes.


Tarkan sprang up from his chair with a rattle.

“That will never happen between you and me.”

A low voice rang out through clenched teeth.

Tarkan immediately left the room after leaving those words behind. He had always been the type to walk with huge strides, but he was walking even faster now.

At his inexplicable actions, Aristine leaned her arm against the table and tilted her head.

‘Why is he suddenly acting like this too?’

Both Tarkan and the court ladies were strange today.

“What do you mean will never happen?”

Aristine asked Tarkan who was about to walk out the door.

Tarkan abruptly stopped in place then he left the room even faster than before. His ears that she could see poking through his hair were red.

‘What the, he didn’t even answer.’

Her grumblings were instantly forgotten the moment the court ladies brought in the refreshments.

“Oh no, His Highness left? What about the tea?”

“Since you’ve already brought it out, just bring it here.” (Aristine)

“Yes, Princess.”

Aristine inwardly cheered as she watched the gorgeous tea and scones get arranged on the table. Today’s jam was strawberry-pepper jam and apricot compote. With clotted cream, of course.

After wetting her mouth with the fragrant tea and spreading the strawberry-pepper jam and clotted cream on the warm scones, Aristine was already happy.

When she put it in her mouth, she could feel the buttery flavor deep inside the sweet and savory taste. The spice from the pepper was smoothed out with the clotted cream, making it another delight in her mouth.

‘Maybe it’s just me but the scones feel more delicious than before.’

Aristine, who had completely forgotten the abnormal behavior of Tarkan and the court ladies, happily devoured her tea and scones.



Translator’s Corner:

*Maybe all this food talk would make me hungry if I knew what it tasted like.

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  6. She talking about a pillow/bed? And are the maids thinking lingerie? *fluffy & tight/narrow referring to skin tight wedding night gown?

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