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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 134]

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Episode 21: His Preference (3)

* * *


All the handmaids, including Rosalyn, were secretly making plans to seduce Tarkan. They were taken aback by Dionna’s sudden appearance.

《Yes, you may call me Dionna, respected handmaidens of Silvanus. 》

However, Dionna only smiled politely, as if she didn’t know what the handmaids were thinking.

‘Did she not hear what we were talking about?’

That’s how it seemed from the way she was greeting them.

They felt relived but hoped that she would just walk past them but Dionna came closer instead.

《 What were you discussing in a place like this?》

It was a very isolated location for a friendly chat among maids.

《Nothing special. 》

《Whatever we were discussing has nothing to do with you. 》

The maids raised their chins proudly and said, trying their best to act confident.

But rather than cowering, Dionna countered softly.

《How can it have nothing to do with me? 》

Dionna looked at the maids with a smile.

《Especially when it concerns His Highness Tarkan. 》

At those words, the maids flinched and trembled.

‘No way, did she hear everything?’

If Dionna went to tattle to Aristine….

Just imagining it made the blood drain from their face. That was no different from giving Aristine the tool to chase them out. And if they were driven out, the Emperor would not stay still.

After knowing what happened to the Knights who went back to Silvanus, they couldn’t help but be nervous.

《To be so thoughtful about what His Highness Tarkan likes. 》(Dionna)

The maids looked at Dionna nervously, wondering how to move on from this situation.

《As expected of the Princess Consort’s handmaids. 》

Dionna finished with a wide grin and clapped in praise of the maids.

‘What the?’

They couldn’t understand Dionna’s reaction for a second. The maids glanced at each other.

Meanwhile, Dionna continued speaking.

《The Princess Consort must have a lot of worries as a newlywed, right? Since she still doesn’t know what her husband likes. 》

《T, That’s right. 》

The maids quickly agreed with her and nodded.

It seemed Dionna didn’t hear the earlier part of the conversation and only heard the last few things.

《I, Dionna, will help you. 》

Dionna pronounced confidently, placing a hand on her chest.

《 I’ve watched His Highness Tarkan since he was little so I am very familiar with his preferences. 》

《 So you’re going to help us…uh, the Princess?》

《 Yes, after all, this is a marriage that has ended a long-standing hostility. 》

Dionna clasped her hands together, looking moved as she continued speaking.

《Every citizen of this country wishes for their Highnesses to have a happy marriage with no issues. I also want to offer what little I can to help. 》

And Dionna really taught them everything in detail, from Tarkan’s likes to his dislikes.

As a result, Rosalyn learned thorough details about Tarkan that Aristine did not know.

* * *

As her recollection came to an end, Rosalyn gave a sly smile.

‘She certainly said that His Highness Tarkan hates sweet things.’

That was also what Rosalyn learnt while watching Tarkan’s every move.
Tarkan never touched sweet things, including desserts.

Normally, a couple feels closers because of the smaller things rather than the bigger things. In that sense, a tactic that involved small things like taste was quite effective.

“Well, if you’re worried about your relationship getting estranged, how about giving him a present?”

“A present?”

“Yes, and His Highness Tarkan saved Your Highness the Princess so it could even serve as repayment.”

“Oh, certainly. I have to repay him for saving me. That’s a good idea.”

Seeing Aristine nod her head in agreement, Rosalyn tried her best to stop herself from smiling.

“So, from what I heard from the court ladies, His Highness Tarkan really likes sweet things.”


“Yes, apparently, he absolutely adores them. That’s why he tried so hard to recruit that pâtissier.”

“I see.”

“Why don’t you gift him a fiery sweet dessert?”

Aristine stared at Rosalyn.

Rosalyn’s mouth felt parched but she kept a smile on her face.

Soon enough, Aristine nodded her head.

“That sounds good. Thank you, Rosalyn.”


Rosalyn’s smile reached all the way to her ears.

But right then…

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    Thank you so much for translating this novel, I am very happy that you choosed this story !

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