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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 56]

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Not An Ordinary Wedding (4)

* * *

Tarkan’s body stiffened at the soft and tender sensation. He could feel Aristine’s breath. It was as light and weak as a small bird.

This was not a kiss.

Just skin-to-skin-contact.

Like she said, it was nothing much.

Aristine’s lips didn’t even touch his.

Ugh, she groaned audibly before pulling Tarkan closer and placing her lips right next to his lips. Her lips touched the area just below his lips and slightly to the left.

‘Is this something to be so shaken about?’

Tarkan froze on the spot, unable to do anything.

When he finally looked down, he saw Aristine’s face. Her long eyelashes and delicate features looked out of focus and a little fuzzy.

And maybe because of that, he could feel her warmth more vividly.

To complete the kiss, Aristine had thrust herself into Tarkan’s arm. Her body was so soft that it felt like it would break if he applied a little force.

He already knew she was a thin person but somehow, that fact felt more distinct today.

She smelled sweet. Perhaps it was because of the flowers she was holding.

Her long eyelashes quivered and Aristine’s eyes flew open.
Eyes akin to the dawning sky peered into his own.

Their eyes met at the closest distance possible.

It only lasted a moment.

Aristine straightened herself immediately.

It was only after the warmth in his arms disappeared that Tarkan straightened himself as well.

His dazed senses returned.


People were cheering for them.

The sounds of cheering that had been muffled as if he was submerged in water, suddenly grew clearer.

Tarkan turned to look at the guest seats. For some reason, people were responding very enthusiastically.

‘They are that happy about this marriage?’

Everyone wanted the war to end, except a very small minority. With this marriage, the war was over so naturally, it deserved to be cheered.

He could see young misses and madams of noble families sniffling, seemingly overwhelmed with happiness that the war was over.

Aristine flashed them a bright smile in response.

Tarkan looked down at her smiling face. Because he had a higher line of sight, he could see the lisianthus wreath on her head more clearly and Aristine’s face was slightly obscured by the flowers.

Tarkan’s eyes rested on her face for a few moments, then his gaze turned to the Queen who was grinding her teeth.

‘Sure enough.’

Her face had hardened and turned blue, and she was glaring at them like she wanted to rip him apart.

She seemed irritated and displeased that the wedding was so well received.

When he saw Duke Skiela’s lips trembling, the corner of Tarkan’s mouth curved upwards.

The cheers grew louder.

The two of them looked like the perfect pair of newlyweds. And so, the bride and groom left the ceremonial hall with the blessing of numerous people.

A rain of flowers poured over them.

Now, there was only one thing left in the wedding itinerary.

The wedding parade.

* * *

The people of Irugo were gathered in droves in the plaza outside the ceremonial hall. The crowd filled the vast plaza and an endless trail of people stood along the path of the wedding parade.

Everyone was curious about the bride who would bring peace and the end of the war.

“Did you hear she came in an old-fashioned carriage on purpose to see people who suffered from the war?”

“My goodness, all that distance…”

“Not only that, they say she’s a princess who rarely left the castle because of her weak body so that’s amazing of her.”

“To think the princess didn’t think of her health but thought of us…”

“True, that must be why she’s getting married for the sake of peace.”

During the official audience, Aristine spoke about why she had to use the difficult old-fashioned carriage instead of the portal, and that discussion was already known among the people.

This was a result of Aristine efforts for her business partner while they were preparing for the wedding.

It goes without saying that the end of the war was welcomed by all common people. As people living in Irugo which was surrounded by demonic beats on all sides, the longer the war with Silvanus went on, the more anxious they would be.

However, now that the war was over, there was no need to worry about whether the demonic beasts would use the conflict as an opportunity to invade.

People were excited like they were celebrating a festival.

It’s not that they had no bias against Silvanians, but such things had been pushed aside because of the circumstances. Furthermore, Tarkan was a hero to the common people.

The fact that he defeated the great demonic beast, Murzika, at the age of ten, made him no different from a living legend. And Tarkan’s legend was continuing even till this day.

The guardian of Irugo, Tarkan.

They all desired for his bride to be someone special.

Those who had taken the good scenic spots had been waiting here since last night. That was how much people were thirsting to the royal couple in person.

After a long wait, the door finally opened.


People were so happy that the door was even moving that they screamed before they even saw the bride or groom.

Finally, Aristine and Tarkan emerged.


A loud exclamation rippled through the air.

Perhaps startled by the shouts of joy that were like fireworks, the eyes of the new bride widened as she looked around. Then seeing the Irugo people welcoming her, she smiled brightly and waved her hand.

Seeing this, the people looked moved and overwhelmed with emotions.

‘Our prince’s bride is the most dignified and beautiful woman there is!’

‘This fairy is our prince’s bride!’

‘Our princess is a goddess, not a human!’(T/N: This is a compliment)

From their standpoint as common people, the beauty of the royal family was something they actually cared about. There were quite a few cases where they got into a war of nerves with other countries because of it.

The more outstanding and charming the royal family was, the better. It was also a matter of national pride.

With the handsome national hero and the beautiful fairy princess together, their sight was full of brightness as if the sun had risen from the ground.

They felt full even without eating anything.

A sudden sense of patriotism burned with them, and they raised their voices and shouted.

“Long live His Highness Tarkan!”

“Long live Her Highness Aristine!”

“Glory to your path ahead!”

“May your days be happy!!”

These were normally common sayings yelled by people when they gathered to celebrate a wedding in the royal family. But somehow, it was full of sincerity today compared to other times.

The newlyweds walked side by side towards the carriage, amid the cheers of the people.

The carriage made for this monumental day was lavishly decorated with gold and malachite as the main elements while adorned with a variety of finely crafted gems such as diamonds, emeralds, and garnets.

The carriage had a roof but with more openings all around and flowers bloomed gorgeously on its pillars. It was a carriage that seemed to emerge from the fantasy they had all dreamed of.

Then the couple who also seemed to have come from a fantasy stopped before the carriage.



Translator’s Corner:

**I have to be honest, I’m not too sure what the carriage looks like with this description. I am imagining a Cinderella-style carriage but with an open front.


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      1. I wasn’t imagining the carriage that big tbh but I guess they have to be.

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