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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 269

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Chapter 37: Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (4)

“What did you say…?”

For a moment, Tarkan was struck speechless, and he couldn’t think of anything else to say.

[I am taking good care of my sister so you can stay out of it.]

The moment Tarkan heard that, his thread of rationality snapped.

His nerves were already on edge after his pregnant wife disappeared. The dimly flickering warning in his mind that this was his wife’s brother shattered.

“You’re talking a load of crap after kidnapping my wife.”

Tarkan growled.

[Kidnap? Rineh came because she wanted to though? I can’t possibly not listen to my little sister’s opinions.]

Because Rineh wanted to?

That remark was so shocking that even Tarkan’s burning anger died out.

[Of course, she relies more on her one and only brother than her husband who is not by her side. My sister must love me so much. You know I am her only family, right? Ah, soon my nephew will come into this world.]

“I am Rineh’s family. And he is not your nephew but my child.”[1]

[Oh, is that so? Then why is my sister here with me and not you? In that barbaric place, my sister….Oh?]

As if surprised by something, Launelian’s voice cut off for a moment.

A beat later, his voice could be heard again.

Unlike when he was speaking to Tarkan, his voice sounded sticky and sweet, like it was dripping with honey.

[Rineh, why did you come out? You should be resting in your room…]


The connection ended.

Tarkan was still holding the transmission stone. He couldn’t believe what was happening right now.

‘What? Only family? My nephew? My sister loves me?’

Worst of all, he didn’t even get to hear Aristine’s voice because he was listening to that nonsense.


The transmission stone quickly disintegrated in his hand.

Sparks flew from his golden eyes.

Asena and the court ladies almost keeled over when they saw something harder than stone disintegrate in the blink of an eye.

The court ladies fell to their knees as they sensed their lord’s mood.
“Y-Your Highness Tarkan…”

“Still, the Princess Consort seems to have regained consciousness fortunately.”

Hearing that Aristine’s health must have improved, Tarkan’s anger subsided a little.

That was also why Nephther had no choice but to let Launelian take Aristine. Because Launelian said that he must take her back to Silvanus for her to get better.

And almost as if his words were being proven, the royal physician couldn’t really pinpoint Aristine’s symptoms.

He only said the pregnancy seemed to be straining her body since she had little physical strength.

Considering that she was still in the early stages of pregnancy, they couldn’t understand why her condition was already this bad. Naturally, they couldn’t improve her condition without identifying the cause.

Seeing as Aristine showed no signs of waking up, Nephther let Aristine go.

‘Right, I’m so glad she’s awake.’

Tarkan thought to himself and closed his eyes.

Behind his closed eyes, he could see Aristine’s long silver fluttering gently. At the end of it, he could see her face smiling brightly at him.


Her voice in a whisper.

Her slender body that fit snugly in his arms. Her soft skin. Her outstretched hand.


Right now, that bastard Launelian was by Aristine’s eyes.

Talking with her, seeing her, stroking her stomach…

“I can take good care of care of my wife too…”

The court ladies who were prostrating on the floor, waiting for their master’s wrath to fall, went ‘huh?’ and lifted their heads at the mumbling voice.

Asena, who was trying her best to recover the unlucky transmission stone, also looked up, puzzled.

Their faces had the words ‘Did I hear wrong?’ written on it as they looked at the majestic warrior who had slayed two great demonic beasts.

“I can take care of everything Rineh is having trouble with, I can get her everything she wants to eat too…”

There was no majestic warrior here.

Only a wife-slave who was sad that he couldn’t slave for his wife.

Asena’s mouth fell open without her even realizing. However, the court ladies were different. They fully understood how Tarkan was feeling.

“Our Princess Consort needs her massages…”

“Our Princess Consort seems to eat everything but she’s actually picky about some things…”

“Even if she doesn’t like it, she’ll eat everything if you put it on her plate. So we have to take care of her…”

The saddened court ladies mumbled with teary eyes.

“Make haste and prepare for departure to Silvanus.”

Tarkan commanded; his lips drawn into a line.

‘Seems like he doesn’t expect me to come. Just wait.’

Even as he thought that, his heart was filled with anxiety.

《 Kidnap? Rineh came because she wanted to though? I can’t possibly not listen to my little sister’s opinions》
《 Of course, she relies more on her one and only brother than her husband who is not by her side.》
《 Then why is my sister here with me and not you? In that barbaric place, my sister…》

The words that Launelian said stuck in his mind and refused to leave.

Because Tarkan has also thought about them before.

When he found out that Aristine was pregnant, he thought that of course, he had to be by her side.

Imagine how anxious and lonely she must have felt, imagine how huge his absence must have felt.

‘I couldn’t even be by her side at such an important time.’

Even if Aristine was disappointed in him, he couldn’t say anything.

‘It is my fault.’

Saying he didn’t know that she was pregnant, or that he was in the middle of a demonic beast subjugation or that communication was cut off.

None of the numerous situations and reasons mattered.

The reality was that his wife found out that she was pregnant and was looking for him, but he, her husband, was not at her side.

Only that fact mattered.

‘Regardless of anything, it is my fault.’

Maybe Aristine resented him. Maybe she was angry and didn’t want to see him because he wasn’t there at such an important time.

Images of Launelian jumping in and blowing nonsense from the side lingered before his eyes.

‘I don’t care if she treats me coldly.’

Aristine did not forgive easily once she turned her back. Her feelings didn’t even linger.

She treated ‘Lu’ so closely and called him one of her few friends but she turned around in an instant.

The glee he felt seeing Hamill getting ignored now hung over his head like a shadow.

The mere thought of that made his heart sink.

Tarkan clenched his fists.

“Even so, I need to be by Rineh’s side.”

Right at that moment.

The transmission stone rang.

Not the transmission stone that Tarkan broke, but a transmission stone that a court lady was holding.



Translator’s Corner:

[1] I have no other way to translate [조카] than nephew. The word is used for nephew/niece interchangeably.

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14 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 269”

  1. I wonder bringing rineh to enemy territory is a good thing… im not even sure her faint relapse have anything to do living in Irugo. If she faint again in silvanus, will she be back?

    1. It’s mentioned that a child born with authority in Silvanus imperial bloodline, they need to be around some sort of flower that helps them be stable during their pregnancy. Launelian brought her back to Silvanus due to that.

    2. if i recall correctly, what she needs is the flowers planted around the house because the child has powers.

      the option to plant the flowers in Irugo (if physically possible) is not available too. Cause if they plant it and the Silvanus Emperor hears it that and the news thats she’s preggy, he can easily infur that the child has powers and try to kidnap the child and subject it to the same treatment as Rineh

      im pretty sure thats what theyre trying to avoid.

    3. I think if Tarkan sets up a garden with that special flower Rineh should be fine. The flower is rare and the environment in Irugo is different, so I’m sure even the imperial family will need time to prepare a garden/greenhouse for it. That’s why her brother took her to his place. He already had a flower and is in a better position to get more.

  2. Wife slave is the perfect definition of Tarkan. I’m hoping it’s Aristine on the other side of that transmission stone 🙏
    Thanks Miss Ruby!

  3. Ahh muitas reviravoltas. O que acontecerá? Tarkan vai salvar sua princesinha e filho? O Pai da Aristine vai sequestrá-la? A Aristine revelará seu poder ao Tarkan? Cenas dos próximos capítulos! PLIM Plim

  4. c’mon guys, y’all should also understand the worries of a brother, he’s insecure and has an unfulfilled role to play in the life of his sister, he just wanted to make up for it 😭😭

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