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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 281]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (16)

Aristine managed to keep her expression calm. But she couldn’t remain calm inside.

‘If he calls an imperial doctor, my pregnancy will be exposed immediately.’

And he would try to verify whether the child was born with ‘authority’.

Verifying that was very easy.

He only had to strengthen the security at the Chrysea Palace, which was currently left unmanned.

“Something wrong? If she feels unwell, she ought to be seen by an imperial doctor.”

The Emperor said to Launelian with a sly smile. His face showed that he was fully determined to overturn the public opinion that had been woven under the excuse that Aristine was sick.

‘But he’s barking up the wrong tree…’

However, things would become very troublesome if an imperial doctor was allowed to read her pulse.

“Go on, call an imperial doctor quickly. Nothing can be more important than my daughter’s health!”

The Emperor loudly spoke to his servant. Just as the servant bowed and turned to leave, a voice cut through the air.


The servant inadvertently stopped at that low yet intimidating voice.

The emperor frowned and looked at Tarkan. How dare he disregard an order from him, the emperor?

“What is this behavior, Prince Tarkan?!” The Emperor questioned.

At that thunderous bellow, Tarkan’s golden eyes slowly turned to the Emperor. The moment their eyes met, the Emperor unconsciously flinched.

‘Those eyes are not human…’

They were eyes of a beast.

At the sharp threat emanating from his golden eyes, a sense of discomfort coursed through the emperor, like he was faced with a wild beast. He was unaware that his discomfort stemmed from his own overwhelming fear.

“It is Your Majesty who has crossed the line.”

Unlike the Emperor who was agitated, Tarkan leaned into his chair and spoke leisurely.

“To think you want to show the Princess Consort of Irugo to an imperial doctor.”

What gives you the right?

That was the look in his eyes as he stared at the emperor.

“Hah! Aristine is a princess of Silvanus. She is my daughter.”

“Yet, that does not erase the fact that she is the Princess Consort of Irugo. My stance remains that such health information cannot be easily revealed to foreign nations.”

“This bastard…!”

“Besides, didn’t Your Majesty mention earlier that Irugo was more like her home? Do not worry, we will take very good care of her in Irugo, even better than home.”

The crooked smile on his face couldn’t have been more irritating.


It was no surprise for the Emperor, known for his short temper, to smash the table in a fit of rage. However, Tarkan didn’t even blink at such violent display.

It was as if he was indifferent to the actions of the emperor who was physically much smaller than him.

The Emperor, who had grown used to seeing his servants and maids cower and grovel even when he just raised his voice slightly, turned red in the face.

“Are you saying Irugo does not trust Silvanus?! Are you denying the peace that we’ve worked so hard to achieve?! And this is a peace that was obtained by your damn marriage!”

Hearing the emperor talking about peace when war was the only thing on his mind was somewhat ridiculous.

While Aristine was suppressing her laughter, Tarkan spoke in a relaxed tone.

“It hasn’t even been a year since this peace began. As the saying goes, it takes time to build trust, does it not?”

The Emperor couldn’t help but feel taken aback for a moment.

‘…Does this bastard know that I’m secretly preparing for war?’

He studied Tarkan’s face but couldn’t find anything.

Meanwhile, Tarkan was looking down at the emperor with an attitude that seemed calm to the point of boredom.

‘Those eyes.’

The emperor ground his teeth.

His neck broke out in sweat at the pressure weighing down his body, but the emperor refused to acknowledge it.

‘A mere barbarian dares to act out in front of me?!’

“I hope you don’t expect a good outcome after doing this.”

Hearing that, Tarkan chuckled briefly.

“I’ve never been one to consider outcomes before doing something.” Tarkan leaned onto his armrest and continued, “Then again, it seems Your Majesty is the same.”


“Before we even have a proper conversation, you’re slamming the table, raising your voice, and at the slightest upset, going this bastard, that bastard.”

Tarkan was currently ranked first in line of succession to the throne of Irugo. Even the crown princes of vassal states were not treated in such manner. To make matters worse, Irugo was an independent nation on equal standing with the Empire.

It was certainly rude for Tarkan to go against the Emperor’s order, but the emperor’s reaction was not wise. Especially if he truly valued peace.

“I’ve heard that Silvanus is a country with developed laws,” Tarkan muttered lazily, and curled his lips.

“As expected, Your Majesty is the perfect symbol of it.”

Anyone could tell he was making a mockery.

The emperor’s face distorted.

“Well then, I must leave to get someone trustworthy to see how my wife is doing.”

Tarkan rose from his seat before the emperor could even give permission.

Then in a respectful yet cautious manner, he supported Aristine to her feet.
supported Aristine with a polite and cautious attitude.

Until Tarkan, Aristine, and Launelian left the room, the Emperor trembled with rage, unable to say a word.


It was only when the door softly closed that he began to scream.

“How dare you! These ignorant fools! They dare to insult me!”

Crash! Bang! Thud!

The sound of things breaking rang out as the emperor swept everything off the table.

The room became a mess in an instant.

Still, his anger was not abated. The Emperor’s gleaming eyes searched for the next victim.

The servants and maids had long been prostrating on the floor. As he looked down at their backs, a wicked smile appeared on the emperor’s face.

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  1. Tarkan and his luanelian makes a great team when theyre not fighting if luan over throws the emperor hed make a great king and when tarkan wins the throne the relationship with silvanus and irugo will be great i feel a little sad that lu wont be getting his throne cuz he is the first son amd right heir but i feel like he’ll do something real stupid like try to force arestine to be his or kidnap her or something that will make the crown prince title stripped from him

  2. If the brother was so concerned abt Artistine then taking her back to enemy territory ie home was dumb. He should have just brought her some of those Chrysea plants and called it a day. This arc is a long one too…we gotta experience her sister Lea as well🤦🏽‍♀️ I do wonder what she thought she was going to accomplish with her brief conversation with Tarkan? I’m just glad that Rineah and Tarken’s relationship is a whole lot more solid now than before.

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