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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 135]

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Episode 21: His Preferences (4)

“Why aren’t you coming?”

The moment Rosalyn heard that lazy voice, she thought ‘no way’ and looked behind her.

Sure enough, Tarkan was carefreely leaning against the wall with folded arms. The sight was so wonderful that it took her breath away.

“Oh, sorry. The conversation took a while.”

Aristine got up from the sofa.

Rosalyn’s eyes shook.

‘What the, so the thing she had to do was going out with His Highness Tarkan?’*

What did that make her who was talking about their strained relationship and whatnot?

‘Wait, then why did she say she was worried about their relationship as a couple?’

Did Aristine deceive her?


“Sorry to have you walk me every time.”

“It can’t be helped since such a thing happened.”

Rosalyn’s mind raced quickly.

‘Is His Highness Tarkan walking her himself because of Brodie’s stunt?’

She couldn’t think of any other reason apart from them having a good relationship.

Doubt entered Rosalyn’s eyes as she looked at Aristine.

“Just bear with it for bit. All the newspapers are calling it the romance of the century since you saved me from getting hurt so we have to play along for a while.”


Rosalyn understood when Aristine said that.

‘He’s pretending to care for the Princess because of the politics.’

A satisfied smile spread across Rosalyn’s stiff face.

This was actually good.

Tarkan was a man who loved his freedom.

‘There’s no way he likes being forced to walk the Princess.’

In fact, Tarkan’s expression fell after hearing what Aristine said. His forehead creased in annoyance then he saw Rosalyn and paused.

Rosalyn quickly gave the most beautiful smile she could ever give. In her mind, it was a radiant and refreshing smile, like a freshly bloomed rose in the fifth month.

‘What do you think? I’m much better than this graceless princess who is always talking down—.’

“What is this?”

There was a sharp edge to Tarkan’s voice.

Rosalyn’s smile froze on her face.

Tarkan took huge strides towards her. He only took a few steps but instantly closed the distance because of his long legs.

The sight of Tarkan looking down at her made Rosalyn scared but excited.

With him standing so close, his tall stature and sturdy body were clearly visible. The firm muscles of his exposed chest were also visible from the front.

He smelled like hot iron and wind that swept through the plains. It was a scent that made you want to keep smelling it.

“Your Highness…”

A jittery voice unconsciously spilled from her lips.

Tarkan’s large hand reached towards her.

Rosalyn was gladly willing to put herself in those arms…


Rosalyn screams when those hands roughly grabbed her necklace. She staggered but Tarkan didn’t blink an eye.

Rather, he looked down at her with a stormy look in his eyes.

“Why do you have this?”

“Ah, hk, I, I…”

When faced with those fiercely gleaming golden eyes, Rosalyn trembled. Her head pounded like she was doused in ice.

Her back broke out in cold sweat.

Right that moment.

“I gave it to her.”

Aristine grabbed Tarkan’s hand.

Like it was an imagination, the threatening air around Tarkan disappeared.

“You did?”

“Mhm, it caught my eye among the necklaces that came in as wedding presents.”

“You gave away something that caught your eye?”

Tarkan asked in disbelief.

“Hmm, well.”

Aristine shrugged.

‘I’ll get it back later anyway.’

The look she gave him told him exactly what she was thinking.


Tarkan let out a sigh that seemed like a laugh.

Aristine was the Princess of Silvanus, and wife of the second-in-line to the throne of Irugo. Her marriage was even something that brought peace to this continent.

Naturally, all continents, including the principalities of Silvanus, sent enormous wedding gifts and their value was astronomical and unmeasurable.

Tarkan recalled the countless treasures that couldn’t even fit into Aristine’s dressing room.

Aristine liked money but for some reason, she wasn’t interested in those treasures. Rather than uninterested, she looked at it like it belonged to someone else.

‘And she’s saying this stood out among them.’

“…Since it caught your eye, does that mean you like it too?”


‘Because it looks very expensive.’

Aristine thought to herself.

Money was the best.


Tarkan looked away and cleared his throat for no reason.

‘She doesn’t know I gave her this necklace, that’s why. Still, it gets me a little annoyed, no, but she says she likes it.’

If he had given the necklace to Aristine directly instead of secretly putting it in her dressing room, she wouldn’t have given it to the maid.

When he thought like that, he started feeling proud instead of angry.
‘But still.’

“Give her something else.”

Tarkan pulled at the necklace on Rosalyn as if to tear it away.

Rosalyn almost fell again and struggled to keep herself upright.

She had never suffered such humiliation. How could he treat a noble lady like herself so roughly?

Aristine looked at Tarkan doubtfully then she obediently nodded her head.

‘I’m getting it back anyway but maybe it’s too expensive to give away for a while.’

She should have chosen from a more moderate pile.

With a glance from Aristine, the court ladies who came in with Tarkan quickly walked over to Rosalyn and unhooked the necklace from her neck.

Rosalyn reflexively touched her empty neck.


Her neck felt lighter. It felt even emptier than before. A sense of loss covered her entire body.

Her gaze moved to the necklace.

However, the court ladies put the necklace back in the box with cold gazes.

Rosalyn clenched her fists tightly as she dumbfoundedly watched the necklace disappear before her eyes.

“Shall we go then?”


Aristine nodded and took Tarkan’s outstretched arm.

Rosalyn stood there blankly staring at the tightly shut box, then she slowly lifted her head.


Her face grew terribly distorted. Her teeth unconsciously ground together.

Because of Aristine, she became the target of Tarkan’s anger.

He couldn’t vent his frustration of being forced to escort Aristine because of political reasons so he took it out on her.

She kept touching her empty neck.

The sensation and weight of the diamond necklace was still very vivid.

The sense of loss from losing something was already in her grasp made her feel even more impatient.

‘It was mine.’

The diamond necklace, the beautiful silk dress that Aristine was wearing right now, this gorgeous yet elegant room, even His Highness Tarkan!

Her dark-green eyes blazed as she glared at the back of the couple.



Translator’s Corner:

  • Earlier Aristine said, ‘I have to go do something’ which can also mean, ‘I have to get to work’ so Rosalyn thought she meant something else.


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