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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 283

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (18)

Once Aristine’s hunger was mentioned, a lavish feast with all kinds of delicacies was spread out before her. It was the result of tireless efforts to cater to the taste of the pregnant princess. However…


Aristine clamped her mouth shut and started retching.


“Are you okay?”

The two men stood on either side of Aristine, looking helpless.

“Fi… fishy…”

Aristine mumbled wearily.

Upon hearing that, sharp glint flashed in the eyes of the two men.

“How dare you serve my sister something that smells fishy?”

“Is this the standard of Silvanus chefs?”

Due to the intimidating atmosphere created by the two men, the anxious chefs began to wither away.


Meanwhile, Aristine continued to retch, and the court ladies quickly closed the cloche to contain the smell. In reality, the food had been prepared to be as odorless as possible while still providing ample nutrition. However, Aristine’s aversion to even grains and herbs posed a problem.

It was only after the cloches were shut and the windows were opened wide that Aristine felt like she could breathe.

She leaned her exhausted head against the chair and took a deep breath.

“I know you all put a lot of effort into preparing this but I’m sorry I can’t eat it.”

Aristine’s words surprised the downcast chefs.

Their eyes shook as they looked at Aristine. The beads of sweat that lined her slightly furrowed forehead, her pale lips and her long, delicate eyelashes that gracefully framed her face. Such a sickly and frail appearance invoked everyone’s protective instincts.

“No, Your Highness!”

“Don’t say such things…!”

“It’s all our fault!”

Even in her exhausted state, she was still being considerate of them!

The chefs, who had been pushed by Launelian into making something for his sister to eat, were touched.

In any case, these were people who were loyal enough to be absolutely discreet about Aristine’s pregnancy. From the very beginning, they planned on giving it their best so that the pregnant princess could eat something at least.

But seeing Aristine like this made their nose feel sour.

“Please wait a little, Your Highness! We’ll bring other dishes—.”

“That’s not very necessary, is it? You can rest.”

An Irugoian court lady cut off the Silvanus chef who was speaking.

“Princess Consort, perhaps it’s because the food is unfamiliar.”

The court lady massaged Aristine’s arms with a dramatic expression.

“I’m sure our princess consort is more used to Irugo’s cooking than Silvanus.”

“What do you—. Her Highness, the princess was born in Silvanus and lived here until she came of age so…”

“People’s tastes always change. Her Highness ate so well when she was in Irugo.”

“Don’t worry, Your Highness. We thought something like this might happen, so we came prepared.”

The court lady who was rubbing Aristine’s shoulder winked, and the other court ladies opened the door. Immediately, several trolleys with trays of food confidently rolled into the dining room.

The court ladies puffed out their chest atAristine.

“Huhu, Princess Consort, since we’re here, your worries are over.”

“We know Your Highness’ preferences very well.”

“We brought all the chefs too.”

Seeing that, the Silvanus handmaids and chefs frowned.

‘My gosh, look at them fawning over her.’

‘I mean, why are they acting so over the top when our prince is the master of this mansion?’

‘We’re the ones who will take care of Her Highness so why are they…’

Normally, court ladies and maids tended to compete for the favor of their masters. However, Launelian’s people all held compassion and affection for Aristine. Knowing that how much their master regretted being unable to protect his sister, they couldn’t help but feel that way.

Furthermore, after meeting her in person, she was so beautiful and kind that they felt like it was worth it. And she was even pregnant.

Subconsciously, they felt happy thinking of the cute imperial grandson, and felt sorry for the tired princess. But when a stone was thrown, naturally, their competitive spirit got triggered.

What’s more, even their masters were competing too.

“Hmph, our Rineh has always liked Silvanian food. No matter what anyone says, it’s the food of her homeland. She ate very well before this morning sickness began.”

“Brother, perhaps you don’t know much about my wife. My wife eats just about anything. Even if it doesn’t suit her taste, she’ll eat it without complaint.”

“So, are you saying I forced my sister to eat something she doesn’t like?”

“Sure enough, you’re not as dumb as I thought, Prince Launelian. Good to know you don’t take after His Majesty.”

Crackle! Lightning sparked between the two of them.

‘Go, Prince Launelian!’

‘Your Highness Tarkan! You can’t lose!’

The court ladies and handmaids clasped their hands, cheering for their respective masters.

In the midst of this, Irugo’s chef opened the cloche and began to speak, “Princess Consort, we prepared something you usually enjoy—”


But the chef couldn’t even finish his sentence. He quickly closed the cloche once Aristine started retching again.

“Hmph, I thought you said Irugoian food would be fine since she’s used to it?”

“It looks like you don’t really know our princess’s preferences.”

Silvanus’s handmaids returned the same humiliation that they had received earlier.

Even among the chefs, there were sparks of rivalry going around. However, it didn’t last long. They were all concerned about Aristine, who couldn’t eat anything.

“What should we do if she can’t eat anything?”

“She might really collapse at this rate.”

Seeing them worried about her, Aristine tried to force a smile despite her exhaustion.

“I’m sorry, I know you came all this way and did your best to make me something to eat. I’m fine, you can all eat. None of you have eaten yet, right? Elder brother, you should eat too. Khan, you too.”

Aristine smiled to reassure everyone, but her weary smile only made their hearts ache.

She was already so beautiful that simply lowering her gaze brought out a sad atmosphere.

The court ladies, maids, and chefs inwardly cried ‘Our Princess’ and ‘Our Princess Consort.’ To think she’d go so far as to personally ensure their meals even when she was in such condition.

“Rineh, is there anything you want to eat? Anything at all, just name it. Your big brother will have it prepared for you.”

“No, I have no appetite…”

Aristine weakly shook her head. Her stomach had growled so loudly a moment ago, but after taking in all those foul smells, her appetite had vanished.

It was frustrating to have all this food in front of her and not be able to eat any of it, but there was nothing she could do.

It was okay before, but her morning sickness suddenly surged like a bursting dam.

“Even if you have no appetite, you have to eat. Otherwise, your body won’t hold up. Your stamina is already low.” Tarkan said with worry as he stroked Aristine’s face. “Half of my wife’s face is already gone.”[1]

Aristine rested her cheek on Tarkan’s palm, “But I can’t eat because of the smell.”

As he listened to his wife grumble, Tarkan lightly pecked her on the cheek.

“It would be better if you could eat something more filling but given the current situation, it’s best to eat something, anything.”

After Tarkan spoke, he glanced at a woman who was standing among the chefs. Once she saw that look, the woman nodded with determination and stepped forward.

“Princess Consort, if you allow me, I will try to make something that you can eat.”

“I don’t have much of an appetite right now…”

Aristine began to refuse, knowing that it would be futile to make something that she couldn’t eat anyway.

“But things might be different this time.” Tarkan interjected.

Hearing that, Aristine tilted her head in wonder.

“Because, she’s the pâtissier who makes your desserts.”



Translator’s Corner:

[1] He’s saying her face slimed down in half.

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  1. I love how the patisserie chef is there! It made me so happy cause the desserts described always sound so delicious

    Thanks for translating!!

  2. I want Tarkan and Rineh to discuss the pregnancy!! How will Tarken get started on a flower garden if he doesn’t know his kid needs it?! >_<

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