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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 287]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (22)

“Chicken…? A chicken dish?”

“I’ll have every chicken dish in the world prepared for you!”

Launelian confidently exclaimed but Aristine shook her head.

“Not that, chicken that’s doused in oil. When you coat it in flour and seasoning…”

Hearing that, the chef nodded.

“You mean fried chicken.”

Chicken was an old traditional ingredient, and of course there were many ways to cook it.

It was a surprising request, as nobles and royal family members usually preferred things baked in the oven, but it was by no means a difficult order.

After all, frying chicken was a simple task.

“Please wait a moment, Princess Consort. I will have that quickly prepared for you.”

“I will do my best to ensure that you enjoy your meal, Princess Consort.”

The Silvanus and Irugo chefs left the room while keeping an eye out for each other.

Meanwhile, Tarkan and Launelian were having mixed feelings.

‘Why fried chicken?’

‘She should eat something a little better.’

They looked at Aristine with sad eyes.

Fried chicken was soggy and oily-smelling food, which was only enjoyed by the lower class.

It was a truly saddening experience for them who only wanted the best food for their pregnant sister and wife.

Their hearts ached even more as they wondered if her time in confinement prevented her from eating proper foods which made her seek out such a meal.

‘Even if she asked for ingredients found in dragon lairs, I would’ve gotten them for her.’

‘I could bring you things that other people can’t even see in their entire lifetime.’

Despite their sadness, Aristine was excited and looking forward to the chicken.

She could feel Launelian and Tarkan looking at her with prickling eyes, but she didn’t care.

She only felt sorry for them for not knowing the greatness of chicken!

* * *

“Your Highness.”

At the call of her maid, Letanasia, who was enjoying her bath, lifted her head.

“His Majesty has sent a gift.”

“A gift?”

“Yes, His Majesty the Emperor truly cherishes Your Highness. You are his only child that he sends gifts to.”

The smooth flow of flattery made Letanasia snort.

But it didn’t annoy her. Even if it was flattery, it was all true.

“If it’s a gift sent from His Majesty, I must check it right away.”

As Letanasia rose to her feet, water trickled down her body.

The maids unconsciously blushed at the sight of her flawless and dazzling bare skin. They always saw this sight while serving her, but they were always amazed.

She looked like she was sculpted out of white jade by a genius sculptor.
Although they were in awe, they knew they had a demanding mistress, so their hands moved very quickly. They wiped off the moisture with a soft towel and placed a thick bathrobe on her frame.

As Letanasia stepped out of the bathroom, she ordered her handmaids.

“Prepare a massage.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

As soon as she left the bathroom, she was met with a display of the gifts said to have been sent by the emperor.

A countless number of dresses, jewelry, and perfume. It was like entering a VIP boutique of a famous designer.

Letanasia scanned the clothes and accessories, then she broke out in a smile.

“It seems royal father is quite determined.”

Every single dress had deep cuts in either the chest or the back, and many were made of mesh lace.

“Would you look at this necklace.”

Letanasia smiled as she picked up a necklace.

When she held it close to her neck, its golden chain fell down the open front of her bathrobe.

It was obvious where people’s attention would be drawn if you wore such a fine dress with a necklace like this.

‘Always so vulgar.’

Letanasia inwardly ridiculed the emperor in her heart.

He really sent something like this because of seducing a man.

‘But things like this tend to work. That’s how men are.’

They claimed not to like vulgarity and preferred decency but the moment they saw a little skin, they fell so easily.

Most of all, Letanasia wasn’t worried at all about looking vulgar.

Her innate elegance and nobleness would make any outfit look luxurious, let alone vulgar.

Letanasia smiled darkly as she ran her hands over her sheer mesh lace.

“Let’s give it a try, shall we?”

At those words, her handmaids moved in unison.

After drying her hair with her magic tool, they removed her bathrobe and prepared her clothes.

In the blink of an eye, Letanasia was wearing the dress gifted by the Emperor.

“I’ll go with this necklace.”


“Change the earrings. When I actually wear it, my hair will be up and everything, neck, chest, back, will be shown.”


The maids answered respectfully but were filled with puzzlement.

Letanasia usually dressed in a manner that suited her image as a adorable princess. She also preferred to let her hair fall naturally rather than tying it up.

Once all the jewelry was in place, Letanasia took a moment to carefully examine herself in the mirror.

The handmaids were also doing the same thing.

Because their princess had such an adorable appearance, they were worried that it wouldn’t suit her but somehow, she fit her well, like the clothes were made for Letanasia from the very beginning.

It was only hidden because she was dressed so cute and lovely all this time, but Letanasia was already a mature woman.

“How is it?”

Her maids opened their mouths like they had been waiting for Letanasia to ask.

“You look so perfect that I can’t say anything but gorgeous.”

“It suits you so well that I can’t believe you haven’t tried this style before.”

“I’m already feeling inspired about what makeup would look good with this.”

“It seems there will be a new trend in the social circles again.”

Letanasia didn’t have much reaction to the compliments from her maids.

Her expression was indifferent, like they were only speaking the obvious.

With a spin, she twirled her body.

The maids unconsciously exclaimed at her movement.

The turn was so elegant, and she didn’t look frivolous even though she was wearing such tight-fitting clothes.

“And men?”


The maids lifted their heads at the unexpected question.

Perhaps frustrated with their inability to immediately understand, Letanasia frowned, and her tone turned snappy.

“How do you think men will react?”

“Of course, men will kneel before Your Highness the Princess. Even now, they do.”

“I’m sure they’ll be falling over themselves to have even one dance with Your Highness.”

“But I believe that is always the case. Is there a particular aspect you’re concerned about?”

Instead of answering, Letanasia turned around again.

Standing there, was a woman so perfect that even women would be mesmerized by her.

This was already true even when she was not yet fully adorned. A sight enough to make any man lose their rationality.

‘Yes, this should be enough.’

Letanasia thought back to the face of her half-sister whom she had seen during the day.

‘She’s gotten prettier.’

Was it because she gained some weight, or because she wore proper clothes, or perhaps because she was in love?


Letanasia sneered at the last idea.

‘Big sister, a smart person won’t really do such things like love. I think I’ll be really disappointed if it’s true.’

She stroked the necklace that fell between her cleavage.

‘If you really love Prince Tarkan… oh my, what shall I do?’

A sinister sneer spread across her face.

‘I don’t mean to make you sad, big sister.’

But this was also a life lesson.

Although she was younger, she could be considered a senior in life compared to Aristine who lived in captivity and knew nothing of the world.

‘I have to give you a proper lesson. After all, even if it’s by half, we are related so I have to help.’

Hah, Letanasia laughed and ordered her maids.

“Invite the reporters.”


“I am going to visit my sick sister Aristine tomorrow.”

The handmaids were all like Letanasia’s limbs. They immediately understood why she asked for reporters to be called first when she was going to visit a sick person.

They bowed their heads without asking any questions.


“My one and only beloved sister in the world says she’s sick. Of course, I can’t not go see her.”

Letanasia’s red lips curved into a perfect arc.


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