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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 278

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (13)

* * *

“What? Aristine and even that brat, Launelian?”

The emperor raised a brow at the news that was quickly brought by his attendant.

He thought about it for a moment and a smile spread across his lips.
“This is good.”

He tried to bring Tarkan here to block his alliance with Launelian, but he didn’t think it would be particularly successful.

However, he intended to hint at Tarkan that Launelian was not the only one on this gambling board, and that the stakes on him were high.

That alone would increase Tarkan’s options, and more options would complicate his thoughts.

Even if Tarkan went with Launelian in the end, it was very important to buy time. He wasn’t seriously intending to cooperate with Tarkan so even if Tarkan sided with Launelian, his original plan could still proceed.

Furthermore, Aristine was coming too…

“It is a chance to put an end to those annoying rumors.”

“Indeed, Your Majesty.”

“And I need to find out what in the world he’s hiding.”

Perhaps he was hiding nothing.

It was natural for Launelian to hide Aristine firmly, given his personality. In addition, the fact that he brought Aristine must be a political ploy to form an alliance with Tarkan.

However, the emperor couldn’t let down his guard as this was the same bastard who developed such a strong force in the north.

He tried to take stabs at Launelian in a few cabinet meetings, but Launelian didn’t even shown that slightest hint that he was hiding something.

‘But Aristine is different.’

His worthless daughter, who was born with ‘authority’ yet failed to awaken, was a half-wit who couldn’t do anything. Isn’t that why she was dragged away without even resisting to her wedding of death?

He was taken aback by several of the incidents that happened in Irugo but that wasn’t Aristine’s ability anyway.

The knights he sent returned because they were beaten by the warriors and became eunuchs, while her handmaidens fought and destroyed themselves.

‘The scalpel must be Irugo’s strategic business.’

To renew their image, they could only package it under the Princess of Silvanus who was said to have golden blood and was not labeled as a barbarian.

‘They might be able to fool others but not me. I believe what I have seen with my own eyes.’

The emperor raised a corner of his lips.

“Someone like Aristine can be easily handled.”

“She has always been no different from a puppet in Your Majesty’s hand.”

At the words of his attendant, the emperor smiled in satisfaction.

“I will make you regret coming to see me on your own feet.”

His eyes gleamed coldly.

Soon enough, the announcement he had been waiting for rang out.

“Your Majesty, His Highness, Prince Launelian, Her Highness, Princess Aristine, and His Highness, Prince Tarkan have arrived.”

“Let them in.”

Now, it had begun.

The start of a breathtaking gambling game over the seat of the emperor.

* * *

‘…or not?’

For a moment, the emperor forgot to control his expression and stared at the three people.

He was expecting a huge battle of nerves and underhanded competition. Hence, he thought he could use Aristine to gain an advantage since she certainly wouldn’t be able to understand what was going on.

“Doesn’t that seat look like it belongs to me?”

“What about it? I’m just sitting next to my sister, but you’re talking too much.”

“It is the norm for a married couple to sit together. Any proper study of etiquette will tell you that a married couple sits together.” Tarkan said, seemingly annoyed.

“I heard Silvanus is strict on etiquette, but it must be false. Otherwise, the so-called prince wouldn’t be so clueless on manners.” He then muttered.

He was talking to himself, but he was practically saying it for everyone to hear.

“Do you need to be so stiff on etiquette at such an informal occasion? Such narrow thinking creates a rigid atmosphere. I heard Irugo is free-spirited, but it must be rigid, no? Imagine how much difficulty my sister faced in a place like that…”

“You don’t need to worry. I will take care of my wife.”

“Hah, take care of what? You weren’t even there.”

Launelian snorted, picked up a refreshment and held it out to Aristine.

“Here, Rineh. Ah~ It’s your favorite sweet.”


With a harsh sound, the fork twinkled and flew in the air.

Launelian held the back of his smacked hand and frowned.

“Oops, my bad. There was an insect flying around your hand and I was too focused on it. Sorry.”

Tarkan spoke like he was reading off a script, and he didn’t look sorry at all.


“Rineh, say ah~. I used to feed you all the time in Irugo. Your hands must be feeling tired lately since I wasn’t here.”

‘…How can you even say my hands must be tired from eating?’

Aristine looked at Tarkan with bewilderment but opened her mouth anyway.

The crispy pavlova topped with seasonal fruit looked like it would easily fit in Aristine’s mouth.


However, no matter how long she waited, the sweet taste never reached her tongue.

Aristine was taken aback and looked at the fork.

The fork in Tarkan’s hand was twisting like taffy and moving away from Aristine.

“Hmph, you think I’m just going to sit here and watch you feed my little sister? Here, Rineh. Big brother will feed you.”

Just as he spoke, pieces of Pavlova flew into the air.

Aristine blankly stared at this situation and shut her mouth.

“What in the world are you two doing?”

The two men, who were extremely fired up against each other, immediately shrank at her sharp question.

For the first time in forever, the emperor agreed with Aristine.

‘I’ll say. What the hell is this behavior?’

He thought a breathtaking battle for the position of emperor would start, but this…

Well, a fight did start.

The problem was that it wasn’t a battle for the emperor’s seat but a fight for Aristine’s affection.

Far from breathtaking, it was more likely to make you die from childishness.

‘No, I suppose it’s breathtaking in a way…’

The Emperor’s complexion darkened as he watched the flying pieces of Pavlova and the golden aura that prevented them from flying with an extraordinary ability that most people could not even dream of.

Such a waste of power was unimaginable.

It was obvious why these two were performing such a stupid act. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if they were just doing this for Aristine’s affection?

Hence, there was only one answer.

‘These bastards dare to make a joke out of me…!’

Bang! The emperor slammed the table



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6 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 278”

  1. I’m sorry but this brother’s more than sis-con bs needs to stop. It’s more than annoying at this point its frustrating and making me mad. It disregards her and Tarkan is doing the same. Our princess needs to speak up cause I am done with it and want to get on with the plot.

    1. Could be he has a mental issue. I can’t remember but was he young when he was sent away to North. He could have hyper-focused on Aristine for his mental strength and survival.

    2. The sis con behavior is really disturbing. I think it’s supposed to be funny but instead I just feel cold dread. Like … this is a man gearing up to do something they’d turn into a two part Law and Order SVU episode.

      Tarkan’s behavior is rude to her, but it’s close enough to comedy poor husband behavior I’m used to it mostly just exhausts me.

  2. Reading this chapter make it more clear, the emperor has failed to do his role as a father and leader. He is pathetic enough to even has feelings of hostility towards his own children. As a leader, him thinking of war and war definitely disgusting. I am sure he doesn’t even care to his own people.

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