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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 354]

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Episode 41: Succeeding the throne (3)

* * *

Time passed quickly as Aristine worked hard on prenatal stimulation—of course, with a main focus on touch and visual stimulation—and laid the foundation for the integration of the empire.

As her due date approached, Aristine focused on preparing for the delivery rather than her duties.

Although the servants were busy, the days were truly leisurely and peaceful days for Aristine.

But then one day, she heard a sound breaking the peace.

“T-The water broke!”

“I thought there’s still 15 days until the due date…!”

“Is everything ready?”

“Call the midwife!”

Although they were competing against each other, Irugoian court ladies and Silvanus handmaids worked hand in glove at a time like this.

“What? The child?”

Upon hearing the news, Launelian who was in his office, sprang to his feet.

“His Highness Tarkan had entered the delivery room as well.”

“Me too, I’ll…!”

Launelian began but then he felt the gazes of the maids and went, ‘oops’.

“Right, I can’t do that.”

But he was so worried that he couldn’t stay still.

‘I hear the pain is ridiculous… and if it’s difficult delivery and something goes wrong…’

He started remembering all the bad things he read while looking up pregnancy information after his beloved sister got pregnant.

Even though he knew he wouldn’t be of any help, Launelian ran over to the delivery room.

In the meantime, his aide came to report.

“The King of Irugo said he’d be coming with the portal.”

“What? That old man’s already heard?”

Since they had set up a hotline while promoting the union of the two countries, it wasn’t farfetched but it was still absurd.

“Allow it.”

As a king, he couldn’t stay away from Irugo for too long.

After discussing the unification, Nephther reluctantly returned to Irugo.

Launelian could already tell the man was coming back so he was no surprised.

The front of the delivery room was way too quiet.

“Any news?”

“Lord Prince, childbirth takes a long time. Please relax…”

“You’re right, no good comes from me being anxious. All of you can focus on your work.”

The eyes of the maids widened at Launelian’s answer.

This was the same person who couldn’t hold himself back for 10 seconds whenever it concerned the princess.

Then again, looking at his pale lips, it looked like he couldn’t say anything because he was buried in a mountain of worries.

They expected him to stand in front of the door like a statue, so they even prepared a place for him to sit down, but Launelian just wandered around the door like he was part of it.

After a while, the king of Irugo arrived and joined him.

In many ways, it was truly quite the sight to see the most powerful figures of the two great powers fidgeting at a door, looking like lost souls.

A court lady who was quietly watching this scene took a photo.

Aristine gasped for breath. It hurt, she was tired, it was painful.

Only those sensations remained clear in her mind, and she could barely remember anything.

But instinctively, she knew it was over.


At the lively cry of a child, even the painful sensation was momentarily forgotten.

She thought she couldn’t even move, but her head automatically turned towards that sound.

As if she could sense Aristine’s state, the midwife placed the child in her arms.

“You have a healthy prince. He is hale and hearty.”

Aristine couldn’t help but stare at the baby crying in her own arms.

‘Me and Tarkan’s child.’

She couldn’t believe it.

The edges of her eyes bubbled with tears.

It was so small. So incredibly small.

To the point she couldn’t fathom how such a small frame could have all their fingers and toes.

“I’ve never seen a baby this big. Although I’ve known Irugoians have big frames. This is certainly my first time seeing such a big baby.”

Aristine frowned at the midwife’s words.

“It looks too small to me.”

At that, she remembered that Tarkan was next to her.

She turned to Tarkan, wanting to obtain his agreement but, he was crying.



He harshly rubbed away the tears in his eyes.

Aristine burst into laughter.

Somehow, the tears that had left her eyes began to well up again.

“It’s our child.”


Tarkan stretched out his hand to the child, then flinched and withdrew his hand.

“What’s wrong?”

“He’s so small… I’m worried I’ll hurt him if I touch him.”

Not only the midwife but even the court ladies and the maids looked confused by the couple’s conversation.

‘Even though I’m biased, I can’t still tell that’s a big baby.’

However, they didn’t have the courage to say that to them.

Aristine, who had been nodding her head at her husband’s words, suddenly looked startled as she studied him.



“Your clothes…what happened?”

For some reason, her husband’s collar was a mess.

Because of the tear, his chest was unfortunately, completely exposed.

What in the world had happened?

Tarkan’s face turned bright red.



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  1. Thank you so much for these lovely chapters, Miss Ruby!

    Omg! Even I was tearing up at the birth of their baby boy. So sweet and touching.
    But it seems that through her delirium of pain while giving birth, Aristine sought out Tarkan’s chest and tore open his shirt. 🤣🤣🤣 Of course, I’m sure he was more than happy to oblige to help his wife in anyway he can. It’s so silly though and instantly dried up the tears that threatened to fall.

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