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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 221

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Episode 33: Is this what they call body-obsessed? (1)

Tarkan felt like he had stopped breathing.

His heart pounded like it was about to explode. The muscles on his arm wrapped around her waist was strained.

His large hand rode up Aristine’s back and hugged her deeper into his bosom.

Aristine’s lips opened just as Tarkan’s lips parted.

The scent of wine rushed in, and a sweet elixir wet Tarkan’s tongue. The alcohol flowing down his throat ignited a fire like it was gunpowder.

Aristine’s wine-soaked tongue burrowed into his mouth. Every corner of his mouth was licked, as if she wanted to imprint the taste.


Aristine’s tongue swiftly grew hot, like her body was copying Tarkan’s heat.

A parched breath escaped from their lips.

After a long kiss that somehow felt too short, Aristine lifted her head.

She wiped her glossy yet swollen red lips with a finger and smiled.

“Delicious, right?”


Tarkan felt like something that was barely held together within him had snapped.

In the same breadth, he lunged at Aristine like a beast.

His large hand dug through her hair and his hard body pressed against her slender frame.

His lips covered hers and his tongue fiercely burrowed inside.

As he squeezed the soft body in his arms, it rustled and wrapped around him.


A person’s body rustled?

Tarkan’s eyes flew open.

He was met with the ceiling of the four-poster bed.

A huge mirror hung from the richly decorated ceiling. Something that the court ladies had hung up while laughing strangely.

In the mirror, Tarkan was hugging the innocent blanket with a tight grip.


An incredulous sigh left his mouth.

‘So you’re telling me that was a dream?’

No wonder he felt Aristine was proactive.

Tarkan wiped his face.

Yesterday, Aristine fed him bruschetta, told him that she liked him by her side, and…

She slept.

Yes, forget any double meaning, she was the definition of the word sleep.

She just slept.

‘Even so, to think I’d have such dream…’

He had dreamt about Aristine many times, but the dream this time felt so vivid and realistic…

Tarkan covered his eyes.

He secretly peeked down and groaned.

He thought of sneaking off to the bathroom before Aristine awoke, but then she turned over, perhaps sensing his presence.

Tarkan froze in place on the bed, not wanting to wake his wife up.

‘Not right now. Not now.’

He was already terrified, imagining how her wife would look at him if she woke up.

He studied Aristine through the mirror, holding his breath.

Aristine, who had been robbed of the entire blanket, trembled like she was cold then sluggishly searched for warmth.

As she tossed and turned, her hand landed on a beacon of heat, and snuggled up to it with a satisfied smile.

A beacon of heat…in other words, she was wrapped around Tarkan.

Every part of Tarkan could feel her soft body clinging to him, and he sucked in a deep breath.

Her breath fell on his exposed chest, of all places.


Tarkan’s eyes trembled.

A certain place that should be losing energy began to grow strong again.

And not just that.

Aristine’s hand squirmed and affixed itself to Tarkan’s chest. Then her fingers began to roam around comfortably like it belonged there.

Utterly natural, as if she was touching her belongings, not someone else.

‘Oh God…’

Tarkan called out to a God that he had never once sought out in his life.

The nightmare had begun.

* * *

“If this is realized, it could be a revolution.”

Nephther spoke with admiration as he flipped through the document that Aristine provided.

“As you can see, the data shows this can certainly be realized.” Aristine spoke confidently.

Nephther looked pleased and nodded his head. “I agreed to grant your wish by approving your business, but I think I’m the one who should be asking for a favor.”

“You praise me too much.”

A demonic beast barricade venture.

That was the new business that Aristine wanted to pursue.

It was a very sensitive venture, concerning the border and national defense.

‘So I was worried, but I didn’t think royal father would like it this much.’

Her heart fluttered, knowing that she was being trusted.

Frankly, this business had nothing to do with making money.

Rather than being a profitable business, it was a venture to build barricades with taxes, so it was a far cry from Aristine’s goal of making a ton of money.

‘But….I think I can relieve Tarkan’s burden even slightly with this.’

To protect Irugo from the demonic beasts, Tarkan and the warriors set out to the plains on a regular and irregular basis. She heard there would be a large-scale subjugation before winter arrived so Tarkan would be gone for a long time.

Although he was a great warrior who brought constant victory to Irugo, she couldn’t help but be worried.

‘If this barricade project succeeds, it will be a huge help.’

Thanks to her intercontinental scalpel business, she was practically swimming in gold. And because of the stainless-steel royalties, she was earning money without lifting a finger.

‘Patent rights are the absolute best.’

Aristine felt momentarily thrilled.

(Nephther)“However, the cost for this will not be light. It will be difficult to install it at every border.”

(Aristine)“Yes, that is why I think we should install a trial model in one area first. Even if the data is right, we have to test how it performs in real-time.”

Nephther nodded with satisfaction at her immediate answer. He looked at Aristine with eyes as bright as the spring sun.

(Aristine)“Alright then, I shall take my leave.”

“Have a cup of tea before you go.”

“I would love to, but I have some magicians and blacksmiths who are eagerly waiting for this good news.”

So she said, but she looked like she couldn’t bear to wait herself.

Aristine’s eyes were sparkling with anticipation and zeal for the new business.

Her expression was like a child who just got a new toy.

Nephther couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Yes, of course they’re waiting. Go on ahead.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Please take care of yourself.”

“I am—.” Nephther, who was about to say he was all better, paused. “I heard there’s still a long way before I’m fully healed. I am not even allowed to go out……I guess loneliness hits you when you’re getting old.”

Aristine’s face was instantly dyed with worry.

“Don’t say that, Royal father. I’ll try to visit you more often.”


“Yes, I will.” Aristine squeezed Nephther’s hand with sympathy.

Nephther looked at her face and chuckled. “Alright, I won’t hold you any further.”

“Your Majesty…….”

“Go on.”

After a second urging, Aristine nodded and left the room.

Now, it was time to deliver the good news to Ritlen and Asena, who were waiting for her.



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