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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 293]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (28)

“You’re ugly.”

Letanasia’s mouth fell open in a daze at Tarkan’s words.

For a moment, she couldn’t comprehend what she had just heard.


“I said you’re ugly.”

When he didn’t hesitate to confirm those fatal words, Letanasia stumbled. She was so shocked that her knees went weak.

‘Who is ugly? Me…?’

Letanasia didn’t know how to react to this phrase that she had never heard before in her life.

Both men and women praised and complimented her beauty.

It was something she expected.


《You’re ugly.》

You’re ugly. You’re ugly. Ugly. Ugly…

The word ‘ugly’ echoed endlessly in her mind.

Once the shock wore off, lava-riddled fury surged into her head.

“Is something wrong with your eyes? Or are you just an idiot who doesn’t know what the word ugly means?”

Letanasia shook her finger at Tarkan and her face had turned red.

The thought of seducing him and inciting discord with Aristine had already flown from her mind.

Letanasia, who had no immunity to being treated this way for the first time in her life, threw away the mask she always wore.

“Do you think you’re handsome then? I didn’t even mean that compliment, but you must have thought it was true, huh?”

“Ah, did you say that?”

Unlike Letanasia, who was agitated, Tarkan was at ease as he replied. His entire attitude was as if he was hearing a dog barking somewhere.

“Well, I don’t really listen if it’s not my wife talking.”


“I don’t need to be handsome for you. I just need to be handsome for my wife.”

After saying that, Tarkan found himself in a dilemma.

Now that he thought about it, he had never heard his wife say that he was handsome.

Still, he was sure she liked his chest, but maybe his face wasn’t her type.

Ignoring Letanasia who was looking at him with utter disbelief, Tarkan fell into the most serious dilemma in the world.

Seeing him clearly lost in thought about something else, Letanasia felt like her blood pressure was rising.

For the first time in her life, she was treated worse than a pebble on the side of the road. Right as she was about to open her mouth to say something…

“Indeed. My husband only needs to be handsome to me.”

Letanasia’s head sprang up at the sound of that voice.

She saw Aristine slowly walking towards her. Behind her were Silvanus handmaids and Irugoian court ladies waiting on her.

Letanasia’s eye twitched.

Just a few months ago, Aristine was a princess who didn’t even have a single maid. Yet, the sight of her being waited on by people seemed very natural and expected.

As if she was born that way.

Letanasia clenched her fists tightly.

Her rationality which had disappeared due to Tarkan’s reaction, finally returned.

Letanasia smiled sweetly and welcomed her Aristine.

“Sister Aristine, how do you feel? I heard you’re not in any condition to meet people.”

“As you can see, I can meet people. But only those who truly come to visit are welcome.”

Aristine’s gaze swept over Letanasia.

Her lavishly adorned appearance was clearly not the image of someone trying to visit a sick person.

“My goodness, even you, Sister. What’s important is how I feel, not what I wear. I haven’t gone out in a while, and surely, you know a princess cannot leave the palace looking shabby.”

Still smiling, Letanasia went ‘Oh no’ and covered her mouth.

“Right, you don’t know much about this, big sister.”

She was mocking Aristine, who had been imprisoned and was dressed more shabbily than the daughters of commoners.

“When I go out, reporters follow me. Even today, I tried to come out quietly, but it was difficult. Of course, I appreciate their interest.”

“I guess you have a pretty good relationship with the reporters?”

Upon hearing Aristine’s question, Letanasia smiled and stroked her hair.

“I guess I do?”

Having the attention of the reporters meant receiving support and love from the public. Naturally, she thought that Aristine would be jealous, but Aristine only looked at her with curiosity in her eyes and asked.

“So, do you also take hundreds of photos of yourself and hand them out to reporters?”

“Huh?” Letanasia’s face turned red.

“You don’t?”

“…I’m not sure because that matter is handled by the Department of External Affairs.”

Even though she answered like that, Letanasia was seething inside.

‘What now? Is she saying she gets covered in the news without doing that?’

She got annoyed, feeling like she had been knocked down a peg.

“Anyway, I’m glad you look okay. I was worried. Then again, it wasn’t really anything to worry about, right? Maybe it’s the other way around.”

Letanasia stepped closer to Aristine, adding a strange sentence at the end.

She tried to hold Aristine hand, pretending to be friendly.

The moment Aristine saw that fair hand reaching out to her, she remembered how this very hand grabbed Tarkan’s arm earlier.

“Big sister?”

Letanasia called out to Aristine with puzzlement as Aristine threw her arms behind her and left Letanasia grasping for air.

“What is it? Did I do something wrong?”

Letanasia tried to hold Aristine’s hand again.


Aristine felt like something was strange and hid her hand completely.

And she did not miss the brief look of doubt, frustration, and puzzlement that appeared on Letanasia’s face.

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