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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 265

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Why is Brother here? (9)

When Aristine sat down on the long sofa, Launelian quickly sat down in the space next to her.

At that, Nephther raised a brow and sat down on the other side.

In the end, the three of them were sitting side by side on the sofa.

‘Seriously, why…?’

Aristine looked at the other empty sofa with bewilderment in her eyes.

“Thank you for accepting my sudden request to visit Irugo, Your Majesty.”

Launelian faced Nephther with a smile.

“You are the family of my family, so of course, I shall heed your request even if it is sudden.”

“Haha, thanks to my sister, I can receive such welcome at another’s home.”

Aristine is a member of my family.

Aristine is my younger sister, and you are another party.

The battle between the two was fierce.

“I hear my daughter-in-law is now carrying my grandson.”

“My sister looks so much like me that my nephew might look like me, so I’m looking forward to it.”

At those words, Nephther’s eyes twitched.

‘This bastard is not an easy opponent.’

However, he couldn’t easily argue with that.

‘If the child resembles my daughter-in-law rather than my son…’

When Nephther fell silent, Launelian smiled.

However, it was still too early for him to celebrate his victory.

After the court ladies served the refreshments, Nephther spoke, as if talking to himself.

“My body must not be fully recovered yet; my arm still hurts.”

But his voice was loud.

Then he secretly glanced at Aristine.

‘Hm? I thought Royal Father was extremely reluctant to let others know that he had health problems.’

Those words were out-of-character for Nephther.

Aristine tilted her head, but picked up the fork.

He looked like he wanted the cake, so she was about to pick it up for him.

Right then…

“Haha, that must be quite uncomfortable. Allow me to help you.”

Launelian scooped out the cake at incredible speed and held it out to Nephther.

“Here, you can say ah~, Your Majesty.”

The crooked smile on that noble face made him look incredibly arrogant.

Nephther frowned and roughly snatched the fork from Launelian’s hand.

He chomped on the cake like he was crushing his enemies.

Sparks flew from the eyes of the two, but no more words were exchanged. It seemed like the situation was settling down to some extent.

Until Launelian threw out a bomb.

“Since my sister’s body is so fragile, it will be best for her to recuperate in Silvanus for a while during her pregnancy.”


Nephther was utterly unyielding in the face of such words.

He grabbed Aristine’s arm tightly.

I will never give up my daughter-in-law!

His grip seemed to convey his intention.

“If she is weak, she needs to rest at home without going anywhere. With her heavy body, she should stay put.”

“The Irugo climate is not suitable for a Silvanian.”

Launelian couldn’t talk about the ‘authority’, so he spoke in circles.
At that, Nephther snorted. “Hmph, so my daughter-in-law was doing well in Silvanus?”

Launelian couldn’t say anything to that. He bit his lips softly.

Seeing the remorse, pain, and shame in the man’s purple eyes, Nephther stroked his chin.

‘At least, he knows how to show concern for his younger sister.’

But that was that, and this was separate.

“You have no need to worry. I will take good care of my grandchild and daughter-in-law.”

“But my sister wishes to return with me.”

At those words, Nephther’s gaze turned to Aristine.

Launelian also turned to her.


Aristine felt burdened by the two eyes on her and opened her mouth to speak.

She didn’t know Nephther would want to keep her by his side this much and she couldn’t help but feel sorry.

“Royal father, I-”

At that very moment, a rough wave swept through Aristine’s body.

The shock seemed to press against her organs, causing Aristine to gasp for breath.


“Call a royal doctor immediately!”

The two men cried urgently as they caught Aristine’s falling body.

Her forehead was filled with cold sweat and her face was drained of all color.

She had already lost consciousness.


Translator’s Corner:

**Short chapter but next chapter is very long.

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14 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 265”

  1. Thanks for the chapters!

    I can’t like Launelian, it’s just not possible.
    He is acting like those super possessive husbands that are jealous of even their own shadow when it gets near the MC.Tarkan IS possessive, but he at least respects her and treats her like a person.
    I hope this doesn’t change and he doesn’t get weird about the baby.

    1. Launelian, the yandere brother with sister complex.
      Nothing healthy, nothing there to like.
      What is he even planning in Silvanus…

  2. Thank you so much Miss Ruby! I’m loving seeing the king and her brother fighting for her attention lol When Tarkan joins this fight the fun will increase (for us at least haha). So the bun is already this powerful I hope she can give birth safely 🙏🏽

  3. I am thoroughly annoyed by Launelian at this point, but devil’s advocate, he does know that Silvanus has never been good to Aristine, so for him to assume that Aristine was shoveled off to Irugo to die (which is true) can explain some of his clingyness, and thus he might assume that Aristine is either putting up a front so he doesn’t worry or that Irugo is pretending to care about Aristine for their own purposes and she is so naive she fell for it…what irks me is that he seems more like he is trying to isolate her from other people that care about her than trying to increase the amount of people that want to protect her…

  4. Oh so our little bun doesn’t want to leave Irugo. He is expressing his protest.
    I am really happy with his choice. Don’t worry baby, daddy Khan will not let anyone harm you

  5. Big brother is busy trying to take her back to silvanus but will he be able to protect her when their father learns of rine’s powers? Cause at this point…why would she go back home to give birth if she didn’t have powers? I mean like it’s possible for her to not have powers bt for the kid to have powers but regardless… she’ll be in more danger in silvanus…they should’ve atleast taken tarkan with them cause his a royal from another country (a prince at that)and doing him harm could bring war, so at least then he wouldn’t be bold enough to hurt rineh….I don’t know this just feels like when maxi when back to her dad instead of waiting for riftan and oh boy the drama…but this bro is really pissing me off, you really plan on taking her just because , I hope he’s doing it coz he cares and not coz he’s jealous ( he came here to take her back and the baby’s just helping his plan, I wish ed he’d met tarkan b4 leaving, bt it might prolly be too late…but he should also keep in mind that she’s the princess consort, who’s carrying an heir to the would/could future emperor….I know he cares but he better protect her when it counts

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