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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 292]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (27)

T/N: I had a business trip last weekend which delayed posting. Hope you enjoy~

* * *

“Seriously, I’m already so busy taking care of my wife, why…”

Tarkan grumbled and frowned in dissatisfaction.

He was even more annoyed because he was having the best time in the world, hugging his wife, rubbing her belly and generally, being peaceful.

《Then, are you going to let Rineh meet her? That woman is not good for our Rineh’s mental and physical health, let alone the baby.》

Launelian got annoyed by Tarkan’s reluctant response.

Tarkan was surprised that Launelian hated Letanasia that much. This was even more so because Aristine did not show any particular emotion towards her half-sister.

《Rineh was locked up because of that woman.》

《She is the one who took away everything Rineh should have enjoyed.》

However, the moment he heard Launelian’s next words, Tarkan’s eyes sank deeply.

“Prince Tarkan.”

Right then, a voice rang out calling his name. A voice as clear and crisp as the sound of summer bells.

Letanasia gave him a bright smile.

“I heard Brother Launelian is busy so Lord Prince will show me around the garden instead.”

Tarkan narrowed his eyes.

He had clearly been told that Letanasia requested to meet him first.

You would be hard-pressed to tell from her wide-eyed look that seemed to ask if anything was wrong.

When their eyes met, Letanasia’s eyes curved as she softly smiled. Her perfect smile made many men unable to fall asleep.

“It’s hard to believe a fall garden can be as colorful as spring. I can’t wait to smell the flowers.”

Letanasia blinked her big eyes and blushed like an excited girl.

‘Now, stretch out your hand already.’

She waited for Tarkan to escort her.

She was thinking of pretending to lose her balance while taking his hand, then falling into his arms.

Of course, the physical contact and reading his past was a bonus.

‘It would be icing on the cake if I get proof that Sister Aristine is faking it.’

Letanasia looked up at Tarkan with a shy yet alluring expression.

Just seeing her like this made men eager to reach out to her and take her to the dance floor.

Tarkan would likely be the same.

Just as she began to smile inwardly…


Tarkan glanced at her then took a long stride forward.

For a moment, Letanasia could not understand what took place. She looked at Tarkan’s back in disbelief as he walked away.

‘D-Did he just ignore me?’

Escorting a lady was an obvious courtesy of a gentleman.

‘These barbaric bastards are just…!’

She bit her lip heavily.

But what made her angrier was Tarkan’s eyes.

His eyes were without any emotion, or rather, filled with contempt, as if he was looking at something dirty.

Letanasia clenched her fists.

‘…Just you watch.’

She took quick steps like she was running. “Lord Prince, let’s go together.”

Once she caught up to Tarkan’s side, she gasped for breath and spoke like a songbird.

“My legs are so short that there’s already such a distance between me and Lord Prince. Lord Prince is really so tall and handso…Oh, no, that…I meant…”

Letanasia’s face turned bright-red, and she looked at loss for words, then she lowered her head.

She felt Tarkan’s gaze on her head. With her head still lowered, Letanasia smiled.

In the end, Tarkan was a man too.

Even if he acted harsh, when a beautiful woman like her acted friendly, he would eventually fall.

She changed her expression and gazed up at Tarkan with sentimental eyes.

“…It really is you, Lord Prince.”

Her blonde hair and light-green eyes glistened clearly under the autumn sun.

“Back then, I didn’t know it was Lord Prince. Because you were alone in such a place, I…”

The second sentence made Tarkan frown.

Letanasia’s words just now were strange. No, not just this time, even earlier, it was strange.

“What are you talking about?”

“…Don’t you remember me?” Letanasia asked in a feeble voice. “The moment I saw Lord Prince, I knew you were the one I’ve been waiting for.”

Her big green eyes were looking up at him with a mixture of hurt and anticipation.

“My prince who saved me from the Great Demonic Beast.”

Letanasia took a step closer to Tarkan like she was drawn to him and gently placed her hand on his arm.

“I never imagined you were really a prince.”

She said in a soft voice. Then she subtly brought her body close to Tarkan.

“If I had known, I would have become your wife.” Her red lips whispered.

* * *

“Princess Consort!”


The court ladies and handmaids desperately called for Aristine.

However, Aristine’s steps never stopped.

‘I can’t believe Letanasia came.’

The handmaids were acting strangely, so she asked questions and found out.

‘I don’t know what ability Letanasia has yet; it’s dangerous to meet her right now.’

While thinking that, Aristine went out onto the terrace.

The figures of Tarkan and Letanasia could be seen a little distance away.

Aristine, who was trying to get closer to rescue her husband, stopped.

“Princess Cons-.”

And the court ladies, who were trying to stop her from walking so fast, also stopped.

Their eyes widened and they stared at Tarkan and Letanasia in disbelief.

This was because the sight of Letanasia looking up at Tarkan with sad and wistful eyes created an unusual atmosphere in the eyes of everyone.

Right then, Letanasia’s silvery voice rang out.

“My prince who saved me from the Great Demonic Beast.”

Aristine’s eyes shook at those words.

‘What—? How could Letanasia…’

It was ridiculous that Letanasia was pretending to be Aristine, but it was even more shocking that she knew about that event.

But Aristine’s questions did not last long.

Because Letanasia drew closer to Tarkan and clung to him.

“Oh no, where does this frivolous wench think she’s putting her chest!”

“What is she wearing? Her skin is everywhere!”

Letanasia was wearing a dress made of pure white lace.

On the surface, it looked elegant and innocent, but if you took a closer look, it became sensual and amorous.

“She had an objective!”

The Irugo court ladies huffed in lowered voices.

“What in the world is His Highness Tarkan doing?”

“How could he…our Princess…”

The Silvanus handmaids were also saying something with wide eys.

However, Aristine could not hear the commotion around her.

The only thing in her mind was the vivid image of Letanasia holding Tarkan’s arm tightly and whispering to him like a lover.


Aristine clenched her fists.

‘Why won’t you shake her off?’

In reality, she knew the answer.

Even to Aristine, her younger self back then and the current Letanasia looked exactly the same. Both her hair and eye color were a much better match with her other self.

Even if Tarkan mistook Letanasia as his first love, she couldn’t say anything.

Although her rational brain thought so, her heart couldn’t accept it.

‘Why, why are you just listening? Even though it’s me and she’s lying. Why can’t you recognize it?’

This moment, which only lasted a few seconds, felt long and painful to Aristine.

At the same time, Aristine became keenly aware of how much she loved him.

If Tarkan was mistaken and went to Letanasia…

The mere thought of it made her heart feel like it was being squeezed. But what made her despair more than anything was—.

‘Even if Tarkan misunderstands, I have no way to resolve it.’

Why did her hair and eye color change to match Letanasia of all people?

Just as Aristine was lowering her head…

“What in the world are you talking about? When did I save you?” Tarkan’s speechless voice rang out.


Letanasia looked up at Tarkan, taken aback by his response.

“D, Don’t you remember? When we were young, in the demonic beast plains—.”

“No, no. Of course, I remember. There’s no way I don’t. I can’t even forget it.”

He couldn’t possibly forget his first love who made him lose sleep for a long time.

“But that is not you.”

At those words, Letanasia smiled.

From the memories she read, he had been desperately searching for his first love until recently. Since they looked alike and he had those memories, her odds were favorable.

“Of course, it is. Look at my face. I am-.”

“Speaking of your face.”

Tarkan blurted out.

“You look ugly.”



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      1. That was the best savage comment I heard from him it was soo damn good and savage 😂😂😂😂😂 get that u bi*ch 😘😘

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