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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 331]

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Aww, my little…(18)

A chilling sense of unease ran up the Queen’s spine. A feeling akin to losing your footing when expecting the full impact of solid ground.

The Queen opened her mouth to stop her Paellamien.

But it was already too late.

[You’re going to make a cheating scandal about the Princess Consort?]

Paellamien was asking someone in the footage that appeared.


Soon, the owner of the voice appeared in the video alongside their relaxed voice.

It was the Queen.

“Wow, this…”

“Just like she said, this is solid evidence that no one can deny.”

The nobles, who were watching the video, whispered as they took in what they were seeing.

[But is that possible? The Princess Consort is…]

[The truth doesn’t matter.]

The queen inside the video cut off Paellamien with a profound smile. Her finger gently trailed the flowers that decorated the table. From the tender petals all the way to the flower stalk.

[All we need is a few plausible photos and some testimony to support it.]

With a crunch, the flower stalk was crushed in the queen’s hand.

Unable to bear the rough treatment, the petals fell helplessly. Like tiny drops of blood.
The Queen slowly opened her hand. And the crushed flower fell onto the table like a corpse.

The Queen stared at the torn, striped, and tattered flower and she smiled with satisfaction.

[I am always amazed by the wisdom of Your Majesty the Queen.]

Paellamien bowed towards the queen.

[But considering the situation, there is one thing I’m worried about. If it fails and we get caught…]

[My goodness, Paella.]

The Queen looked up from the petals and gave a smile as radiant as a flower.

[What are you worried about? There are always people who offer to help me with my matters.]

Paellamien narrowed her eyes.

Because it was plainly clear that this ‘help’ was either due to coercion or some external circumstances rather than voluntary.

After all, Paellamien also had to ‘help’ the queen to ensure her own safety.

The queen took an elegant sip of her tea, placed it back on the teacup, then she opened her mouth.

[Marten is going to help.]

Paellamien’s finger twitched.


Regardless of his standing, Marten was still a prince.

Someone of his status should not be taking on a task where he was done for the moment he was caught.

The fact that the queen entrusted such a task to Marten meant…

‘She can abandon me too, at any time.’

Nothing would shield her; neither her status as a princess nor the time she had spent serving the queen.

Because the Queen’s composure was long gone.

Then again, it’s obvious what her intentions were by pairing me with a man with a meagre family, no wealth and no skill.’

[That child is just perfect for this job, isn’t he?]

The Queen looked at Paellamien and curled her lips.

[So there is no need to worry.]

Her voice was very tender, as if soothing a scared child.

[There are other things you’re perfect for, Paella.]

It was a warning.

That just like Marten, she could be used as a disposable card at any time, so she better behave.

But one had to wonder if the Queen knew.

Knew that that very warning had solidified Paellamien’s decision to completely turn her back on the queen.

* * *

The video stopped at that point.

“I have respected and followed Her Majesty the Queen, but I did not think this was right. I told Her Majesty to stop, and Her Majesty agreed.”

Paellamien looked devastated but she managed to speak calmly.

Of course, that wasn’t the truth.

Paellamien never once stopped the queen.

“I thought this was never going to happen. But today showed me that I was mistaken. I worried a lot because I have followed Her Majesty as my own mother, but I am making this public for the sake of justice.”

However, Paellamien’s expression was grave as if she was the beacon of truth itself.

On the frozen screen, the queen wore a proud smile while sitting opposite Paellamien whose head was bowed.

In contrast, the queen in reality was shaking her head with her face even whiter than a sheet of paper.

“I, Impossible, how can, this isn’t…Paella, Paella! You!!”

Her trembling voice grew louder and louder until it exploded like a volcano.

Veins bulged on the queen’s neck as she cried Paellamien’s name. A scream so guttural, it seemed like blood was about to burst from her throat.

“Guards, arrest this criminal.”

Nephther ordered, not even blinking an eye at the queen’s woes.

As soon as the order fell, the royal guards approached the queen and grabbed both of her arms.

“L-Let go of me! How dare you! Do you know who I am!”

“The Queen will be imprisoned in the Ice Shadow Tower.”

Upon hearing that, the queen couldn’t help but cry bitterly.

The Ice Shadow Tower was a place deserving of such wails. It was a prison for royals charged with treason.

“Y-Your Majesty…! Isn’t that too much of a punishment when a trial hasn’t even been held yet?”

Duke Skiela, who had been silent so far, stepped forward and spoke to Nephther.

“Although she is guilty, she is the queen of this country and mother to the Princes and Princesses. Even if she is punished, a process should be followed.”

“What does her title as Queen of Irugo have to do with this? As the Queen, she should have set an example, but instead she committed a heinous crime. If anything, it is a reason for more severe punishment, not special treatment.”

“H-However, the door of the Ice Shadow Tower, of all places, is being opened without proper procedures! A trial should be held first before imprisoning her in the Ice Shadow Tower.”

“Grandfather is right. Royal father, please don’t do this to mother,” Yenikarina pleaded amidst tears.

“I want to do as you ask too.”

“Huh? Then, then…”

Yenikarina’s face brightened at Nephther’s words. Her royal father might be strict, but he always listened to what she said.

However, Yenikarina’s elation did not last long.

“But despite multiple chances to do so, even when the contradictions in the testimonies were pointed out, the Queen consistently denied her crime.”

Nephther’s voice was firm.

“Even worse, she used her position as queen to scold the victim for making a valid point.”

“T, that…”

“She has shown no sign of remorse, no hint of guilt on her part, and has only tried to cover up her crime.”

Yenikarina’s mouth flew shut at those words.

Everyone in this hall had watched everything unfold with their own eyes so they couldn’t even refute it.

The queen, who was sitting powerlessly in the capture of the royal guards, suddenly opened her eyes.

‘So this is why!’

With Duke Skiela standing behind her and her high status as Queen, it was almost impossible to punish the queen immediately for her crime.

The best they could do was set a trial date and ask the queen to confine herself in her palace until then.

In other words, the queen would be able to buy time.

And obviously, the Skiela Duchy would take action during that time.

‘That’s why she’s been sounding me out from the very beginning, to stop me from doing that!’

Even though, from the very start, she already had evidence due to joining hands with Paellamien.

Aristine deliberately feigned ignorance and caused the queen to commit perjury countless times, giving the queen the illusion that she was winning.

“Considering what we saw moments ago, there is a high chance that all evidence will be destroyed if the queen is simply confined to the royal palace. Hence, she will be imprisoned in the Ice Shadow Tower immediately.”

Nephther’s words were practically a declaration. The justification being Nephther himself.

Duke Skiela had no choice but to shut his mouth as the look in the King’s eye showed that he would not permit any more rebuttals.

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