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FMH [152]

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I Just Wanted to Make Money (6)

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“It seems the truth is a little different,” Hamill commented.

“A little? It is completely different. There was no such grand meaning at play; the emperor simply refused to open the portal, saying the princess was unqualified.”

Hamill hummed and tilted his head.

“Well, I did hear she is a scorned princess who lost favor with the emperor and has been confined since she was a child.”

“Yes, bloodline is important. But one’s environment is just as important,” the Queen haughtily raised her chin and continued, “A princess who wasn’t even raised in a proper environment can’t be considered a true princess.”

Hamill stared at the queen for a moment.

‘I knew Mother wouldn’t like her since she’s a match that royal father made to compensate for Tarkan’s weakness but…’

“It seems you do not like the princess very much, Mother.”

“I do not like her?” the queen repeated and laughed, “Ha! I could ignore the fact that that scorned thing keeps talking back to me and just treat it as her acting cute.”

The anger that had subsided with Hamill’s return began to rise again.

“Do you know what that girl did?”

“Did something happen?”

“Every single time!”

The Queen exclaimed and gave Hamill a brief explanation about the medical scalpels that Aristine made.

Hamill listened to her talk with a smile on his face. There was barely any change in his expression.

“…so who knows how much impact this will have politically. Because of that scorned thing, the public’s opinion about Tarkan is only getting better day by day.”

“This is surprising.”

“I know, I didn’t expect that scorned thing to have political ability,” the Queen clicked her tongue.

But that was not what surprised Hamill.

‘To be able make a medical scalpel successful in this market.’

Hamill’s eyes narrowed. But in the next moment, he looked at the queen with a gentle expression, like his face never changed.

“Don’t worry too much, Mother.”

“How can I not worry?” the Queen sighed, “Why aren’t any medical accidents happening? It would be nice to be able to manipulate that at least.”

Hamill was also curious about that.

With his mother’s personality, she would have manipulated this already, so he was wondering why.

“Is there a problem?”

“That scorned thing never learnt anything; all she knows are petty tricks,” the queen scoffed cynically, “I guess she was aware of the malpractice battles because the precautions for the medical scalpel are being explained both verbally and in writing when it’s being sold.”

“I doubt explanation alone will relieve her of the responsibility,” Hamill said.

For sure, the doctors would have greater responsibility, but the queen had both money and power. That meant she had the ability to turn a small speck of dust into a raginig snowball.

“I heard they get a signature and a handwritten note stating that you have listened to the explanation and understood the contents.”

Hoo, Hamill inwardly exclaimed in admiration.

“And they also get a signature stating that the doctor is solely responsible for anything that results from violating these precautions.”

He never thought they would prepare so thoroughly.

No, this wasn’t the type of preparation that could be done simply because you are thorough.

The princess had brilliant intellect.

“The scalpel can have problems even if you follow the precautions. Can’t you tackle it by claiming it is unfair to put the responsibility on the doctors?” Hamill asked.

At that, the queen’s forehead creased, “They posted their test results.”

“Test, you say?”

“Yes, results of their scalpel’s stability test,” the queen massaged her forehead like she was getting a headache.

Instead of explaining, she gave her court lady a look.

The court lady politely handed the relevant documents to Hamill.

Once he saw the name of the test’s lead researcher, Hamill burst into laughter.

‘A clever one, this princess.’


In a normal case where a husband’s employee tests the safety of his wife’s product, they could strongly oppose it, claiming the couple was colluding together.

But with Umiru, it was a different story.

A genius surgeon.

In Irugo, a land full of warriors, the most popular and respected kind of doctor, was a surgeon. This was because surgeons could treat the honorable wounds that were inflicted onto them in their battle against demonic beasts.

Everyone knew the famous story of Umiru performing a surgery that others had given up on and succeeding after a 39-hour long battle.

Umiru had an authority and prestige that was almost unshakable.

She was also the target of respect and envy from other doctors.

It was more trustworthy for Umiru to take charge of the examination, than a doctor who had no connection to Aristine and could guarantee their objectivity.

‘And she is famous for her eccentric personality.’

She was never someone that would report false test results because of the other party’s authority or closeness to her. Not because she was a woman of integrity…just because she was a really strange person.

In any case, she was the best choice for a princess who had no connection to use in Irugo.

A faint look of intrigue flashed across Hamill’s face as he flipped through the document.

‘There is even a report that compares the new scalpel to the standard scalpel and predicts the reduction in the infection fatality rate when using the new scalpel.’

Even if everyone expected it to perform better, having the specific numbers gave a different feeling.

It wasn’t just doctors, even the common people who didn’t know much about medicine would be interested after seeing these numbers.

‘With this study, she was freed from the issue of malpractice battles, and at the same time, gained publicity.’

This could only be called amazing.

A scalpel that was safer and on a different level than the standard scalpel. Even if the doctors didn’t want to use it, the patients would handle that problem.

By asking, ‘what kind of scalpel does this hospital use?’.

Then the doctors would have no choice but to use the new scalpel to satisfy their patient.

Hamill flicked the document with his index finger.

“Certainly, with this in place, it will be hard to tie them to a medical accident.”

“She’s just good at petty tricks.”

The Queen said and Hamill laughed.

‘I don’t know, is this really the work of someone who only knows petty tricks?’

Hamill didn’t see it like that at all.

There was a very high chance that Aristine had formally been taught the royal studies. He felt the need to investigate her past once again.

Just in case.

‘If it’s really true that she didn’t learn anything because she was confined—.’

Hamill’s turquoise eyes fell on the document again. His elegant eyes narrowed sharply.

Soon, he raised his head, gave a soft smile, and said to the queen, “I think you are too focused on the malpractice aspect, Mother.”

He put the document down on the table and crossed his legs, “There is another way that is much easier.”

“There’s an easier way?” the Queen’s face instantly brightened.

Her wise son, who was nothing like that lowly thing’s son, must have found a solution already.

“Go ahead, tell me.”

“The biggest feature of this scalpel, is that it is made of rust-proof steel.”

“Yes, although I don’t know how they came up with such a great feature,” the queen furrowed her brows with displeasure.

Even if they copied the design and tried to remake it, they didn’t know how to make that mysterious steel.

“That doesn’t matter.”

“How can it not matter? It is going to become a very important resource in the future.”

“Regardless of how they made it, the base material is still iron.”

“You mean…” the Queen’s eyes shook slightly.

“Starting from the iron ores to the ingot, you can preemptively occupy them all,” Hamill smiled as gently as the spring sun.

A smile filled with laughter and delight slowly spread across the Queen’s face.

“Indeed, Hamill. You are my son.”
She smiled with satisfaction.

Feeling more composed, the queen relaxed and took a sip of her tea. Even though it had cooled down, the tea was still fragrant and smooth.

“This time, I will definitely get to see that scorned princess running around, pale and panicking.”

She might even get on her knees and beg the Queen to sell her some iron.

Iron monopolization.

That was something the Queen could do very easily.

There was the fact that she had power, strong connections with other nobles and merchant companies but above all—.

The largest iron mine in Irugo, no, in the continent, was owned by Duke Skiela. Her father.

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