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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 270]

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Chapter 37: Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (5)

* * *

Tarkan practically ripped the transmission stone from the court lady. His instincts were telling him.

It was his wife.


Sure enough, once the line connected, a nostalgic voice flowed out.

Despite hearing the voice that he had been wanting to hear so much, Tarkan didn’t say anything for a while.

He was so overwhelmed with emotions that for a moment, he couldn’t speak.


His voice was barely audible as the words fought to leave his mouth.

[So you’re back from the demonic beast plains. You came back early.]

Hearing her voice bright and full of joy, Tarkan somehow felt choked.

She collapsed twice with her pregnant body and even left in that state. While making him worry so much that his insides were twisted.

“…Why did you go to Silvanus?”

You could have waited for me a little longer.
You said you would wait, yet why didn’t you?

Even though he didn’t want to be like this, Tarkan couldn’t stop his feelings from bursting out.

“I thought I would be able to see you once I got back but when I heard you weren’t here, do you know how much I…!”

Tarkan grabbed his forehead.

“Not only that, I heard you’re pregnant and you collapsed…”

Tarkan grit his teeth. His voice sounded like it was fading away.


Her thin voice called out to him and hearing that, Tarkan immediately came to his senses.

What did he say just now?

The person having the hardest time right now was not him but Aristine.

Just because her voice was bright and hearty right now didn’t mean that she was truly okay.

Tarkan pushed down his desire to slap himself and quickly said to Aristine.

“I’m sorry. I took too long. I should have come back sooner.”


“I want to see your face.”

If only the transmission stone could show her face.

“I want to hug you, brush your hair, bury my nose in your neck and breathe you in.”

He wanted to feel like he was by her side.

“I need to be by your side.”

Aristine remained silent.

However, Tarkan could clearly tell what face she was making right now.

She must be biting her lips slightly and her pretty eyebrows would be furrowed. And when she couldn’t bear it any longer, she would speak.

[…why did you come so late?]

At Aristine’s complaining tone, Tarkan’s heart squeezed like it was about to stop.

[Do you know how much I waited? You said you’d come back early. Why were you so late?]

“I’m sorry.”

That was all he could say.

Even if he returned fast enough to rewrite the history of the expedition force, it was merely an excuse.

[Silly. I’m not doing this because I want you to say sorry.]

“I’m coming.”

To your side.

[Come fast.]

At those words, Tarkan broke into a smile.

“How do you feel? What about our child?”

[I’m okay. Our child is okay too.]

Aristine replied, and just as Tarkan was feeling relieved by her response, she added:

[Thanks to Elder brother Launelian.]

Tarkan’s smile faded from his lips upon hearing that.


[Don’t worry too much. Elder brother treats me really well. He is so ahead of everything that I don’t even need to ask first.]

Who knew how she took Tarkan’s retort, but Aristine spoke in a gentle tone, as if she was persuading him.

Of course, it had the opposite effect.

Tarkan’s jaw clenched.

“Me too…”


“I can do well too. No, I can do even better!”


“I can definitely take better care of you than that guy!”


“You haven’t given me the chance to attend to you yet.”

[Wait, a chance to attend to me, what do you…]

“And I was the last person to hear that you were pregnant too.”


“But I wanted to do everything for you.”

Tarkan ground his teeth in anger.

Just looking at him, you would think he was going to strike down a demonic beast with that overflowing charisma.

In reality, he was just whining about wanting to help his wife.

[How cute.]

Aristine’s mumble seeped through the communication stone.


Once those words fully sank in, a bright blush rose to Tarkan’s eyes.

My wife says I’m cute!

Asena looked at Tarkan with dead eyes and shook her head, mumbling, “this illness is serious.”

On the other hand, the court ladies were smiling contentedly and looking satisfied.

“Rineh, give me a little—.”

[Ah, thank you, Elder brother.]

Tarkan’s excited words were stopped by Aristine’s voice.

His face hardened once he heard the word ‘brother’.


[Oh, I can eat it myself.]

[[Why use your hand when I’m next to you? Here, say ah~]]

The veins on Tarkan’s head popped at the conversation seamlessly flowing through the transmission stone.

The bastard was definitely doing this on purpose to stop him from talking to Aristine.

Even his voice gave Tarkan goosebumps.

It was so soft and sweet that it made Tarkan doubt if it was even the same person that he was communicating with earlier.

[Gosh, Elder brother…]

There was a hint of laughter in Aristine’s voice.

[[How is it? Isn’t a big brother who takes care of everything by your side better than that absent guy?]]

“This bastard…”

Tarkan’s grip tightened firmly around the transmission stone.

He tried to summon as much patience as possible to reduce the strength in his grip. If he destroyed it, his contact with Aristine would be cut off.

Right then.




“Rineh, are you okay?”

However, Tarkan’s urgent voice did not reach Aristine’s ears.

Because the communication line went dead.

Tarkan looked at the communication stone, stupefied.

“It seems Her Highness’s morning sickness has started.”

“We need to go and take care of her…”

The court ladies stamped their feet in anger.

“Morning sickness, that extremely tormenting one…unable to even eat properly.”

Tarkan’s brows furrowed in worry.

His insides were burning imagining his small wife unable to even eat.

“I have to leave right now! Everyone, I’m sure you’re prepared?!”

“Of course, Your Highness.”

“I’ve packed all of the Princess Consort’s favorites.”

“We must be better than that older brother guy.”

“Of course!”

The court ladies shouted, clenching their fists.

Asena looked at them, dumbfounded, then she went “Excuse me…” and raised a hand.

“I thought we were waiting for permission from Silvanus? Even if our countries have a friendly relationship now, going to another country so arbitrarily is—”

“Wherever my wife is, is where I should be.”

Tarkan cut Asena off and spoke firmly.

‘Oh, I was wrong. There’s no logic in his eyes…’

In his golden eyes, the word ‘wife’ stood in place of rationale.



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