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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 199]

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Episode 31: A Trap (2)

Aristine slowly blinked her eyes.

Tarkan lifted his head slightly, allowing their eyes to meet.

The bright morning sun ignited everything in its reach with a fresh and vigorous light, but only the bed, which was covered by a veil, seemed to hold the aura of the night.

The cramped bed felt like an entire world.

A world where only two of them existed.

Aristine felt like the breath escaping her lips was hot. Because the breath on her lips was drying up her mouth.

But then she realized it was Tarkan’s breath.

No, her breath was hot too.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t feel like there was a fire in her stomach.

The breath from his lips warmed hers, and the breath from her lips warmed his.

The heat from each other flowed in and out, like it was going to consume the other.

She couldn’t even think about anything in the intense heat.

Tarkan lowered his head a little more. The tip of their noses touched.

And right when their lips were about to touch…

“Oh my!”

A startled cry pierced their ears.

Aristine turned to the sound with surprise, like she was released from a spell.

The court ladies were at the bedroom door, trying to leave quietly and tactfully, with their hands over their mouths.

When her eyes fell on them, the court ladies laughed awkwardly.

“D-Don’t mind us; keep doing what you’re doing.”

“Hoho, so early in the morning…”

“And I was wondering why she was choosing a ribbon last night, uhuhuhu!”

The court ladies laughed giddily with their whole bodies but the moment Tarkan looked at them, they stood at attention.

His gaze was the definition of ‘if looks could kill’.

The court ladies bowed and tried to slowly withdraw from the bedroom.

Frankly, they had put their ears against the door to listen before entering but they couldn’t hear anything. So, they thought both of them were still sleeping.

Hence, they confidently opened the door, but they didn’t expect to witness such a scene.

‘If you think about it, no words are needed.’

‘Only the action is important.’

While they were gaining overdue enlightenment, Aristine pushed away Tarkan, who was leaning over her body, and got up from the bed.

She untied the ribbon that was wrapped around her body and spoke to the court ladies who were about to shut the door.

“What is the matter?”

The court ladies never came inside the bedroom when Tarkan and Aristine were together. There must be a reason for them to open the door like this.

The court ladies couldn’t close the door, but they didn’t know whether they should fully re-open at this point.

In that state, one of them replied, “Um, well…Ms. Umiru has arrived.”

“On a second thought, Ms. Umiru can be seen later on, right?”

“I’m sure Ms. Umiru will understand.”

The court ladies spoke one after the other, like they didn’t even know what they were saying.

Their sense of duty made them not want to interfere with the couple’s morning exercise(?), so their ability to judge evaporated.

“What do you mean?”

Aristine frowned and approached the court ladies.

She was the one who ordered for Umiru to be summoned as soon as day broke.

This was an urgent matter in a battle against time, so she also asked them to wake her up if Umiru arrived before she was awake.

Left alone in the bed, Tarkan frowned unhappily but he quickly gave up and got up.

He walked up to Aristine and put a thick robe over her night dress.

Nowadays, the wind was chilly, day in, day out, and he was worried that his fragile wife might get sick.

Tarkan pulled out her hair which had gotten stuck under the robe and arranged it tidily.

Her fair neckline was exposed every time his manly fingers combed through her silver hair.

The scene looked very intimate, causing the court ladies to blush and lower their eyes.

It was indeed a cliché bedroom scene.

Aristine adjusted her robe and walked up to the court ladies.

“Where is Dame Umiru?” [1]

“She’s waiting for you in the coral room.”

“Let’s go.”

Aristine took a step forward. Then she stopped and spun around to face Tarkan.

“See you tonight. And please take care of what I mentioned last night.”

Last night, Aristine asked Tarkan to help her with several things, one of which being looking into Nephther’s health.

Tarkan, who was planning on going with Aristine to meet Umiru, frowned, but soon nodded.

He also had a lot of things to catch up on.

It was already autumn and before winter fell, the entire demonic beast plain had to be dealt with.

To spend the evening with Aristine, he had to compact his work as tightly as possible throughout the day.

“Don’t show any mercy if Umiru flirt with you.”

Aristine laughed, “Why would Dame Umiru flirt with me?”

Tarkan raised a brow when she seemed to take his words as a joke, but he didn’t say anything else.

‘Delusional jealousy.’

Because that phrase popped into his mind.

‘But with how pretty she is, how can I not worry about her?’

Despite thinking that, Tarkan did not feel embarrassed.

The fact that he could seriously think that after seeing her puffy face from waking up meant that the rose in his eyes was serious indeed.



Translator’s Corner:

[1]  Oddly enough, this is the first time Umiru has been called by a title (unless I missed it). She is called the same title that Mukali is called. Since Mukali is [Sir], hers will be [Dame].

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