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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 300]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (35)

* * *

《 By the way, how did you get here?》

Tarkan asked, as they lay side by side in the barracks with a tilted ceiling in the Demonic Beast Plains.

Aristine thought about it for a while and then asked back.

《 In the past? Or yesterday?》

《 Both.》

Aristine momentarily fell silent.

What was the best way to answer this?

The truth? Or a lie?

Aristine hummed sighingly and rolled over to Tarkan.

Tarkan naturally lent his hand as an arm pillow.

“About the past, even I don’t know. I don’t know why I suddenly ended up in the Demonic Beast Plains, or why my hair and eye color changed.”

When she was feeling very sick, and out-of-it, she saw a scene reflected in the water. In that state, she touched the water surface and was immediately sucked into it.

It’s not that she never wondered if it was another ability of the Monarch’s Sight. After she returned, she would touch the water surface whenever the Monarch’s sight activated, but the same thing never repeated itself.

So Aristine dismissed it as a dream.

She had enough reasons to dismiss it as a dream.

She was suffering from a fever so high that she thought she was going to die, but the moment she crossed over to the ‘other side’, the pain disappeared.

Her hair color changed, and her eye color transformed.

Then, as if she were clairvoyant, she could see what would happen in the future right before her eyes.

Everything that happened was far removed from reality.

When Aristine came back, she was lying in the same spot, with her sweat-soaked blanket wrapped around her body.

As if she just woke up from a dream.

Even though she thought it was a dream, an illusion that never really happened, she was disappointed.

She wanted to watch the boy in her dream defeat the great demonic beast until the end.

She wanted to celebrate together. She didn’t want to separate.

But the moment he delivered that final blow, Aristine’s body was sucked beneath her feet.

Like she had been sucked into the mirrored surface.

《 As for yesterday, I met a guide on my way to rescue you.》

《 A guide?》

《 I’m talking about your horse. 》

《 That guy…》

Tarkan mumbled under his breath, remembering his warhorse. He told it to go find someone and it must have gone to find Aristine.

It was an intelligent horse, but he frowned at the reminder that Aristine came to such a dangerous place because of that.

Aristine lifted her hand and gently poked Tarkan’s forehead.

《 You should praise him. Wasn’t he such a good guide? Thanks to him, I didn’t get lost. It was worse when I couldn’t find you in the plains. 》

She was right.

Tarkan sighed and hugged Aristine tighter.

However, Aristine’s explanation didn’t cover everything, so he still had some doubts.

‘She said you felt something was wrong when our communication was cut off, so she brought reinforcements.’

It was understandable that she was anxious because communication died off while he was talking to her.

Furthermore, Aristine had seen their strategy map and heard an explanation of their subjugation strategy. Hence, she would know how they were going to attack and the timing so it would have been easy to come to his aid even if they had no communication.


‘Not everything goes according to plan.’

None of their strategies required Tarkan to enter the territory of the Great Demonic Beast.

Due to the unexpected situation and the lack of reinforcements due to a communication breakdown, he made a split-second decision during battle.

Of course, there was a chance that Aristine, who was very resourceful, would have anticipated his judgement and moved as such.

But the problem didn’t just end there.

Tarkan had hastened the subjugation timeline in order to return as fast as he could.

Therefore, the date of the strategy and the actual date of implementation were different.

The attack on the plains happened much faster.

Was it really possible to predict how far the subjugation had progressed?

There was only one clue that would have allowed Aristine to guess the subjugation progress. That is, the conversation they had before the transmission stone went dead.

Through that conversation, Aristine was informed that their division was separated, and that Jacquelin was the only one by Tarkan’s side. Strategy-wise, there was only one tactic where they were separated like that.

‘You’re telling me she used that to predict this so accurately?’

If that was true, then Aristine should not be in Tarkan’s palace, but in the war room.

《 You look curious.》

Aristine grinned widely at Tarkan.

《 To tell you or to not tell you.》

She playfully traced circles on Tarkan’s chest before pressing them against his pecs.

《 If I tell you, one of my wishes will come true.》

That couldn’t even be called a condition. Tarkan wanted to grant every wish that Aristine had, whatever it may be.

《 What wish?》

《 Not now, later.》

Aristine replied cryptically and laughed. Even though she was laughing, it felt unreal to her.

Aristine has spent her entire life hiding the Monarch’s Sight. She made that decision at a very young age when she bore witness to the worst possible future.

A part of her was asking if she should be talking so easily. If it was okay to smile like this.


‘Because it’s Tarkan.’

Aristine’s purple eyes met Tarkan’s golden eyes.

That was why, for the first time in her life, she felt so comfortable when she thought about revealing the Monarch’s Sight.

Slowly, Aristine’s lips parted.

《 Actually, I have a very special ability.》

The story which began in that manner took a very long time before it came to an end.

* * *

Tarkan looked down at the Chrysea Palace, which was spread out before his eyes. There were waves of golden flowers in full bloom.

A flower that would save Aristine and their child.

The ‘authority’ and abilities of the Silvanus royal family.

Naturally, the story he heard from Aristine on the Demonic Beast Plain flashed through his mind.

Direct descendants of Silvanus are born with abilities. And among these, was a special ability known as ‘authority’.

Tarkan ground his teeth as he was reminded of the kind of life Aristine had to live because of that power.

Now he wanted to give her a happy life regardless of powers or anything like that.

A life of joy, where she didn’t need to worry about the past, present or future, or even try to prevent misfortunes.

He wanted to create that life for her with his own two hands.

So that no matter who they were, or how strong they were, they would never be able to use Aristine’s innate power as they wished.

That was the kind of fence he wanted to build.

‘The same thing for our child.’

He was going to protect his child from being exploited by the whims of powerful people such as the emperor. His child was going to live a freer life than anyone else.

‘And to do that…’

Tarkan’s eyes grew sharp as he stared at the Chrysea Palace.

A force that could almost be called an army was stationed there, perhaps as ordered by the emperor.

No one had caught him on the way here.

But it was nearly impossible to sneak into the Chrysea palace and bring out flowers without being detected.

He needed more than a handful of flowers, and the exposed garden only had short chrysea flowers.

Even if he used a concealment spell, he was likely going to be discovered by a magician or a knight using aura.

‘In that case, there is only one answer.’

A forceful breakthrough.


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