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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 24]

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I know you’re a pervert(2)

* * *

‘Huh, it’s clean now.’

Aristine thought carelessly as she looked at the floor which was sparkling clean. Just a few minutes ago, there was blood all over the floor, making a mess of things.

‘Mm, I wonder if his nose and teeth are okay.’

His nose was broken, and his two front teeth fell out so it might be hard for him to get married.

Tarkan didn’t look like he was using much strength while stepping on the knight, but the knight was flopping around like a fish. Eventually, he lost consciousness and was taken to prison.

‘Well, mankind is blessed if that sort of bastard doesn’t marry.’

Aristine thought lightly and folded her thoughts on the knight.

She was in a really good mood.

Forming an alliance with Tarkan was her first goal upon arriving at Irugo. No, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that was the first goal Aristine had in her life after living in confinement.

She couldn’t help but feel happy after achieving it.

Furthermore, he seemed to be a good husband for a political marriage. He didn’t even say anything when Aristine ate all the scones by herself.

‘I hope we have tea together again.’

The raspberry and blueberry compote were similar, but they had their different charms. And once you added scones to it, it really enriched the flavor. If they had any other jam to serve, she would have loved to try it.

Everyone told her she was going to her death.

But honestly, Aristine was glad for this political marriage.


Aristine lifted her head at the loud call. The maids had been shrieking and calling her for a while now.


“Did you say what? I called you so many times and you didn’t respond…!” And at the same time, she mumbled, “I knew she was a mental case”.

She was mumbling to herself, but she said it loud enough for Aristine to hear.

“Can you understand the barking of a dog?”

The maid frowned at Aristine’s sudden question.

“Of course not. Why? I suppose you think you understand it, Princess?”

“I guess anyone who’s been locked up alone for more than 10 years can understand.”

“There’s no one to talk to, so you turned to dogs perhaps? Then again, you might be on the same level as a dog.”

The maids burst into laughter.

“Hm, but you know, at least dogs understand when you talk to them. You say sit, they sit. You say wait, they wait.”

Aristine slowly said in a soft voice.

“So you guys are worse than dogs.”

“Wha, what did you just say?!”

“Are you talking to us right now?”

They couldn’t believe that the always-docile princess was talking to them this way. The faces of the maids turned blue with anger.

“At first, I couldn’t tell who was barking like a dog but as I kept listening, I realized it was worse than a dog.”

Aristine lazily propped her chin and crossed her legs.

The maids couldn’t understand what the heck was going on right now. After the knight reported to them that Aristine was alone with Tarkan, they were guided to the palace. Then they heard that a Silvanus knight was beaten up by Tarkan and dragged to prison.

They were going to badger Aristine to do something about it but…

‘Something’s not right.’

Aristine’s reaction was strange. The maids pushed down their rising anger and turned to Aristine.

“If His Imperial Majesty learns about this then…!”

“Then what?”

‘Heh’, Aristine chuckled softly. Her laughter sounded like ridicule to their ears and the faces of the maids burned red.

Aristine had been beneath them since they were in the Empire.

She was confined without a single person to serve her and she ate like a beggar because she was barely allocated any budget. Even the maids that served the young ladies of noble families lived a much better life than hers.

It wasn’t just that.

The palace manager felt pity for Aristine’s situation and secretly allocated some of the budget for Aristine so she could eat well without the Emperor knowing but the stupid Princess couldn’t even get that. Because the families of the maids intercepted that budget.

It wasn’t a crime.

If you think about it, the only one who committed a crime was the manager who secretly arranged the palace’s budget without the Emperor’s knowledge. Their families only corrected what was wrong.

Although they put the money in their pocket without telling the emperor.

Like that, these maids grew up thinking that whatever the Princess had, belonged to them. Whatever the princess enjoyed, they were going to enjoy soon, and they were far more noble than the foolish princess.

Yet now, that fool was ridiculing them!

Blinded by anger, Rosalyn stepped to the front and screamed.

“Have you forgotten His Imperial Majesty’s words?! What do you think he’ll say if he learns about your attitude right now! Do not forget your duty, Princess!”

The maids were the ones who held the leash so that Aristine wouldn’t do anything stupid. Or at least, that’s how it should have been.

They were definitely holding her on a leash just a while ago.

“My duty?”

“Did you forget?”

Rosalyn sneered.

Aristine’s role was to ignite a war. In other words—.

“Your role is to die!”

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