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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 317]

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Awwww, my little bwaby (3)

* * *

The scent lingering at the tip of her nose and the air clinging to her skin had changed. At the same time, the intensely bright light that seemed to penetrate her closed eyes had finally began to fade away.

Aristine slowly opened her eyes.

Immediately, she saw a group of people gathered in front of the portal.

‘Is it my court ladies? Or the warriors?’

It seems they were here to greet their mistress who had been gone for a long time.

Once the light faded completely, the figures of people approaching Aristine became clear.

And what she saw was…

“Your Majesty?”

The appearance of an unexpected individual. Why was His Majesty here?

Not only Aristine but also the court ladies lined up behind her looked at Nephther with confusion.

Even Tarkan, Nephther’s son, was confused.

Even when Tarkan returned from his expeditions with victory, Nephther had never come to greet him in person.

While he loved and treasured his son, waiting for him and running over to greet him like this was a different matter. Yet right now, Nephther was…


Nephther, who ran over, walked past his own son, to squeeze the hand of his dear daughter-in-law.

“It must have been so hard.”

“Royal father.”

Aristine was a little taken aback at first, but soon, a bright smile covered her face.

She suddenly felt like she was really back in Irugo.

“Yes, how are you feeling?”

“I’m okay now. The baby and I are in good shape. I’m sorry for worrying you.”

“Yes, that was very bad of you to do.”

Nephther scolded Aristine in a somewhat harsh tone.

Aristine lowered her head.

She was an expecting mother who suddenly collapsed and was moved to Silvanus so one can imagine how worried he was.

Furthermore, Aristine’s child was also King Irugo’s biological grandchild.

“I can’t believe you went so far away and stayed away for such a long time without even properly saying goodbye.”


Nephther’s words somehow differed from what Aristine expected, prompting her to raise her head.

“I thought you would get better quickly and come back. But it took so long, didn’t it?”

For some reason, Nephther’s stern face seemed a little pouty.

“I heard you regained consciousness, but you didn’t even contact me, your royal father.”

No, he didn’t just look upset; he was actually upset.

“Tarkan, this little brat, shamelessly followed you alone. I’m the king, so I can’t even leave my position that easily.”

His turquoise eyes glared at Tarkan like Tarkan was detestable.

Tarkan felt so taken aback that he didn’t react.

He wondered if this was really the same father that he had known his whole life.

‘…Was he attacked by a demonic beast? Is it mind control?’

It was a fleeting thought, but a very reasonable suspicion.

This was the ruler of Irugo himself being manipulated by a demonic beast. Such a colossal event would shake not only Irugo’s stability but also the security of the continent.

“Your Majesty, Royal Father.”

Tarkan seriously addressed Nephther.

Nephther turned to Tarkan with a gaze that seemed to ask, ‘What, you brat? You petty bastard. You had fun by yourself, huh?’

“Have you had any contact with a demonic beast recently?”

Nephther frowned at Tarkan’s unexpected question.

“What are you talking about? I’m stuck in the palace, dealing with governmental affairs. How could I possibly encounter a demonic beast?”

“Royal father’s behavior right now is not norma… I mean, it’s strange. Maybe words aren’t coming out as you intend. Blink twice to signal for—.”

“You brat. Are you mocking your father?!”

Nephther realized what Tarkan meant and exclaimed loudly.

“…Wow, you’re really okay.”

Tarkan nodded in acceptance when he saw Nephther’s growing anger.

“This punk…”

Nephther glared at Tarkan, then he sighed.

This was his son so who could he blame? He could only blame himself.

Aristine smiled as she watched the father and son pair bicker.

“I heard Royal father had been sent a report that my health had recovered so I didn’t think to contact you separately. I’m sorry.”

“Yes, you should be sorry. I waited for so long. Make sure to contact me next time.”

“Yes, I definitely will.”

“Of course, the best thing will be for you to stay at the palace and not go elsewhere.”

Nephther added playfully, narrowing his eyes at Aristine.

“What do you think? My palace is far better than this brat’s and you can stay there during your pregnancy.”


What in the world was he talking about?

“My palace is much bigger and better. A King’s palace and a Prince’s abode can’t even be compared. You should stay somewhere nice when you’re pregnant.”

“Haha, royal father, you’re so…”

Aristine laughed at the king’s joke.

“Right, Rineh, you like the garden and the game room. I’ll give you all of them. And we can stop others from entering the garden and—.”

“Royal father.”

A strong voice interrupted Nephther.

Tarkan glared at Nephther with a treacherous expression.

“Oh my, your husband scares me so I will have to take back that comment.”

Nephther burst into laughter and playfully shuddered.

“That said, Rineh, I can give you the palace whenever you want, just say the word.”

Despite saying that, he whispered in Aristine’s ear.

It wasn’t really a whisper since he was loud enough to be heard by Tarkan and other people standing around.

Tarkan bugged Aristine tightly.

“This is my wife.”

“Anyone say otherwise? And let’s be clear. She came as my daughter-in-law first. She decided to come as my daughter-in-law, and I picked you among my sons.”

Frowning even more, Tarkan tightened his told around Aristine.

He had a lot to say but stopped himself because patricide was off the table.

Nephther chuckled as he watched son and daughter-in-law. He was starting to enjoy teasing them.

Tarkan used to be blunt, stiff, unresponsive to anything and devoid of humanity, but after meeting Aristine, he changed.

‘Indeed, this is all thanks to my daughter-in-law.’

Through the scalpel business, Irugo shed its reputation as a barbaric nation.

Despite almost succumbing to heart failure, Nephther was still alive and healthy.

Moreover, after receiving the reports, he discovered that the barrier project had been successful.

If the barriers allowed them to secure a safe route within the demonic beast plains, it would swiftly transform into a vital trade route.

‘I only thought to use the Silvanus royal bloodline to compensate for Tarkan’s political weaknesses.’

But she had gone beyond merely compensating, rather, she had greatly contributed to Tarkan’s prominence in the line of succession. All of this filled Nephther’s heart with satisfaction.

Aristine was a woman that the king couldn’t help but admire.

‘But even if you hadn’t done that, I would have cherished and loved you as part of my family.’

Nephther gazed at Aristine with a tender smile.

He hadn’t realized it yet.

It wasn’t just the situation and Tarkan that had changed but also Nephther himself.

“Royal father is only joking.”

Aristine patted Tarkan, who was hugging her tightly.

Now that Nephther’s jokes and hospitality(?) were over, she began walking again. No, she was about to.


“Your Majesty?”

Nephther blocked her feet, startling Aristine and she looked at him in surprise.

“Be careful with your precious body. What if you collapse again? You’re pregnant.”


It’s not like Aristine tried to do headstands or backflips; she was just about to walk.

However, Nephther’s attitude was firm.

With a glance from him, a pure white chair with a sleek, elegant shine appeared.

Well, calling it a chair might be an understatement; it had elongated bases extending from the front and back. In other words, it was a…

Aristine stared at the palanquin with bewilderment in her eyes.

“Now, you can get on.”


Nephther grinned and his voice was full of confidence.

“We can’t have my daughter-in-law’s precious feet touching the ground.”

To that, Aristine didn’t know what kind of expression she should make.



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