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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 78]

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Egg goes cr-ack! (6)

《 I see. So that’s what they said.》

Tarkan’s voice was chilling like it had crawled out of hell.

The warriors instinctively stiffened.

They held their breaths and didn’t dare to look at Tarkan directly.

The vivid bloodthirst rippling through the air almost made them activate their auras.

It was a feeling they hadn’t gotten before, even when they were with Tarkan after a round of slaughter and he was drenched with the blood of demonic beasts.

The sound of birds chirping in the garden had already ceased.

《 To my bride.》

The violent bloodthirst which seemed like it was going to torch down the room, was sucked into Tarkan and vanished in an instant.

Only then, were the warriors able to catch their breaths.

It was only a short moment, but it felt like an eternity.

The chirping of the birds still hadn’t resumed.

《 Where are they?》

Tarkan asked.

His attitude was the same as usual as if the brutal bloodthirst just now had been an illusion.

The atmosphere around him was also tranquil.

However, the warriors weren’t able to relax.

《 They are in the ward. 》

In Tarkan’s palace, there was a huge, separate ward. There were many warriors who followed Tarkan, so it was made out of necessity.

《 How is their condition?》

《 They will have to lay in bed for two months. Also…》

When Durante paused purposefully in the middle of his reply, Tarkan raised a brow.

《 …They have become eunuchs.》

At those words, Tarkan’s mouth, which was fixed in a heavy frown, curled up slightly.

A hint of satisfaction permeated his golden eyes.

If Aristine saw his face right now, she would definitely take a tiny step back. While thinking something like ‘He’s happy about other people becoming eunuchs…? Sure enough, a pervert.’

Tarkan left the meeting room and went to the ward where the Silvanus knights were lying down.

‘Making them eunuchs is not enough.’

That was what he thought.

Hence, Tarkan used his own hands to reconstruct the face of every single knight. [1]

After doing that, his feet strangely started heading towards Aristine.

But just as he was about to arrive at the dining room, Aristine suddenly opened the door of the dining and came out.

For some reason, Tarkan hid himself behind a pillar. Then he quietly followed Aristine. He didn’t even know why he did that.

Tarkan had never followed anyone before. He had only tailed demonic beasts.

But he was worried that Aristine might feel hurt after hearing what happened.

His bride was a very unusual woman but still, there was no way those kinds of words wouldn’t hurt.

‘…maybe reconstructing their face wasn’t enough.’

While thinking that, he continued to watch Aristine.

But he didn’t expect her to, without a shred of hesitation, break eggs in front of the bastards who had recently become eunuchs.

Mukali, who was beside Tarkan, shuddered involuntarily at that cruel treatment. This sort of thing would make any man with an ‘egg’ flinch.

His wife always differed from his expectations.

And it was quite delightful to see.

* * *

The knight ate the eggs with tears running down their face.

It was scary. They didn’t know that monster was still hanging around the ward.

The word monster was not enough to describe Tarkan.

Hell itself would be gentle compared to him.

“I am glad you are enjoying it.”

Aristine thought of a rough explanation about the knights’ change in attitude, so she put an end to her doubts.

Their minds must have been unstable after becoming eunuchs.

As she was thinking to herself, a voice rang out behind her.


It was Tarkan.

It seems he had heard about what happened as well.

‘The warriors attacking the knights could become a diplomatic issue, so I understand his concern.’

Aristine tried to make eye contact with Tarkan and blinked eagerly.

‘I have resolved everything! Don’t worry! There will be no diplomatic issue! I’m pretty competent, aren’t I?’

Tarkan flinched.

He didn’t know why but Aristine was looking at him with sparkling eyes.

His unreserved footsteps faltered for a moment.


The standard design of an Irugoian male attire exposed the chest and Tarkan was no exception, so his bare chest was showing right now.

Tarkan unconsciously raised his hand to cover his chest.


Aristine looked at his actions with puzzlement then she walked up to him.

For some reason, Tarkan flinched even more.

His expression was perplexed as he looked at Aristine, then he turned his face away. His cheeks were slightly red.

“I’ve handled the entire issue with the knights. Come with me and I’ll explain.”

Aristine took Tarkan’s hand and pulled him along.

Tarkan followed her lead.

Upon witnessing this scene, the warrior’s eyes went round while the court ladies nodded in satisfaction.

The two of them walked across the garden which was full of spring flowers.

Aristine’s skirt swayed softly with the spring wind and gently swept over the green grass.

People stopped walking and stared at the couple walking together affectionately.

‘Wow, it’s so…’

It felt like the ordinary garden had suddenly become divine.

Right then, there was a rustling sound.

Aristine turned to the direction it came from.

Sea-blue hair fluttered in the wind.

Even when surrounded by the fresh spring garden, the woman standing there gave off an enticing luster.


When Aristine called her name, Dionna’s red lips curved into a smile.



Translator’s Corner.

[1] If this isn’t obvious already, a ‘face reconstruction’ means beating someone black and blue.


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  2. A few chapters ago someone suggested “Tarkan, breaker of beds” as his new title but it should obviously be “Tarkan, the maiden”.

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