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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 190]

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Episode 29: Poisoned Rat(5)

* * *

‘This is the future?’

As soon as she saw the reflection in the water surface, Aristine immediately knew when this was.

Because it was reflecting herself.

This wasn’t something she had experienced so it was definitely the future.

The question was when.

A simple scan outside the window of the scene showed that the tips of the leaves were starting to turn yellow and red.

‘Is it early autumn? I hope this is from this year and not in the distant future.’

In the mirrored surface, Aristine was sitting on the sofa and leaning on someone, almost as if she was lying down.

She was practically being embraced.

Who knew whether to call it expected or surprising, but the other party was her husband.


Seeing this scene, Aristine frowned.

‘Why, why are we so close? And what is this mood?!’

The Aristine, reflected on the water, was lying on the sofa—no, on Tarkan—and looking into his eyes.

Emotions that were hard to describe were flowing from their interlocked eyes, enveloping the two.

‘What is going on!’

Aristine, who had never seen herself and Tarkan from another person’s eyes, was very shocked.

‘Haven’t we just been a business couple for show all this time?’

That was not how it looked to other people, but at the very least, Aristine strongly believed that.

Even though she was always interlocked with Tarkan, she didn’t even realize how much skinship it was.


A low voice rumbled from Tarkan’s lips.

His voice was very…you know…that kind of voice.

‘Why is he calling me by my nickname? And what’s with that voice? What happened!’

What about my freedom!

No matter how she looked at it, it felt like she was being led around the nose and she felt a chill in her spine.

In the mirrored surface, Tarkan’s large hand swept through Aristine’s long hair.

He ran his fingers through her hair several times, then he held her cheek gently.

Their faces were close.

Aristine nervously covered her face with her hands as she looked at the water surface.

Yes, their lips touched today but that was only because she was playing around so it was an accident.

No, you couldn’t even call it touching.

Besides, the mood was definitely not like this.

‘Either I lost my mind, or I am drunk.’

Judging by her face in the mirrored surface, she was obviously not in her right mind. Her face was red, and her eyes were glazed as if she was drunk.

‘Maybe it’s both.’

Aristine felt ashamed when she realized that.

Meanwhile, the eyes of herself and Tarkan reflected on the water surface grew more enthralled.

‘No way? Stop, you can’t!’

As if her inner pleas were heard, voices cut through the air.

[You cannot do this! How dare you!]

[The Princess Consort is resting right now!]

The sound of the court ladies yelling frantically could be heard from outside the room.

Amidst the voices, was the sound of thudding footsteps and the gruff voice of a man burst through.

[Quiet! We are only here to arrest the criminal!]

At the same time, the door was violently flung open. Dozens of soldiers rushed into the room at once.

All armed and disregarding any courtesy.

[What is the matter?]

Tarkan asked, frowning as he sat up lazily.

Aristine had already left his arms while Tarkan ruffled his hair and looked at the soldiers with dissatisfaction.

The soldiers momentarily faltered at the sight of Tarkan.

But it was only for a moment. The man at the forefront stepped forward, looking down at Aristine and shouted.

[Princess Consort Aristine, for daring to assassinate His Majesty, you shall be apprehended!]

[Assassinate His Majesty…?]

Aristine’s face in the mirrored surface was dyed with shock. She wasn’t just shocked at being charged with a crime.

[Don’t tell me His Majesty…]

He passed away?
She couldn’t bring herself to finish her sentence but the Aristine in reality knew what words her future-self had swallowed.

[Don’t even try to act ignorant! You poisoned His Majesty yourself!]

The man shook his finger at her, veins bulging on his man’s forehead.

He looked like he was going to drag Aristine to her knees at any moment.

[How dare you try to frame her?]

Tarkan rose from the sofa, completely blocking Aristine from the man’s sight.

The sight of him staring down at the man was already very intimidating. The man flinched and swallowed but tried to act confident.

[Your Highness Tarkan, please stand aside. We already have solid evidence.]

[Hah, how great must this evidence be for you to be so rude? To my wife, at that.]

As his sharp gold eyes swept over the soldiers, their momentum shrunk.

The man saw his soldiers take a few steps back unconsciously and opened his mouth.

[…We found poison among the Princess Consort’s belongings.]

His voice was much softer than when he flung open the door earlier.

[And does it really belong to my wife? To think you want to apprehend her right away without any verification.]

Tarkan smiled. It was a ferocious smile tinged with murderous intent.

[I-If you keep interfering, we have no choice but you consider you an accomplice!]

[Go ahead then.]

Tarkan gave a twisted smile and spread out his hands.

[What are you doing? Go on and arrest me.]

The man couldn’t bring himself to restrain Tarkan, but he stood in place, not backing down.

Right then, Aristine, who was sitting on the sofa, got up.

[Wait. Has His Majesty really…passed away? Or, was there an attempt to poison him and he’s safe but I have simply been identified as the culprit? I’m just being named as the culprit, right? He must be fine.]

Aristine’s face was filled with desperation.

She was desperately wishing it was the latter. Her attitude was as if she didn’t even care that she was currently being accused of assassinating the king.

Seeing that, the man hesitated for a moment.

Aristine stared at him intensely.

Finally, the man opened his mouth.

[His Majesty…has already departed.]


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