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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 169]

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Are you a gold-digger? (10)

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Tarkan wasn’t even listening to Umiru anymore. She wanted him to share his body temperature with Aristine?

To take off his clothes and hug her bare body, that…

“If Your Highness is not willing to do it, shall I do it?”

Tarkan’s gaze instantly spun to Umiru. Lightning flashed in his golden eyes.

“We are both women anyways. And she needs to be treated.”

Umiru’s long eyes curved into an arc.

After fixing Umiru with a blazing glare, Tarkan opened his mouth, “I will do it.”

His voice was soft.

He untied the leather belt fastened to his waist and it fell to the ground with a thud. The fabric slid, revealing his muscular shoulders and sturdy pectoral muscles.

“Everyone get out.”

The court ladies and Umiru gave a deep bow and quickly left the room.

Once they were alone, Tarkan stared at Aristine visage for a while. Soon, everything he was wearing fell to the floor.

The lazy afternoon sunlight curved around the shape of his muscles, caressing it. His dark hair lay messily along the line that connected his back and shoulder.

His strained but sturdy arms moved towards where Aristine was lying down.

The sound of rustling clothes sounded particularly loud.

When he untied the string of the bathrobe, the front opened almost naturally.

Tarkan’s hand froze in the air.

He forgot to breathe for a moment.

But in the next moment, he pulled the bathrobe off completely. Her fair naked body exposed under the sun ray was dazzling.

Slowly, his large and rough body overlapped with her slender and delicate figure.

As he brought Aristine into his arms, Tarkan couldn’t help but frown.

Her body was bone-chillingly cold.

He wrapped her tightly with the thick blanket and squeezed her tightly underneath.

Her face was right in front of his nose.

It was so close that he could feel her breath.

His eyes were drawn to her long eyelashes, and he could even see her fuzzy hair.

After looking at her face for a while, Tarkan grabbed Aristine’s two hands.

Her body felt like ice, but her fingertips were even colder, which made him frown.

He rubbed her hands and blew hot air onto her cold fingertips. Then her fingers touched his lips.


Tarkan did not move away.

His eyes shifted to her face while his lips remained pressed against Aristine’s fingertips.

Maybe it was just his imagination, but her complexion seemed a little more colorful than before.

He never imagined that he would ever be lying down with someone—a woman—like this.

It felt strange.

Aristine always smiled and drew a line. She pushed him over the line and never permitted him to cross that line.

She never even thought of him crossing the line. Because she didn’t even give him a chance to.

Even though they saw each other every day, ate and drank together, shared stories together. In the end, she treated him like a utter stranger when it counted the most.

But when he was hugging her like this with his whole body…

Watching her gradually warm up as his body temperature transferred to her…

It felt like he was over that line.

Just the two of them alone, hugging tightly under a thick blanket.

* * *

‘Ugh, it’s so hot…this is suffocating.’

Aristine groaned.

It felt like a huge rock was pressing down on her body.

She wriggled her hand to try and push the rock away, then went ‘huh?’ and paused.

‘There’s something soft…hard but soft. It’s hot too…’

Her fingers groped around to figure out what it was.

‘It feels kinda nice? Yeah, it feels nice against my hand.’

It felt strong yet flexible, so she wanted to keep touching it. She began moving her hand a little more aggressively.

‘Oh? Something’s in my hand?’

There was a soft yet hard thing in the middle of the soft rock, and because it was protruding, it rubbed against her palm.

‘What is this?’

Aristine grabbed it with her fingers.

The rock suddenly trembled.

The rock slowly tried to shift away but Aristine smacked the rock. A fleshy sound rang out.

She wanted it to stay still.

‘Hm? Wait, the rock is moving?’

Something was strange.

Come to think of it, wasn’t it strange for a rock to be soft and warm?

The sleepiness that fogged her mind instantly receded.

Aristine’s eyes flew open.

Instead of a rock, Tarkan was in front of her. With his neck and chest bruised red.


She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out.

Seeing her own hand on Tarkan’s chest, Aristine was bewildered.

The thing she was thinking about that felt nice and enjoyable to touch was Tarkan’s…

‘T-Then the protruding thing is—.’

The thing that Aristine’s fingers had squeezed tight. Its identity was very obvious.

‘Oh my God.’



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