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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 318]

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Awwww, my little bwaby (4)

* * *

“Rumors are amazing,” Paellamien remarked as she stepped into the glass greenhouse.

Her nose and ears were tinged red because of the cold weather.

On the other hand, Aristine was busy eating crispy chicken within the warmth of the greenhouse.

Paellamien smiled, “You’re too much. You came back but you didn’t even say hi.”

“Without those amazing rumors that you’re talking about, I would have greeted you happily.”

Aristine replied and Paellamien grinned.

“Why? It’s nice. I’m hearing so much fuss about it. That you’re riding around in a palanquin.”

Aristine sucked her finger with a ‘pop’ and heaved a long sigh, “Honestly, it’s embarrassing.”

Paellamien’s eyes opened wide at those words.

She never thought she would hear the word ‘embarrassing’ come out of Aristine’s mouth. Wasn’t this the same person who said she liked her husband because he was so good at destroying the bed?

Feeling Paellamien’s gaze, Aristine had to explain.

“I mean, there is overdoing things and then, there’s this. Who takes a palanquin to leave their room?”

Even for distances that would take 30 steps at most, she rode a palanquin. And she couldn’t refuse.

It was a royal order.

In other words, a true royal decree.

The King’s declaration that Aristine’s feet must not touch the ground.

The moments this news appeared in the newspaper, Aristine began to think seriously, ‘Should I go back to Silvanus?’.

She had never heard of the Irugoian royal family being guarded over their descendants, so she didn’t understand this overprotectiveness.

“Hmm, if it were me, I think I’d be very embarrassed too…”

Paellamien nodded in understanding.

A court lady took some chicken and placed it on Paellamien’s plate and Paellamien stabbed it with her fork.

It was a purely reflexive action because the person in front of her kept eating, then it was put in front of her.

‘But why fried chicken… I thought she said we’re having snacks.’

Fried chicken was the food of the lower-class. No one liked the smell of fat and grease. Yet, the smell coming from the table was so good that it stimulated her appetite.

Regardless, fried chicken was still fried chicken.

‘I heard her morning sickness was severe. Did it change her taste?’

While thinking that, Paellamien lifted the fork to her mouth.

Since she had come to form an alliance with Aristine, refusing the offered food might make people misunderstand her intentions.

Hence, it couldn’t be helped, and she figured she could just take one bite.

The chicken entered her mouth with a crunch. And Paellamien’s eyes became the size of saucers.

“Wha, What is this?!”

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. No unpleasant greasy smell or anything similar and the salty yet savory taste tantalized her taste buds.

It was like hymns were being sung in her head.

Aristine nodded with satisfaction. Sure enough, fried chicken was the thing.

“It’s delicious, right? My husband made it.”

“Tarkan did?!”

Paellamien’s eyes widened even more than before. Aristine was worried it would tear.

‘Tarkan…made this…’

Paellamien started imagining her brother in an apron and quickly shut her eyes.

Impossible. Anyone who knew Tarkan would find the idea ridiculous.

Paellamien froze her thoughts and brought up the main topic. She had to change the subject. For her own sanity.

“Princess Consort might find the rumors embarrassing, but thanks to them, the Queen’s side is under immense pressure.”

That was only natural.

Not only did Nephther personally meet Aristine at the portal, but he also even urged her to enter the King’s palace.

Paellamien thought back to her conversation with the Queen earlier.

《He wants to give her the king’s palace garden? At this point, he’s practically saying that Tarkan will succeed him!》, the Queen screeched.

《S, Surely, he was just joking. No way…》

《Is His Majesty the type to make such jokes without cause? Saying he’ll give her the king’s palace means she’ll soon become its owner. 》

She wasn’t making a leap; such words were usually said in that sense. And knowing that, Paellamien, who had been trying to appease the queen, had no choice but to remain silent.

《And what? He’s declaring that she shouldn’t touch the ground?》

The queen snorted harshly.

《When I was pregnant with His Majesty’s eldest son, Hamill, he never did such a thing, or even when the other consorts were pregnant. 》

《The situation now must be different from back then.》

《What part of it is different?! Anyone can see his intentions behind such a ridiculous order.》

The queen’s eyes burned with anger.

《He is letting the whole world know that he considers the child in Princess Aristine’s womb an heir!》

The moment the Queen finished speaking, the teacup in her hand shattered.

Paellamien lowered her body and asked her queen in a veiled tone.

《Your Majesty the Queen, there must be a reason why you called me separately in this situation.》

The corners of the queen’s mouth rose at those words.

《Indeed, I like that clever side of you.》

The queen lifted Paellamien’s chin and brought her lips next to Paellamien’s ear.

Paellamien’s eyes shook when she heard what the queen was whispering.

Seeing that, the Queen stared at her and smiled cruelly.

Once her recollection was over, Paellamien faced Aristine with a serious look in her eyes.

“The other day, you said you would give me time to think about it, do you remember?”

“Yes, a lot has happened since then, so your response is a little overdue.”

At Aristine’s response, Paellamien raised her head and looked straight at her.

“I will accept Your Highness, the Princess Consort’s offer.”

Aristine’s eyes narrowed when she heard that.

Could she believe these words?


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  1. Thank you for the stellar translation as always, Miss Ruby.

    Come on, Paellamien, be smart. You should know by now that Nephther likes Aristine for herself. Even if she were to lose her baby through the empress’s schemes, he won’t abandon her. Just look at how he’s treating her like he’s never treated anyone before! So who should you really be siding with? Make the right decision.

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