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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 66]

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We’ll just hold hands and sleep. You trust me, right? (5)

Not long after Tarkan left the room, he spotted the court ladies quite easily.

They were sitting huddled together in one corner of the garden. It seems they had been terribly frightened since they couldn’t even raise their heads.

Tarkan carefully approached them.

《We have to go with this one. His eyes stayed 0.3 seconds longer on this lingerie.》

《0.3 seconds…! Then let’s go with it. 》

《No! When His Highness saw this lingerie, his eyes shook faster! I’m telling you, it was at the speed of sound! 》

《Hk! The speed of sound?! 》

The court ladies were disoriented as their eyes went back and forth between the two pieces of clothing.

They claimed that it was a nightdress—and were having a serious discussion about it—but anyone could tell it was lingerie in their hands.

《What do we do… 》

《They’re both pretty. 》

《Since the colors are different, should we go with a color that suits the Princess best?》

《The Princess is like a fairy so both black and white look good on her.》

《That’s true.》

《They’re all going to light a fire.》

《What should we choose though… 》

Haaaa, the court ladies sighed loudly together.

They mulled over it with agony, looking as if there was no question more difficult in the world.

《Let’s make it the sexy black.》

《The first night should be white!》

《That’s just prejudice!》

《There’s a reason it is tradition! 》

The court ladies began arguing again, acting so serious about the whole thing.

Tarkan was frozen in place and couldn’t bring himself to move.

《She’s already going to wear the white wedding dress! She should show off a different, opposite charm when she takes it off!》

At those words, all the court ladies shut their mouths.

That was indeed the decisive answer.

Since both of them would look good on the Princess, they just have to think of it from the perspective of the person who will see the Princess.

After a brief silence, ‘huhuhuhu’, a burst of strange laughter rippled through them. The court ladies grinned from ear to ear.

《Huhu, His Highness will be very surprised when he sees the Princess wearing this at night after seeing her in that pure-looking wedding dress, right? 》

《You think he’s just going to be surprised? It’s going to get hot!》

《Ahh, I can’t wait till Her Highness wears this to see His Highness Tarkan… 》

《If the Princess wears this and just looks at His Highness Tarkan, it’s game over.》

《I heard that when someone who shows no interest in women is awakened, they are very tenacious. 》

《Oh my gosh!》

《Who knows, we might hear news of a 2nd Highness before the year is over.》 (T/N: 2nd Highness = Pregnancy)

Kekekeke, the court ladies cackled like beads rolling on a tray.

They didn’t look the slightest bit scared by Tarkan’s bloodthirst.

As he watched them, Tarkan somehow couldn’t find it in himself to walk closer to them.


He slowly took a step back.

Even when he stood before the Great Demonic Beast, Murzika, at the age of ten, he did not step back.

But he was backing away when faced with the laughter of these court ladies.

But he didn’t even want to deal with this.

* * *

Tarkan frowned after recalling that scar in his memory.

The black lingerie that the court ladies chose was truly terrible. It was so small that he wondered if it could even cover anything but that was apparently not enough because it was even made of mesh.

And it had a strange string and a strange…

Anyway, it was surprising that something so confusing and bizarre actually existed.

《She should show off a different, opposite charm when she takes it off! 》
《If the Princess wears this… 》
《They look good on her. 》

He didn’t want to remember it, but the words of the court ladies echoed in his head.

And Aristine stood in the midst of that sound.
Wearing a mesh lingerie with black lace and a hanging string.

Tarkan simply couldn’t look down and stared at her face.

However, her slender neckline and fully exposed, fair shoulders fell right into his eyes.

Her lips opened slightly.


And that voice came out.

The moment Tarkan flinched, and his body stiffened, Aristine’s figure disappeared without a trace.

Tarkan looked at the still air and exhaled sharply.

What happened just now wasn’t because he wanted to imagine it.

The words of the court ladies made him keep associating the two so he couldn’t help but think of it.

Tarkan covered his eyes with his hands and rubbed his eyes.

And at that moment,


A voice was carried over to him by the night wind.

Tarkan slowly lowered his hand from his face.

Because he felt like he knew who it was.
He already knew. With that one syllable.

Aristine looked at him and smiled brightly.

After her bath, her skin looked milkier than usual, and her hair was slightly wet.

Red cheeks, wet lips.

And a nightdress.


Fortunately, her nightdress was normal.

The thin pure-white dress didn’t have any exposures, so it didn’t seem to be a dress made for the first night.

He hadn’t seen this dress among the nightdresses that the court ladies brought to him.

Those clothes were as transparent as a dragonfly’s wing and as small as his hand.

The nightdress Aristine was wearing right now looked light and comfortable.

Since it was an ordinary dress, there was no reason for Tarkan to be surprised.


With every step that Aristine took, her white ankles were exposed before being covered by the skirt of her dress.

Her ankles were small with a slightly pinkish hue. They looked smooth.

Tarkan quickly looked up.

Immediately, his eyes met Aristine’s.

Her long hair was unraveled and left to flow. Her silver hair swayed softly in the wind.

The sight of her walking slowly towards him from the end of the hallway overlapped with her figure in the afternoon.

Then too, Aristine walked towards him like this.

Her appearance in this comfortable nightdress and her appearance in her gorgeously decorated wedding gown was very different.

But they were also similar.

Aristine reached in front of Tarkan before he realized it and she looked up at him.

“This is perfect timing.”

She smelled sweet.

The scent was similar to standing in a flower bed inside the garden at night.

“It’s been a long day, hasn’t it? Come on, let’s go to sleep.”

Aristine stretched out her hand to Tarkan.

Under the moonlight’s glow, her hand seemed thinner and weaker than usual.

And that hand touched Tarkan’s wrist.

Maybe it was because she had just taken a bath, but her hand was warm, unlike its coolness during the day.

Tarkan couldn’t refuse or shake her off.

The sensation on his hand was so soft and delicate that it felt like it would disappear if he treated it a little harshly.

She grabbed his hand and dragged him along.
Every step she took seemed as if petals were crushed beneath her feet, giving rise to a blossoming scent.

Tarkan looked at her silver hair which was swimming through the night sky.

It was hard to tell how much time passed.

Clack, Aristine came to stop.

Only then did Tarkan come to his senses.

They were in front of the bridal chamber.



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