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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 138]

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Episode 21: His Preferences (7)

T/N: After thinking about it, I will translate Dionna-nim to Lady Dionna from now on. Someone commented about this and they made a good point.

* * *

“The Princess Consort sent a chocolate fudge and salted caramel latte to His Highness Tarkan.”

“Oh no. His Highness hates sweet things.”

When the court lady said that, Dionna covered her mouth and gave a pitying look.

The court lady, who was currently telling Dionna about the royal couple, was one of the court ladies who originally wanted to Dionna to become the Princess Consort.

Of course, since Tarkan was already married, she considered it a thing of the past. However, she still followed Dionna more than Aristine, the owner of the palace.

“Her Highness doesn’t seem to know even basic things about His Highness Tarkan.”

“I knew it; Lady Dionna should have married His Highness…”

“No one knows His Highness Tarkan better than Lady Dionna.”

As the court ladies spoke, Dionna deliberately made an awkward expression.

“They are already married so such words…for the sake of peace, we should hope that they have a strong relationship.”

The court ladies sighed regretfully.

They all knew about Dionna’s affection for Tarkan.

‘She’s not even searching for her own happiness; she’s only thinking of His Highness Tarkan.’

‘Such a pure and innocent love.’

“But I’m worried that the relationship between His Highness Tarkan and the Princess Consort might get strained because of this.”

Dionna said, looking worried.

“His Highness Tarkan doesn’t touch it simply because he doesn’t like such food but Her Highness might misunderstand.”

This was the first time she, as a wife, did something for her husband. But imagine if her husband didn’t look at it and completely ignored it.

‘Naturally, she will feel upset.’

Tarkan wasn’t someone who was sensitive enough to care about every little thing. Whether Aristine showed that she was upset or not, he would dismiss it as ‘too troublesome’ to deal with.

Eventually, a gap would form and widen till it becomes an irreparable rift.

‘Very good.’

Dionna covered her mouth and smiled, while pretending to be worried about the royal couple’s relationship.

‘I knew it was good idea to use those stupid maids.’

She told them exactly what Tarkan didn’t like but didn’t expect them to go tell Aristine what Tarkan likes.

‘Their intentions are so obvious, after all.’

As a matter of fact, Dionna had been listening to the handmaids’ conversation from the very beginning that day.

It was so ridiculous to hear those things who didn’t even know their place, claim that they were more suitable for Tarkan. But when she thought about it, wasn’t it a great opportunity?

‘I didn’t know how useful those presumptuous idiots would be so I just wanted to see but this is better than I expected.’

“Oh, no need to worry about that, Lady Dionna.”

However, the court lady’s response was strange.

“There’s no need to…worry?”

“Yes, His Highness Tarkan ate all of it.”

“What do you mean…”

Dionna couldn’t understand what the court lady was saying.

“You’re saying His Highness Tarkan ate chocolate fudge and salted caramel latte?”


“And apparently, he left the plate clean.”


Dionna unconsciously muttered and quickly went ‘oops.’

The court ladies here had a lot of goodwill towards Dionna so they felt pity for her but that was it. In reality, they had absolutely no intention of helping with Dionna’s schemes.

The reason they followed Dionna was because Dionna acted thoughtful and considerate.

Dionna’s pretense trembled as she struggled to raise the corner of her lips.

“It would be great if that was true, of course, but it’s hard to believe because I know His Highness’ taste so well.”

“That’s true.”

“We are so surprised when we first heard it too.”

The court ladies agreed and laughed.

But it was hard for Dionna to laugh with them. She covered her face, pretending to fan herself.

‘Don’t tell me His Highness…towards the Princess…’

The thought crossed her mind but she quickly denied it.

‘No, there’s no way.’

《My heart will never change. 》

Tarkan clearly said that.

Right, no matter what happened, Tarkan’s heart would not change. Even though he only saw her once when he was a kid.

He didn’t know who she was, where she was, or how she even grew up.

‘No matter how long I stay by His Highness’ side…’

That ghost of a first love grabbed Tarkan and refused to let go. Sure, Tarkan’s attitude towards Aristine was different from others.

‘But it’s not because he loves her.’

Dionna was certain.

‘After all, His Highness Tarkan can’t let go of his first love that easily.’

Dionna knew that better than anyone else.

Enough to make her miserable and desperate.

There was only one reason why Tarkan was showing a lot of interest in Aristine right now.

The first night.

Dionna couldn’t help but grind her teeth. She tried to ruin that day but failed in the end.

And Tarkan and Aristine spend their first night together and even the bed….

Dionna shut her eyes tight at that awful recollection.

Anyway, the only reason why Tarkan treated Aristine special right now was because of physical desire.

She had once read about this in a book.

People can fall in love with the first taste of pleasure and become obsessed with it.

After seeing that text, Dionna made plans to get Tarkan into bed but met with little success.

Tarkan was not that easy to deal with while paying attention to the gazes around him and the matter of reputation. In the end, time passed, and Tarkan fell for the pleasure of another woman.

‘I’d be a much better match than that slender woman who looks like she doesn’t even have stamina.’

She wanted to show it but the image she had worked so hard to build all this time would crumble instantly.

‘And people will point at me as the mistress who destroyed the couple of the century.’

But she was too anxious to just leave it like that.

But that was when Silvanus handmaids caught her attention.

‘Once he plays around with a few women, he’ll realize the princess is nothing special.’

Heh, Dionna licked her lips and smiled bewitchingly.

Of course, it was heartbreaking for Tarkan to have relationships with other women. But it was better than him mistaking Aristine as something special.

‘It’s okay.’

Dionna mumbled to herself.

In the end, the most important thing was being the very last.



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