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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 296]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (31)

* * *

‘Damn it, damn it!’

Letanasia quickly strode down the hallway. She thought this would be an easy battle.

But what happened in the end?

Even if she ignored Aristine, Tarkan and Launelian were equally annoying.

‘Why are they banding around Aristine so much? What’s so great about her!’

It had been this way since their childhood. Letanasia was always in the background.

Their imperial father’s attention was solely focused on Aristine. Even if she went to see him, he chased her away and shut the door as if her existence was a nuisance.

While the massive door closed in front of Letanasia, Aristine was always behind that door.

‘But Imperial father cherishes me the most now.’

Letanasia clenched her fists.

Even though the emperor’s greed and reluctance to share power had stopped him from naming a successor, the position of next emperor was bound to be hers.

Despite thinking that, Letanasia couldn’t shake her unease.

What would happen if their Imperial father discovered that Aristine possessed the monarch’s sight?

‘No. What he wants is a Monarch’s Sight that he can use as a tool. He’ll consider it shameful that she hid it from him. It might even be seen as betrayal.’

Letanasia knew the emperor’s selfish nature all too well.

“Your Highness, Princess.”

Right at that moment, a voice called her from behind.

Letanasia turned around to see a maid with a lowered head. A handmaid belonging of the emperor’s palace.

‘Damn it, I have nothing to say if I meet with Imperial father right now.’ Letanasia thought, but she controlled her expression.

“His Majesty is looking for you.”

“Oh my, Imperial father is?” Letanasia replied, smiling widely as if she was happy to hear that.

The emperor’s maid bowed her head and began to lead the way. Which meant that he asked her to bring Letanasia right away.

Letanasia’s eyes sank, but she had no choice but to follow.

‘He will definitely want to know how it went with Tarkan and if I stopped his alliance with Brother Launelian…’

And it was obvious how the emperor would react once he heard that she achieved no results.

‘No, that’s not exactly true.’

Letanasia recalled the memory she read when she held Tarkan’s arm earlier.

‘I never thought big sister would be pregnant. With a child of authority at that.’

This was news that would make the emperor spring to his feet. It was good enough to cover up the fact that Letanasia failed today.

‘But is telling him a good idea?’

The emperor’s attention would turn to the child completely. He would do everything in his power to somehow steal the child from Aristine and awaken their powers.

And if the child successfully awakened their power…

‘He might pass the imperial throne to his grandchild, instead of his children.’

Letanasia bit her lips.

She couldn’t decide what to do.

As they walked to the emperor’s palace, various calculations were running through her mind.

By the time she arrived in front of the emperor’s palace, she had made her decision.

‘At the earliest, the child will be born next year, so they are too young to be designated as the successor.’

The emperor didn’t desire a successor with authority. He wanted an existence with power to become his tool and satisfy his ambitions.

‘Yes, this works out perfectly.’

If she told the Emperor that Aristine was pregnant with a child of authority, she would also be recognized for the contribution.

‘Besides, I can just raise that child, no?’

The emperor couldn’t take care of a child all the time. And even if there was a nanny to help, the child would still need someone like a mother.

‘Huhu, that’s right. Aunty will be your mother instead.’

Letanasia’s red lips curled up.

* * *

As soon as the flour-coated chicken was added, the hot oil started to splatter. However, the two men standing in front of the fire were unfazed.

That was because the splashing oil droplets were immediately stopped in the air. Although a golden aura was acting as a shield, the oil didn’t even get to touch it.

As if time had reversed, the floating oil droplets fell back into the large pan.

“You don’t need to work so hard, Brother. My aura is enough.”

“What are you talking about? I should be asking you to work less, brother-in-law. No need to use your aura when I can clean it up with telekinesis.”

Although the two men were frying chicken side by side in a friendly manner, they did not stop competing in secret.

The court ladies, handmaids, and chefs, who were watching from the side exchanged glances.

At first, they were appalled when they saw their noble lords entering the kitchen. But now, it was a familiar sight.

It was also familiar to see these grown men wasting their incredible abilities known as aura and telekinesis to scream “ah, that’s hot” when the oil started splashing.

This was a result of a competition to hand-make the fried chicken that Aristine wanted.

Natalie, the pâtissier who was currently in charge of Aristine’s meals and the recipient of the two men’s envy, had an awkward smile on her face.

‘I think it would be faster if I made the chicken according to the Princess Consort’s description though…’

But she couldn’t bring herself to say it.


The two men cheered once the chicken was done frying. You would think they had conquered the continent, instead of chicken.

“She’ll like it this time, right?”

“We followed the exact recipe. And look at this golden color!”

“Right, Rineh said it should have a golden color. And it looks crunchy to me.”

With racing hearts, the two of them placed the chicken on the parchment paper to drain the oil.

After Letanasia left, Aristine shook Tarkan’s hand and said.

《My baby says they’re hungry.》

Naturally, after hearing that, Tarkan and Launelian ran to make some chicken.

Aristine began to say, “Wait, I wanted to talk about something…” but Tarkan was already burning with a desire to feed his wife & child while Launelian, his sister & nephew.

Both of them were beaming as they put the chicken on the plate.

“I have a good feeling about it”

“I think she’ll like it this time.”

After countless disasters, they could predict their success this time around.

Just as they were looking at each other and smiling proudly…

“This is bad!”

The door burst open, and a court lady ran in.

Since it was a court lady who served Aristine, the faces of the two men instantly darkened.

“What’s going on?”

“The princess consort collapsed!”

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    Like who is you Letanasia??

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    I think Lenasty wants to get jumped. How dare you think you can take our happy couples baby? Your throat wouldn’t survive the jaws of the fandom.😤

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