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FMH [113]

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Episode 17: To someone’s wife (4)

* * *

Monarch’s Sight.

The supreme sight, capable of seeing the past, present and future. But Aristine’s Monarch Sight went one step further.

During her childhood, the emperor constantly abused her in an attempt to make the Monarch’s Sight manifest.

It was useless.

Because Aristine had already gained the Monarch’s Sight at that time.

However, there was one thing that helped to raise her potential.

Aristine was only six years old when she was imprisoned alone, abandoned in the depths of the Imperial palace.

She was too young to know how to survive by herself.

For the survival of both her mind and body, her potential evolved further.

As a result, Aristine was able to see even her previous life. Furthermore, at the moments she desired and of her own will.

‘Maybe it’s because I’ve already experienced it before.’

That was Aristine’s guess.

There was no precedent for her situation, so it was hard to know the exact reason. There were very few moments in history where a wielder of the Monarch’s Sight appeared.

And among those few, Aristine was likely the only one who could see her previous life.

The Emperor confined her in anger because she failed to obtain the Monarch’s Sight. But ironically, because of his abandonment, the Monarch’s Sight grew stronger than anyone before.

‘I’m not thankful at all though.’

Perhaps because she was ‘seeing’ it all through her Monarch’s Sight, even her previous life didn’t evoke vivid emotions.

It was very different from remembering something that had happened in the past.

‘I guess it feels like…seeing a video recording from someone’s eyes and playing back the parts I want?’

Furthermore, her personality in her previous life was nothing like her current one. Aristine particularly didn’t understand her counterpart’s decision to donate her liver to her sick father.

‘It must be because we were raised different environments.’

Still, she felt closer to her than others; was it because that was herself from a previous life? Or was it simply because she had grown up watching the bulk of her past life?

‘What matters is that it helps me a lot right now.’

Her previous life’s father had been battling an illness for a long time, so the medical instruments were familiar to her. In addition, her previous self also watched surgery videos while preparing for the liver transplant.

‘Thanks to that, I have enough data on medical scalpels.’

If she had been reincarnated and only had her memory to go from, it would have never been enough.

‘I might remember seeing a scalpel but probably have no idea what exactly it looks like.’

But it was different for Aristine.

Unlike the past, present, and future visions, with her past life, she could see any scene she wanted, whenever she wanted.

And so, using the water surface, Aristine traced the scalpel images she had seen in surgery videos, hospitals, dramas, and documentaries. As a result, she depicted the different kinds of scalpels quite accurately.

“The handle is long while the blade is short?”

Ritlen asked in wonder while studying the sketch.

“Mhm, that is correct.”

All the scalpels depicted were shaped like daggers.

“Why this shape…”

“To increase accuracy. You don’t really need a wide blade for this, right? Even if you do, you can just use a dagger then.”

Although none of the scalpels that Aristine saw were as wide as a dagger, she added that because she wasn’t that knowledgeable about medicine.

“Accuracy, of course…” (Ritlen)

“Carving knives are also shaped like this. It will be more accurate if you can hold it like a pencil.” (Aristine)

“This is extraordinary, Your Highness,” Ritlen was amazed, “Even after seeing carving knives, no one thought of making medical scalpels like this…”

Aristine felt burdened by his gaze and averted her eyes. After all, these weren’t her inventions.

Furthermore, in a country that already had carving knives that were held like pencils, she didn’t think it was fresh or new to make scalpels in the same manner.

‘If the blacksmiths who made scalpels even thought about it a little, they would have come up with it earlier.’

However, most of them were lacking in skill and made scalpels because they had no other choice when their other items didn’t sell. In addition, being told that they would be held responsible for medical issues after selling the scalpel must have been a headache too.

Naturally, they wouldn’t have the desire or motivation to ponder while making scalpels.

“It was easy to think of this after looking at carving knives. It’s nothing much.” (Aristine)

“No, no. A very simple idea can make a big difference.”

Ritlen’s expression was very serious.

“When a product like this comes out, a lot of people go, ‘why didn’t I think of such a simple thing first?’. But actually, being able to think of it is what’s amazing.”

“Hmm, that is true but…”

Aristine thought such people were amazing too.

However, this type scalpel was not something Aristine came up with but something she got straight from her previous life on earth so the more praise she got, the more embarrassed she felt.

Seeing Aristine’s awkwardness, Ritlen was once again in awe.

‘Her skill is amazing and she’s even humble too…’

Truly, the more he got to know her, the more amazed she got. It felt like an honor just getting to work with her.

《I will make you the best blacksmith on this continent.》


Ritlen’s chest swelled with anticipation.

Back then, he wanted hope and he was overwhelmed by those words because Aristine saved him. By the time he came to his sense, Aristine had already influenced him.

But frankly, it didn’t make sense to say that Aristine, someone who knew nothing about metalworking, would make him, someone who Volatun—the best blacksmith on the continent—had given up on, the best blacksmith on the continent.

But at this moment,

‘It might just become real.’

That thought arose in his mind.

With strong conviction.

* * *

“Hah, my lord. Come this way. I, Brodie, want to serve you tea.”

Tarkan’s golden eyes pierced through Brodie’s face.

Her cheeks flushed red, and her eyes turned hazy like she was in a dream.

A hot breath escaped from her lips but at that moment—.


Brodie was pushed away violently and fell to the floor, unable to withstand Tarkan’s force. She couldn’t get up right away and shrunk back.

As noble young miss, she had never experienced this before. Her arms, her legs, her shoulders. Every single thing hurt. It would definitely become dark bruises.

“L-Lady Brodie!”

The other handmaids were shocked and rushed to her.


Her carefully maintained fair arms were dripping with blood after scrubbing against the floor.

Just when the maids were standing around, not knowing what to do…


The sound of someone casually stepping away rang out.

Tarkan indifferently walked past Brodie who had fallen right in front of him.

“Your Highness…!”

One of the maids called Tarkan, as if to protest.

His golden eyes slowly turned to them.

The maids flinched but they couldn’t even avoid his gaze. Their hearts pounded like crazy and the chill on their back was so cold that they were almost freezing.

Once again, Tarkan’s eyes moved away as indifferently as when he first looked at them.

Step, Step.

With every steady sound, he walked further and further away. He never stopped walking even when the maid called, so their eyes must have met for only a moment.

But to them, that moment felt like an eternity.

Their arms were still covered in goosebumps.

The maids stared at Tarkan’s receding back, not even thinking of swallowing to moisten their dry mouths.

Complete disregard.
Tarkan didn’t even acknowledge them.

The faces of the maids instantly distorted.




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    1. Basically yes. Monarch’s sight allows her to randomly get information about her current world without her choosing. However, her evolved form has the exception of “I can view the entire history of my life before I was ‘Aristine’ as if watching a video” They did allude to this function of her ability back in chapter one they just never clarified it until now.

  1. Thank you for the translation Miss Ruby.
    At the beginning Aristine said that her Monarch sigh was random at best (future events) and now it changed to “able to control at will”? So that would only apply to past events?

    1. Yes what they stated was that Monarch’s Sight is normally a crap shoot. She cannot choose to see the past, the present or the future of her current life. However, here they’ve clarified that she has one exception to that and that’s her “past life” on Earth. She can view the entirety of her life from “before” she was Aristine at will. In chapter one they already made an allusion to this aspect of her ability:
      “Aristine’s mind unlocked its potential to protect herself. She became able to ‘see’ her past life otherwise she would have gone mad.”

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