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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 44]

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Episode 8: Who asked about the lovey-dovey story between the two of you? (1)

T/N: Back to regular schedule 🙂

“Huhu, how do you feel, Princess?”

“I’m over here excited and flustered by all of this. Haa…”

The Irugo court ladies dressed Aristine up while chatting then Aristine spoke with a faint expression.

“I left Silvanus with the intention of getting married more than a month ago anyway. I can’t claim it feels exciting after all this time.”

Aristine’s indifferent reply stimulated the court ladies, and they began to chatter rapidly.

“It should be exciting! Today is your wedding day!”

“Even so, today should feel different!”

“Especially after wearing the wedding dress! Doesn’t your heart flutter just by putting it on?”

“I’ve already tried the dress on before though…” (Aristine)

She had worn it a few times for fitting.

The dress she brought from Silvanus had gotten worn out so it couldn’t be worn again so they had to tailor a new dress for her.

“Wearing it then and wearing it on your wedding day are totally different things!”

“I agree! They’re not the same at all!”

“Is that so…” Aristine mumbled, looking at her reflection in the mirror.

The wedding dress was made using Silvanus silk in the style of a traditional Irugoian wedding dress. The dress that Aristine wore to the official audience with the king that day became the inspiration.

Because it was the perfect dress for a wedding that signified the harmony between both countries.

As it was a royal wedding, it was naturally the talk of the town. The bouquets, decorations, wedding gifts, scale, planning, invited guests, etc.

Among those, the thing that received the most attention was the dress worn by the bride.

The fact that the wedding dress combined the culture of the two countries and wove them together would become a huge symbol.

‘And as the person wearing the dress, I will be branded in people’s minds as a symbol of peace.’

Politics was all about image.

It was very important to imprint a powerful image in people’s subconscious.

‘Plus, there’s a story behind this.’

After all, this was Aristine’s idea, and it would be quite interesting for people to learn that she was ridiculed when it first appeared.

‘This should be quite useful to hold public opinion in the fight for the throne.’

Since she had decided to help Tarkan fight for the throne as a business partner on equal footing, she had to work hard.

‘I want to make Tarkan king as soon as possible and regain my freedom.’

Well, before that, she had to save up a lot of money first.

‘Money that will allow me to play and live however I want for the rest of my life!’

As Aristine studied the dress, the court ladies smiled contentedly. They felt proud because the Princess, who had been indifferent, looked interested.

‘I knew it; this is how a new bride should look.’

‘I wonder how nervous she is.’

‘Huu, even my heart is racing for no reason.’

They could have never imagined that Aristine was thinking about political opinions, the battle for the throne, and even divorce. Sometimes, it was better not to know anything.

While the court ladies continued their work, Aristine looked to the side of the mirror where the Silvanus maids were reflected.

Considering what day it was, the maids didn’t make any trouble and remained quiet today.

If the marriage itself failed, Silvanus, who wanted to buy time, would be in trouble. Nevertheless, there was one reason why they made Aristine dirty despite that and mocked Irugo.

‘Because Irugo is more desperate for the peace agreement than them.’

Irugo had to end the war quickly and secure a peace agreement because they didn’t know when the demonic beasts might attack. So, although they were winning the war, they wanted peace more than Silvanus.

‘My father is truly a crude and a huge coward.’

He was the one who invaded first but when they were pushed back in the war, he proposed a peace treaty and sent his daughter as well.

Despite that, it was ridiculous that he was already thinking of stabbing them in the back and even more cowardly that in the middle of this situation, he was using the other party’s circumstances to ridicule them.

‘When you think of it like that, these maids might be better than the emperor.’

Just as she thought that, Rosalyn and the other maids began to fight.

‘Wait, I thought they were being cautious so that this marriage doesn’t fail?’

The reason they didn’t trouble Aristine was because they were too busy growling at each other. They seemed more annoyed by Rosalyn who was suddenly acting like Aristine’s mouthpiece and retorting to every single thing they said.


Aristine watched them with interest.

This long dress-up session for the wedding was just starting to get boring. Since there was a spectacle to see, of course, she was going to watch. And everyone knew how fun it was to watch a fight. [1]

Although Rosalyn had the toughest personality, the other maids were strong in numbers. Since they were evenly matched, it was naturally exciting.

‘Oh, are they going to grab her hair?’

And so, court ladies were excited for their master’s marriage while Aristine was excited to watch the fight and like that, the dressing up came to an end.


It was hard to find words to say when you were in awe. The court ladies forgot what they wanted to say and stared blankly at Aristine.

Thoughts like ‘she’s pretty’ or ‘she’s beautiful’ weren’t entering their mind. They just stared at Aristine vacantly like they were floating.

Sure enough, watching pretty things made one forget the passage of time.

“Is it all done?”

At Aristine’s words, the court ladies flinched, regained their senses, and hurriedly nodded.

“Yes, yes!”

“Princess, you are really, really beautiful!”

“I think beautiful alone does not cut it.”

“Oh my goodness, it is really an honor to dress you up, Princess…”

If this were not an Irugoian wedding dress, the maids from her homeland would have been the ones to dress the Princess up.

Hearing the sounds of admiration from the court ladies, the maids who were fighting frowned.

“How pretty can she be, come on.”

“Seriously, I don’t know why they’re making so much noise.”

“I mean, the princess’ looks are pretty common in our country, as expected, Irugoians are—”

—Suddenly, the maids who were speaking shut their mouths.



Translator’s Corner.

[1] I saw 2 ladies clawing it out in the market one day and I could not agree more.

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