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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 297]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (32)

When they heard that Aristine had collapsed, everyone in the kitchen immediately froze.

“She fainted?”

“How is her condition? Is she okay?”

The two men strode out of the kitchen, asking questions non-stop.

They were filled with so much urgency that they kept walking faster and faster until they practically ran to Aristine’s room.


Aristine was lying on the bed unconscious.

Her complexion was pale, her lips seemed to have lost color, and her forehead was drenched in cold sweat.

Tarkan felt like his heart was being sliced open when he saw her like this. His trembling hand caressed Aristine’s forehead.

“How is she?”

“There aren’t enough flowers.”

He was asking the handmaid, who was looking after Aristine, but the response came from Launelian.


Only then did Tarkan look around the room. He was so worried about Aristine that he didn’t have time to study their surroundings.

The golden flowers that filled the room were slowly losing their brilliant light. Some of them had already lost their shine and had withered completely.

“They were all vibrant just yesterday…”

“It means the child’s powers have grown that much stronger.”

A fluctuating, unstable power. The stronger the power, the more Chrysea flowers were needed.

The current flowers in the room were unable to withstand the power and were withering.

“…Just like Rineh.”

When the Empress was pregnant with Aristine, Aristine’s power was so strong that all the Chrysea flowers in the garden withered overnight.

Because of this, people began to say that Aristine would be born with the Monarch’s Sight which was said to be the greatest power among all authorities.

As such, the emperor’s expectations were high.


Launelian’s forehead creased.

Aristine had suffered so much because of that expectation. And you can imagine how Aristine was treated after she failed to awaken in the end.

‘The emperor must never find out.’

Of course, even if the emperor found it, he would do everything in his power to stop him.

Unlike his younger self, Launelian had power. The power to overturn the sky.

“As I mentioned before, the Chrysea flowers are necessary to stabilize the condition of Rineh and the baby.”

“So you’re saying there aren’t enough of those flowers.”

At the sight of Tarkan nodding, Launelian narrowed his eyes.

When he told Tarkan that Aristine’s child was born with authority and that he brought them to Silvanus because they needed the Chrysea flower, Tarkan was not particularly surprised.

As if he already knew that direct descendants of the Silvanus royal family are born with abilities or authority.

‘Just how much did Rineh tell him?’

He realized that his younger sister trusted this man very much. And after spending time together, Launelian felt that it wasn’t a bad idea to acknowledge Tarkan.

He was pleased with the man’s competence and discreteness, but the fact that he was willing to become Aristine’s voluntary servant earned him particularly high marks.

‘But still, I can’t hand her over that easily. You know how precious my little sister is?!’

He wanted to test the man at least once.

Right then, Tarkan opened his mouth. “You said the flowers grow in the Chrysea Palace, right? I will go get it for her.”

“Of course, you should get it. My little sister is having such a hard time because of you.”

Tarkan snorted at those words, then he gave a deep smile and said, “Indeed, because I am the baby’s father.”

Launelian’s eyes twitched at those words.

The words ‘It’s my nephew and as his uncle, I will go’ rushed to the tip of his throat, but he swallowed it down with difficulty.

“I won’t help you with anything, so figure it out on your own. I’m sure you can handle that much.”

“Of course.”

Tarkan nodded and stroked Aristine’s cheek. Then he kissed her forehead gently and left her room.

Aristine was already in a bad state so there was no reason to delay.

Launelian watched Tarkan as if he was unhappy, then he sighed and sat down at the head of Aristine’s bed.

“Well, it shouldn’t be a problem. Chrysea Palace doesn’t even have guards usually.”

As far as sneaking into the imperial palace or finding out the location of Chrysea Palace, he figured Tarkan could handle it.


Launelian brushed aside his sister’s sweat-soaked hair and lowered his gaze.

“If you bother Mom too much, Uncle will scold you.” He said, placing his hand on her stomach which didn’t even show signs of pregnancy yet.

“But I’ll forgive you if you look like my little sister. Look more like mommy than that guy, okay?”
Launelian spoke with utmost seriousness and sincerity to the fetus in her stomach.

He stroked Aristine’s hair one more time and stood up.

“Gather all the Chrysea flowers. Bring some holy water too. We need to improve her condition until the baby’s father can bring the flowers.”

Even though he mentioned using precious holy water, no one was surprised.

As everyone bowed and began to move quickly, Launelian also left the room.

* * *

Sneaking into the Imperial palace was easy.

Not because the security in the Silvanus Imperial Palace was lax, but because Tarkan was too great. This was someone who had defeated two great demonic beasts. And alone at that.

As a solitary force, it would be hard to find anyone on the continent who could surpass Tarkan.

‘…Launelian’s influence is in every corner of the imperial palace.’

Tarkan was amazed as he blended into the shadows of the imperial palace wall.

He had already seen several instances of Launelian’s people—people he’d seen in Launelian’s mansion—exchanging signals of some kind, with servants, maids, and even knights.

Although Launelian returned to the capital with great support, planting a foothold in the imperial palace was another matter.

This was especially true considering that it had been less than a year since he returned.

‘What an incredibly resourceful man.’

There was a good reason why the emperor was unable to immediately suppress Launelian even though he was under pressure of a rebellion.

‘Chrysea Palace.’

Tarkan recalled the golden flowers blooming in the room.

Ordinary people might not be able to feel it, but his sharp senses could feel the special power contained in those flowers. And that was why he snuck into the imperial palace before getting any information.

‘No need to waste time.’
With a silent jump and a few steps, Tarkan reached the top of the spire.

‘This should be enough.’

Although this was not the exact center of the imperial palace, it was close enough.

Tarkan closed his eyes and focused, dispersing his aura into the air.

A very thin wave of aura, even thinner than fog, so much so that it cannot be seen or felt. This kind of aura couldn’t attack or defend. But it was perfect for searching.

People usually thought that it was the hardest thing to emit an aura so strong that it was visible but in reality, it required even more mental power to continuously spread out an aura so faint and even, that no one could notice it.

Beads of sweat formed on Tarkan’s forehead as he concentrated with his eyes closed.

The imperial palace was large enough to fit a village.

He deliberately went to the center, but even when his aura covered 60% of the imperial palace, he hadn’t felt the power of the chrysea flower.

‘I’m using more aura than I expected.’

Even though it was thinly spread, it was still a very wide area. If this was anyone else, their aura would have been depleted long ago.

Frankly, this brainless method of covering the entire palace with aura to sense the power of the Chrysea flower was only possible because it was Tarkan.

Right at that moment.


Tarkan opened his eyes.

‘Found it.’

But something was strange.

‘Why is the security so tight?’

Even though it was an important palace, no one had lived there for nearly 20 years. After all, no one really wanted the Chrysea flower. It was said to be useless anywhere else.

‘…And these auras and manas that I’m sensing means that they are skilled knights and magicians even.’

It was a quite significant force.

Although most of his aura was spent on the search, Tarkan leapt down without hesitation.

When he thought of his wife who was lying there, pale, he felt like he couldn’t even spare a minute.

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  1. Uuuugh and just when o was thinking better of the brother. My dude rhis is not a time foe your bigger d*ck fight nonscense. Also after all those chapters having us thing she disnt know only to.suddenly pop up with “the B did find out”…..not cool author not cool. Here i was thinking things were safe and then nope uuugh

    1. Well, all it means is that this face off will be a lot shorter. That awful Emperor and sister have nothing on Tarkan and Launelian. And you can bet that they will guess how the Emperor found out.
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      While it was nice and tense until now, I’m actually happy to see things moving again. As long as Aristine gets the flowers and can use Monarch’s Sight, Silvanus will get one huge shake-up. After all, Letanasia didn’t see that part.
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