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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 286]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (21)

T/N: Posting from my phone. If it looks janky, let me know 😩

* * *

“Princess Consort, I’ve kept you waiting.”

Despite the talk of a long wait, the pâtissier returned within 30 minutes of leaving the room.

She hadn’t been idling around when the other chefs were busy cooking. She had already finished the dough and even laid out the paper towels, so she only had to finish the baking.

When he saw what was on the plate, Launelian raised a brow.

“Scones? Such an ordinary thing…”

“It doesn’t look very nutritious.”

Tarkan chipped from beside him.

However, the complaints from the two immediately died out once Aristine did not gag.

Their faces began to brighten with anticipation that it might work. They were jealous of Aristine’s favored pâtissier, but in the end, the most important thing was that Aristine was eating something.

“But she ate scones the other day and spat them out…”

Launelian spoke worriedly.

She complained that the scones felt undercooked and tasted like flour. Launelian scolded the pâtissier, and when he saw how aggrieved the pâtissier looked, he tasted it himself.

The scones tasted fine.

What if the same thing happened again? While he was frowning, Aristine was staring at the scone and raised her fork.

The smell of butter was already appetizing.

Scones were Aristine’s favorite snack after eating them on the day she arrived at Tarkan’s palace. Just remembering how delicious they were back then made her appetite return.

Aristine spread clotted cream and jam on the scone and put it in her mouth.

Tarkan, Launelian, and of course, the court ladies and handmaids, all swallowed in trepidation as they watched.

They were all praying the same thing.

‘Please let her like it…’

Aristine’s eyes widened as she chewed.

The scone was savory, and the slightly salty taste whet her appetite. The sour black currant jam and the soft clotted cream created a perfect harmony.

The moment she swallowed, her empty stomach clamored for more. As if it was complaining to her for only giving it food now after it refused all the others.

Aristine quickly spread jam on another piece of scone.

Upon seeing that, everyone’s face brightened with relief.

“Hmm, well…not bad.”

“Yes, I did good bringing the chef.”

Tarkan subtly praised himself for bringing the pâtissier.

However, Aristine’s eyes were fixed on the pâtissier.

“Thank you so much. I’m saved thanks to you.”

“I am happy to make something that Your Highness can eat.”

“You’re my savior. You gave my joy when I was in Irugo, and you came to Silvanus and saved me.”

“Princess Consort…”

The pâtissier felt touched and her eyes watered.

Aristine took her hand, “What’s your name?”

“It’s Natalie.”

“Even your name is pretty,” Aristine smiled.

Natalie’s face turned red.

‘Wait, what’s with this mood? Even I haven’t heard anything about being a savior or what not.’

‘Why are you blushing at my wife?!’

The eyes of the two men burned with jealousy.

“I have to say, I don’t think scones are very suitable as a meal.”

“Yes, it’s a lump of flour, sugar and butter.”

They grumbled one after the other like they were in cahoots.

“Um, I baked the scones with dough because I was afraid the Princess Consort might be hungry but please wait a little bit. I will bring something that suits your tastes.”

Natalie bowed and hurriedly left the room.

The two men quickly turned to Aristine.

“R-Rineh, are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere? Should I give you a massage?”

“I’m good.”

“Do you want to lean on me? You must be tired, right?”

Tarkan stuck out his gaze.

But the only response he got was a sharp glare from Aristine.


“Calling it a lump of flour, sugar, and butter is an insult to the scone.”

Tarkan was taken aback by his wife’s words.

“Apologize to the scone.”

“I’m sorry…”

However, he did as he was told and apologized to the scone. A part of him wondered if he was worse than a scone to his wife. However, the most important thing on his mind was to not upset his pregnant wife.

Launelian looked pitifully at Tarkan, who had become a comrade at some point, and changed the topic.

“Isn’t there anything else that you’d like to eat?”

“R, Right. I heard it’s common to crave certain foods when you’re pregnant.”

Their eyes seemed to be telling her ‘tell us anything’ and at that, Aristine carefully opened her mouth.

Honestly, there were some foods she’d been wanting to eat. But she couldn’t talk about them because they were hard to obtain.

But since she kept getting so exhausted from the morning sickness…

“Well, actually…there is something I really want to eat.”

“What is it?”

“Just say the word!”

The eyes of the two men shone.

Finally, they had a chance to beat the pâtissier.

Even if Aristine said she wanted to eat the nectar of the sea or the fruits of the sky, they would get it for her, no matter what.

They were ready to face anything.

Soon enough, Aristine’s lips parted.

“I want to eat chicken.”*



Translator’s Corner:

*I hope she’s not asking for wings LMAO. Actually, wings sound kinda good right now…

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