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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 288]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (23)

* * *

“I’ve kept you waiting, Princess Consort!”

“Your Highness, I’ve brought you fried chicken!”

The Irugo and Silvanus chefs rushed into the room one after the other.

Aristine’s heart pounded as she watched them bring out the trolley.

She couldn’t see the chicken’s beautiful glaze because it was covered by a cloche, but that made her look forward to it even more.

As a matter of fact, she has never eaten fried chicken since she was born in this world.

When she was imprisoned, even such foods were a luxury, and when she got to Irugo, she ate a lot of chicken dishes, but there was never any fried chicken.

‘I wonder how it tastes…!’

Chicken was her favorite food in her previous life. Whether she was happy or stressed, chicken and beer was that food.

So even though she had never actually tasted it, or rather, because of that, chicken was the best food in Aristine’s mind.

‘Imagine how delicious it must be to eat it like that.’

Aristine was trapped by herself for over 10 years. She soothed her loneliness by looking at the present, past, and future of other people that she happened to see and mulling over them.

But it was to endure those times alone with just that.

So she spent most of her time looking at her past life. Because she could view her past life whenever she wanted.

And in her past life, there was one constant in every situation. Whether the weather was hot or cold, or her mood was happy, or sad, chicken was always there.

In other words, Aristine had practically been watching someone else eat fried chicken her entire life, and now, she was finally able to have it herself.

‘Lord Chicken…!’ [1]

Aristine opened the cloche herself, inwardly shouting the same words that her previous self always yelled when she saw friend chicken.

And then.


The sudden waft of a fishy chicken smell made Aristine cover her mouth.

Not only did it stink of chicken, but it also smelled like oil.

It was completely different than she had imagined.

‘My past self really thought this was delicious?’

It wasn’t just because she was suffering from morning sickness that it felt disgusting.

Tarkan and the court ladies had taken great care to feed Aristine with constant delicacies so naturally, she had come to enjoy gourmet food.

Which is why she knew.

That this wouldn’t taste good even if she wasn’t pregnant.

“P, Princess Consort, are you okay?” The Irugoian chef asked in shock.

“Are you blind?”

Launelian replied angrily and picked up the cloche that Aristine dropped and covered the plate.

Aristine caught her breath. Once the smell disappeared, her churning stomach relaxed.

“Here, drink water.”

After she drank the water that Tarkan offered and calmed down a little, the Silvanus chef asked carefully.

“Um, Princess Consort, did you lose your appetite?”

Aristine shook her head at the chef’s worried tone.

She smiled faintly and opened the cloche of the plate that he brought.

“I’m okay. Let me give it a try…Uuk—!”

And as soon as she opened it, she slammed it shut.

Tarkan and Launelian’s eyes turned sharpened as they watched Aristine try to catch her breath.

“How in the world did you come up with this?”

“How can you not even make what Rineh wants to eat properly!”

The chefs trembled at their cutting anger.

“We, we only made it because Her Highness said she wanted to eat fried chicken…”

“We followed the standard procedure as closely as possible.”

However, there was no way their pleas of unfairness would get through to the two men.

“Are you saying you should be praised for that?”

“Everyone knows a pregnant woman’s taste changes every minute.”

“You should have brought it out the exact moment my wife wanted to eat it!”

“It’s been an hour since my sister said she wanted to eat chicken.”

“One hour is enough for her taste to change 276 times.”

The two people who never got along before were playing along so well like they were in sync.

The chefs couldn’t help but tremble.

Even though nothing they were saying was making sense, when the two strikingly handsome men scolded them in such a confident manner, they started to feel like it was their fault.

“I will fix it!”

“I will prepare everything in one minute!”

They answered like that but they knew it was nonsense.

But upon hearing that, the two men huffed and folded their arms.


“I’ll let it go this once.”

Looking at this, the chefs unconsciously thought, ‘Should I quit…’

Right then, Aristine, who was regulating her breathing, mumbled.

“No, it can’t be right…”

“Hm? What’s not right?”

“What do you mean?”

Launelian and Tarkan responded quickly.

Aristine shook her head.

“I’m saying this cannot be right.”

At those words, the eyes of chefs shook with emotion. They couldn’t even make a peep at the unfair demands of their overlords.

But their Princes Consort, their Royal Highness, was pointing out the unfairness of it all even while she herself was having a hard time!

‘I knew it, I’ll resign from the princess and follow the princess…’

Just as they were feeling incredibly touched and clasping their hands together…

“This is not my Lord Chicken!”

Aristine screamed.



“Lord chicken…?”

People looked at Aristine in confusion.

“The fried chicken I know is not like this! The color, shape, smell; everything is completely different!”

Calling something like this fried chicken was an insult to the Lord Chicken!

Aristine was furious.

This was a sacred war.



Translator’s Corner:

[1] When I googled, 치느님(Lord Chicken), this is what I saw LMAO

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