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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 80]

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Episode 12: Dionna, hang in there! (1)

T/N: Posting when I can 🙂

* * *

The tart was baked with finely ground sweet and ripe persimmon, and with one glance, you could see it was fresh and enticing.

Aristine was thrilled as she looked at the tart.

She quickly took a bite with her fork, and the perfect blend of the savory almond cream and cream made with persimmon made her unconsciously close her eyes.

The golden tart was so crispy, and the buttery flavor was so rich!

She felt deeply moved.

The pâtissier at this palace was not only good at making scones, but his other stuff was amazing. When she divorces Tarkan later, the person she would miss the most would be this pâtissier whose face she has never seen.

Aristine saw that Dionna wasn’t even thinking of touching the tart, so she recommended it.

“Dionna, have a bite. The pâtissier here is really skilled, so everything is delicious.”

With something this delicious, she didn’t mind being a salesperson.

“…The pâtissier?”

Dionna asked, feeling a little reluctant.

Tarkan did not enjoy these kinds of desserts. He had never seeked them out first and even when it was served with tea, it was rare for him to touch them.

Hence, the pâtissier in Tarkan’s palace was only so-so in terms of skill.

Outside, they might be highly regarded but in the royal palace, their skill was definitely low.

But for the princess to say they were really skilled.

‘It seems after living in confinement, her taste buds aren’t that accurate.’

She inwardly ridiculed the princess but then, she suddenly remembered something Mukali had casually mentioned.

《 I think Milord is planning to use scones as battle rations.》(Mukali)

《 Scones?》(Dionna)

《 Yeah. He suddenly asked us to recruit a pâtissier good at making scones. He even said the cost doesn’t matter and it doesn’t matter if they belong to another palace.》

《 But if you get a pâtissier from another palace, there will be conflict…》

《 I’m sure Jacquelin with handle that. That guy is smart. If my lord wants it, we will do it.》

Back then, she only thought it was absurd to make scones battle rations. But now, she had a bad feeling.

《 Young Miss, did you hear? Princess Yenikarina fired her pâtissier.》

《 Really? I thought that pâtissier was her favorite. She showed them off a lot too.》

《 Well, I am not too sure on the details…but everyone is making a fuss trying to recruit that pâtissier.》

《 That’s because one of the reasons Princess Yenikarina’s tea parties are so popular is because of the desserts.》

The contents of that chat with her maid flashed through Dionna’s mind. When she heard it, she didn’t think much of it.

The maids would always talk about their gossip with the maids of other families while combing Dionna’s hair.

So, she didn’t really take notice of it…

If she had to pick the best pâtissier in the royal palace, it was undoubtedly Yenikarina’s pâtissier. Naturally, the scones they made would be the best.

“Dionna? Do you not like tarts perhaps?”

Aristine asked Dionna, who didn’t seem to have any intention of touching the tart.

“Ah, that’s not it.”

Dionna was taken aback and shook her head. She was lost in thought for too long.

“Since Your Highness is speaking so favorably about it, I’m looking forward to it. Let me have a taste.”

Just when Dionna said that and picked up her fork…

“Oh no. I am so tactless.”

Aristine sighed, blaming herself, “You don’t have to eat it, Dionna. I’m sorry.”

Dionna was dazed by the sudden apology.

‘Why is she doing this?’

Even after digging through their entire conversations, she couldn’t see any reason for Aristine to apologize.

‘Oh, is she trying to make me look bad in front of His Highness Tarkan?’

Her Highness the Princess made a kind suggestion, but Dionna didn’t seem to like it, so Her Highness was made to apologize.

‘—or something like that. Is she trying to weave that kind of story? How cunning.’

Dionna lowered her eyes with a soft smile on her face.

Unlike the princess who was almost always expressionless, Dionna was a master of managing her facial expression and image.

‘Allow me to teach you that you are not my opponent.’

“Please take back your apology, Your Highness. I was just so moved by Your Highness’ kindness that I was rendered speechless for a while.”

Dionna’s voice was as sweet as honey.

“But for you to apologize…have I perhaps upset you, Your Highness?”

She asked while looking into Aristine’s eyes and deliberately acted anxious.

This made Dionna notice that Aristine didn’t respond quickly after she spoke.

Dionna huffed in satisfaction and gave a smile.

The princess was someone who couldn’t even manage her image properly so unsurprisingly, she looked obviously taken aback by Dionna’s words.

‘I’m not surprised. She probably never thought I would counterattack this way. Should have known better than to dare attack me.’

“Hm? Why would you upset me? It’s not that but—.”

Seeing Aristine denying it while glancing at Tarkan, Dionna inwardly broke out in a huge sneer.

‘So utterly clumsy.’

She wondered what excuse the princess would give. No matter what excuse she gave, Dionna was confident that she could crush it to pieces.

Soon enough, Aristine spat out the remainder of her sentence.

“I know you’re not feeling well.”


Those words were completely unexpected. Dionna couldn’t understand what in the world Aristine was talking about.

“Your stomach…um, your bowel movements aren’t the best…”

“Bowel movements?”

“Mn, if you have that illness, this kind of food isn’t good. You weren’t eating on purpose but because I suggested that you eat…”

Aristine was certainly speaking in the official language of the continent, but Dionna simply couldn’t grasp what she meant.

“It must be embarrassing, right? I didn’t even know, and I tactlessly suggested it a second time…”

Aristine looked at Dionna with pitying eyes. Her gaze truly looked apologetic.

“Were you alright last time? You went to the restroom in such a hurry…”

Were you able to have a pleasant and refreshing discharge?

Aristine’s eyes were asking that.

Dionna’s mouth fell open.

It can’t be, no way—.

‘Is she saying I’m constipated?!’

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  2. Omg. I’m screaming. imagine being asked this question in front of your crush 😆 i bet you’d want the ground to swallow you whole.

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