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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 19

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A fiancée with a business addiction; will this marriage be okay? (10)

That is precisely why the King favored Yenikarina.

When Yenikarina learned that the King had issues with his wrist, she would implore the King to give her food whenever the servants served something that was difficult to eat, just like today.

And then Nephther would act like he couldn’t win against his daughter and hand the food over to her.

This was to mask it from people’s prying eyes.

Of course, there were times where the King was feeling picky about his food and simply didn’t eat it. Even if he liked the food, there might be times when he didn’t want to eat it.

But what if it was always that way?

Naturally, there would be all sorts of rumors going around about him.

Especially since Jiggle jelly was a traditional dessert of Irugo and it was usually served as dessert or refreshments after a meal.

Every action of the King was given meaning, no matter how trivial the action may be.

When Nephther’s symptoms emerged, the war between Irugo and Silvanus was at its peak. Spies were hidden all over the place so there was no way he could announce that he was having health issues.

‘Plus I’m sure he didn’t want to break the balance in the battle for the throne.’

Although he never made a direct declaration, the King never hid his favor for Tarkan.

The reason Tarkan was able to compete with the Queen’s son, Hamill, despite the significant difference in their foundations, was because the King’s intentions were obvious.

The nobles on Hamill’s side were unable to make extreme decisions because the King was alive and well and he cherished Tarkan.

Wrist pain was a minor illness that did not affect life. However, if rumors spread that the King had health issues, the battle in the fight for succession would be disrupted.

And it was this point that Yenikarina could use to benefit her brother, Hamill.

However, she did not tell anyone about it.

Neither her mother, the Queen, nor her biological brother whom she loved and cared about so much.

She simply feigned ignorance and behaved as if she was just acting cute to her father but whenever Nephther encountered something that was difficult for him to eat, she ate it in his place.

Yenikarina was the most beloved princess in Irugo.

The most common local gossip was that the King was eventually melted by the princess’s charms.

The most beloved daughter of the one who ruled over these vast plains.

That sort of modifier was attached to Yenikarina’s name. And that soon became beneficial to Hamill as well.

Gaining the King’s favor provided aid to Hamill politically and it even elevated his position externally.

‘She did a wonderful job, really. I even want to applaud.’

Aristine looked at Yenikarina and smiled.

Yenikarina returned the smile but unlike the first time they met, her smile was stiff.

‘But it will be bad if she grows careless because she thinks everything has fallen into her hands.’

After eating all seven jellies and rinsing his mouth with tea, Nephther finally opened his mouth to speak.

“I am really pleased to have made the decision for this marriage.”

He muttered softly but everyone in the room pricked up their ears to listen. Even the court ladies who were waiting on them.

“This tea-time has been quite enjoyable thanks to the Princess, so I shall return the favor as well.”

His satisfied gaze turned to Aristine.

“Rineh, is there anything you want?”

The King called Aristine by her nickname.
Like he was calling one of his own daughters.

Everyone was surprised but Aristine was the most surprised.

Her eyes reminiscent of the dawning sky shone brilliantly and as bright as the dawning of the day.

When she saw that expression, Yenikarina ground her teeth.

‘Why…! How did it turn out like this!’

The only reason she asked for Aristine’s audience to be granted was so that she could embarrass her in front of her royal father.

She thought that would be very easy and didn’t expect any bumps in the road. After all, there were those rumors about Aristine, and she had even witnessed it herself.

Three people had even come to support her thanks to her mother.

They were here to compare Yenikarina and Aristine with each other while elevating Yenikarina. And in the process, tear down Tarkan for his half-witted wife.

However, what was the outcome?

They lowered their favor with the King and Aristine was the one who won favor instead.

Soon enough, Aristine’s lips parted.

“Your Majesty, do you think I did that because there was something I wanted?”

At her tone which seemed sad, Nephther raised a brow.

“You mean to say that is that not the case?”


Aristine said boldly.

“You are exactly right. There is something I want.”

At those words, Nephther’s blue eyes widened in surprise.

No one had ever said something like that to the King.

Not even the Queen who had been with him since he was a crown prince, or his most beloved concubines or his children who inherited his blood, or his trusted servants and warrior.

Who would dare say to the King: I was nice to you because I wanted something from you.

It was an impudent statement.

But that was why it drew his interest.

Other people wouldn’t even dare to say those words but in fact, he could tell that is what they were thinking.

“And what might that be?”

The King was only talking about a reward for the entertaining tea-time.

If Aristine were to bring up something excessive here, it would be the same as exposing her baseline.[1]

And Aristine…

“To wash away the stigma that Irugo is a country of barbarians.”

Far surpassed his expectations.

The tiny stone that Aristine threw caused a ripple in that tranquil lake. The circle skimming the water surface grew bigger and bigger, and by the time it reached the water’s edge, it turned into a wave.

Those words were something no one expected.

Today, Aristine had befuddled and surprised many people. But none of that could compare to her statement just now.

‘See, I said so, didn’t I?’

Aristine was pleased by the sight of Tarkan looking at her with agitation.

‘That I will prove my ability before I sit at the negotiation table.’

She had been crouching for a long time and now, for the first time, she was standing up and stretching her feet.

‘Because what I have is worthy enough for you to stamp your seal on the contract before reading the terms.’

Aristine smiled softly at Tarkan who was staring straight at her.

Her face glistened under the ray of the afternoon sun.



Translator’s Corner:

[1] It says, ‘it would be the same as exposing her bottom’. I’m not too certain about what ‘bottom’ is supposed to mean here. I think it can mean her depth or her bottom line.

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  1. Thank you so much for the chapters!!! I accidentally found these when I was supposed to sleep tho 😳🥺 haha but it’s too good to miss!

  2. I think ‘exposing her bottom’ means something like revealing her low point; how low she can go to achieve what she wants or something.
    Anyways, thanks for the chapter!

  3. Just a random thought. Her name sounds like “Renee”. I thought it was based on the spanish Renée but g00gle says the better known french version Renee means reborn. Perfect for the MC.

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