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If you saw my website recently, it either showed 404 or nothing at all. Having a lot of issues and i’m trying to fix them. So there won’t be any chapters for the time being (I’m hoping this will all be sorted out by the weekend)

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Alright guys, we’re going to have to take a rain check. The baby crash landed on my computer so it’s cracked. I’ll see how fast I can repair the screen. In the meantime, I’ll try to borrow a pc. I should really start to have a pile stacked up in case of things like this.


Since there are still 2 chs left for this week, I’ll do 5 chs next week.

Schedule Update


So I think I can handle it, I will put out an actual schedule for releases. I can promise 3 releases per week (for Lucia) with the week starting Monday and ending Sunday. Schedule’s official start date will be May 25th, 2018. There are no specific days when the chapter will come so it is possible for you guys to get all 3 in one day.

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