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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 322

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Awwww, my little bwaby (8)


At the Queen’s call, Yenikarina relaxed her face and controlled her expression.

“Haven’t they already taken all the pictures you want? There’s no point taking more. Let’s hurry up and…”

The queen’s soothing words for her daughter came to a stop.

Because Aristine’s carriage stopped, and a man alighted from within.

“Your Majesty?!”

“His Majesty is the Princess Consort’s partner?”

“Ah, so that’s why Her Majesty earlier was…”

The queen’s face turned bright red.

It was not of her own will that she did not come with Nephther today.

The Queen was furious that he was throwing a grand banquet for Aristine today.

She thought that in order to appease her, at the very least, he would make her his partner rather than another consort.

But no matter how long she waited, Nephther never came to find her.


Nephther politely extended his hand toward the inside of the carriage.

A fair, white hand was placed on top of his hand.

Soon enough, Aristine’s face was revealed.

‘It’s not another consort but the Princess Consort of all people…!’

Her appearance as she stepped down, escorted by Nephther, was as beautiful as a moon goddess.

The reporters were busy pressing their shutters and moving their pens.

This was already an explosive scoop.

Aristine, who got off while holding Nephther’s hand, smiled mischievously.

Then she turned around and held out her hand towards the carriage.

As if she was escorting a Lady.

A strong, muscled hand pressed onto her soft hand.

It was Tarkan.

The reporters couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

They were already in the middle of ripping out their notes and handing them to the messengers. They quickly grabbed back the torn paper and started adding something to them.

The photographers’ fingers were the busiest in all of this.

Aristine strode forward, bathed in the blinding flashes of light.

The sight of her climbing the red stairs with the two men by her side, made the hearts of those watching flutter.

The young noble misses who had delayed their entrance to wait for the royal family, watched this scene with dreamy eyes.

Yenikarina tearfully looked up at her mother, only to flinch in shock and her body stiffened.

The queen’s eyes, glaring at Aristine, were flashing murderously like a snake.

* * *

From the outset, today’s party was held with Aristine as protagonist.

Furthermore, the king had personally escorted her.

In this situation, it was clear which side anyone should align with.

“Hoho, it seems Your Majesty really treasures the Princess Consort.”

“How can I not treasure her? She’s already giving me a grandchild.”

Nephther turned to Aristine with a big smile.

The nobles laughed with him but also exchanged surprised glances.

Nephther had seven children.

However, this was the first time they had seen him so pleased with news of a pregnancy.

After all, before he was a father, he was a king and a seasoned politician.

‘I thought today’s party was also a political move…’

To show that child that Aristine was carrying would be treated as a royal heir.

They thought today’s occasion was simply to make that clear. And he even escorted Aristine for that reason.

‘I mean, there’s certainly no way he took action without calculating the political impact but…’

The nobles gazed at Nephther with a complicated look in their eyes.

He was chatting with Aristine for a bit then he began talking softly towards her stomach.

Honestly, it was scary.

Yes, it was natural to see a grandfather act like this with their first grandchild, but when it was Nephther doing it, they felt goosebumps rising on their back.

‘He actually looks like he’s dying of cuteness…’

‘Even if you remove all the politics, honey is dripping from his eyes…’

‘He looks like the corner of his mouth will never go down…’

The nobles could not believe what they were seeing.

Then, they heard something even more unbelievable.

“Chuchuchu, my little bwaby!”




The area around Nephther fell silent.

Honestly, Nephther was the one feeling the most embarrassment.

As he held his daughter-in-law’s hand and listened to her talk, he became excited without realizing it and began to act the same way he did when he was alone with Aristine.

That’s right.

Nephther’s routine these days was to sit his pregnant daughter-in-law down and do baby talk.

“Hmm, that reminds me, the international situation has gotten quite diverse. Especially with the changes happening in Silvanus.”

Nephther’s face was solemn as he spoke.

His voice was so dignified that it made you wonder whether he was the one who just uttered such babbles.

‘Right, of course, we must have heard wrong.’

‘Right. ‘chuchuchu, my little bwaby’? Even grandpas who love their grandchild too much don’t say things like that.’

‘Hm, maybe I should get tested for hearing problems.’

The nobles denied reality.

And so, they began an in-depth discussion about international relations with Nephther, who had returned to normal(?).

* * *

“I assume you’re ready.”

“Please do not worry, Your Majesty the Queen.”

“Indeed, there must be no mistakes.”

Seeing the queen’s eyes shining coldly, Marten felt himself swallow dryly.

Her eyes looked even crueler than when she gave him this task, and her mood was absolutely foul.

“My work will make it impossible for her to even lift her face anywhere.”

Her anger that was directed at Tarkan was now directed at Aristine.

‘If it wasn’t for that wench, Hamill would have become king just like that…!’

Because she couldn’t help but think this way.

‘Her expression’s not just bad, she looks like she actually wants to kill someone…’ Marten thought to himself and scratched the back of his neck.

But no matter how much she wanted to kill Aristine, it was impossible.

Military power was in Tarkan’s hands, and Tarkan himself possessed a power comparable to a hundred, no, a thousand-man force.

It was impossible to kill Tarkan, let alone Aristine, whom he was protecting.

Besides, didn’t they already failed to kill Tarkan in the Demonic Plains?

‘This is good. With the princess consort’s face, it’ll be a waste to kill her.’

Marten smiled, then he whispered to her queen.

“Won’t it be fun to watch her lose it all and sink to the bottom?”

At those words, the Queen’s expression relaxed.

“You’re right. Then I assume you know what to do.”

“Yes, I will not disappoint you,” Martin bowed his head, replying in a furtive tone.

“But, Your Majesty the Queen. About what you promised me if this is successful… I hope you don’t plan on killing the princess when she’s at rock bottom.”

The queen laughed coldly at those words.

It’s not that she hadn’t thought about killing Aristine after Aristine was abandoned by Tarkan and Nephther.


“No need for concern. I think it will also be more fun for me if that wench ends up in your hands.”

Marten’s lips curved deeply at those words.

“Then, please look forward to it.”

With those words, Marten began to move.


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11 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 322”

  1. Are they going to put scandal that Aristine child is not tarkan’s baby..but Martens child?but Marten has no trait’s of what Aristines like for a man..

    The mascular chest?
    And Beautiful hair?🤔🤔

  2. Thank you so much for these chapters. They were a delight to read.

    It kind of baffles me how the queen and her minions have seen all of this prepared for Aristine, yet they think such a shallow trick would turn the two doting men against her. Are they that much in denial of reality? Even if everyone else believed the ploy, that would just make the two men more protective of her, no? At most, Aristine would have to withdraw from high society for a while (not that she was particularly active in it anyway). But them abandoning her would be out of the question.

    Plus, both Tarkan and Nephther are not idiots. They’d know of the truth, and thus not abandon Aristine. Not to mention, the exact timing of the conception was publicized along with photos of the broken tent, thanks to the zeal of Aristine’s court ladies. It would take a LOT to convince everyone that the baby is not Tarkan’s. So I just can’t make sense of this plan.

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