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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 233]

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Episode 35: After the Rain (1)

* * *

“Your Highness Hamill!”

The chamberlain and aide hurried over with shock when they saw Hamill return, completely drenched by rain.

The court ladies hurriedly brought over dry towels.

Hamill paid them no heed as they busied themselves with drying him, and he spoke to his aide.

“As I thought, get prepared.”


The aide was taken aback by the sudden remark, but soon realized what Hamill was talking about.

“I thought you were reluctant…”

At those words, Hamill laughed. “I must obtain it, no matter what.”

The aide gulped at the sight of Hamill gazing into the distant downpour with pressed lips.

He must be talking about obtaining the throne.

Hamill always stayed a step back with a relaxed attitude and from the standpoint of an aide, he was supportive, but he was also anxious.

“With this much ambition from Your Highness, I shall do my best to prepare.”

“Yes, this is the first time in my life that I’ve wanted something so much.”

He moved away as if he was annoyed by the court ladies trying to dab him dry.

Hamill leaned against the window, letting the water run down his neck. His blue eyes peered into the pouring rain.

The heavy rain covered the world in a fog, making it hard to see even the garden that was right in front of him.

However, Hamill stared at the foggy world in silence for a good while. As if he could see something vivid within.

“The first time, indeed.”

* * *

“Once this barrier is complete, Irugo won’t be the only country that benefits. Another storm will sweep through the continent because of this!”

Asena couldn’t hide her excitement and exclaimed.

Aristine looked at Asena’s twinkling eyes and smiled.

Seeing that, Asena narrowed her eyes. “You already expected this, Princess Consort.”

“Well, somewhat.”

She thought of building a distribution network from the very beginning. Of course, the barrier was a fence to protect Irugo.

However, its effect would extend across the continent.

The demonic beast plain where Irugo was located, was situated in the middle of the continent.

Until now, every country was forced to use limited trade routes to avoid the demonic beast plains. Not every company had access to portals, so most traders had no choice but to go around the edge of the plains, except for when they took the sea.

However, if the barrier venture was a success, things would change.

First, since demonic beast subjugation would become easier, the number of demons that attack humans would reduce significantly. Furthermore, after its success, it would be possible to build land routes to other countries with Irugo at the center.

Thus, Irugo would become the hub of intercontinental trade.

The development of trade creates more products, circulates surplus, and brings about the overall development of society.

‘Although I’m not necessarily doing this to develop society.’

But it was a useful topic when briefing Nephther.

Aristine only hoped that warriors like Tarkan and Mukali would be a little safer on the plains.

‘Hmm, speaking of which, securing the safety of distribution channels and becoming a trading base will bring in a lot of money, and as the head of this project, my share will be…’

Aristine’s thoughts unconscious strayed towards money, then she paused.

At this point, did it make sense to think about making a lot of money?

The reason Aristine wanted to make money was to divorce and obtain freedom.

But now…

It felt like there was wetness on the tip of her nose.

It had been a long time since that rain stopped. But in Aristine’s heart, it had been raining constantly ever since.

A endless downpour.

“Shall we have a tea break? There’s smoked earl gray tea that’s perfect for the fall.”

Aristine lifted her head at Ritlen’s words.

He was looking at her like a puppy who was watching over his master’s feelings.

Aristine smiled sweetly. “Yes, that sounds good. I’ll ask the court ladies to bring some tea snacks as well. I heard the chef is baking apple pie today, how is that?”

“Don’t mind if I do!”

“Oh yes, you need delicious food to have energy to work.”

Aristine smiled slightly as she watched them make a fuss about the deliciousness.

Now wasn’t the time to be depressed.

To think she was doubtful about making money; that truly made no sense.

‘Regardless of how life goes, the more money the better!’

Money didn’t guarantee happiness, but it gave you the options to be happy.

Aristine clenched his fists and reaffirmed her resolve.

In a corner of the conference room, a wonderful tea-time quickly began.

The smoked earl grey tea that Ritlen deliberately brought had a great grassy and smokey scent, while the freshly baked, hot apple pie was crispy while also sweet and sour.

When Aristine finished her cup of tea, Ritlen smiled and poured her another cup.

His invisible tail wagged in the air. He seemed happy that she was obviously pleased with the tea that he prepared.

He tried not to make it obvious, but he could see that Aristine had been feeling down for several days. Perhaps that’s why he brought tea, which he wasn’t interested in.

Aristine was grateful for his consideration and smiled inside. Even if it wasn’t Tarkan, the connections she had made ever since she escaped confinement was glowing preciously.

Aristine held the cup with both hands and was about to take a sip.


The tea water rippled in the teacup.

Since she was holding the teacup, such ripple was unusual. Aristine set down the teacup on the saucer.

Sure enough, the rippling tea water settled down and began to display something else.

It was a manifestation of the Monarch’s Sight.

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