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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 253

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After the Rain (21)

One of the pillars supporting the large tent couldn’t withstand the movement and began to tilt.

Even the warriors who were used to all sorts of unexpected situations were momentarily speechless and stood there with gaping mouths.

This wasn’t just any tent but a military tent.

Furthermore, this tent belonged to the prince and commander-in-chief, Tarkan himself.

Irugoians preferred practicality over empty formality and vanity, hence the tents for their barracks were neither fancy nor extravagant.

However, they were durable and imposing, like a black tiger crouched gracefully. It was impossible to describe the extent of its size and durability.

Yet, what in the world were they doing inside to make such a tent tilt like that?

Actually, they didn’t want to know. They didn’t even want to imagine it.

Thankfully, the pillar only tilted slightly and stopped.

It was fine if only one side of the tent collapsed. If the entire thing came down, it would become a really dangerous and embarrassing situation.

Even as Jacquelin heaved a sigh of relief, his eyes were narrowed.

‘An aura shield…’

He could sense that the aura had expanded in size. And it was obvious why.

A semicircle shaped aura was supporting the slanted pillar.

He was really glad that the tent hadn’t collapsed, but aura was something that warriors prided themselves in, and seeing it being used for such a thing made him have mixed feelings.

He wanted the couple to share their affection but he was definitely not referring to this kind of affection.

‘Anyway, I’m sure after this, he’ll rest and stop.’

After all, the tent almost collapsed, as a human, would you continue?

However, Jacquelin was once again forced to realize that his lord was not human.

‘…I’ve already seen enough of his non-humanity in battle; I didn’t need more.’

He thought with bleary eyes.

Of course, because of the aura barrier, he couldn’t confirm the presence inside the tent.

But if he had stopped, there would be some kind of response. Such as fixing the broken tent or organizing the situation.

However, Jacquelin didn’t see a single sign of that.

He secretly glanced around.

The warriors aside, even the magicians and warriors were exchanging indescribable glances.

They were exchanging inexplicable glances.

“Uh, Ehem! It appears they are both having a hard time sleeping.”

Jacquelin cleared his throat and spoke loudly as if he wanted everyone to hear.

His determination to protect his lord’s honor was commendable.

In fact, he should be the most speechless person here, but for him to try and cover for Tarkan like this, Jacquelin’s loyalty to his lord was broader than the sea.

“As for the tent, it will be better to fix it tomorrow when it is brighter.”

“Right. It doesn’t seem particularly dangerous to me.”

The dazed warriors finally came to their senses and helped Jacquelin.

He was trying to save their lord’s dignity in front of outsiders, no matter what.

It was truly a tear jerking scene.

“Oh yes, when pillars get old and weak, such things can happen! We’ll fix the pillar tomorrow!”

The blacksmiths laughed boisterously.

After seeing the tear jerking efforts of the warriors, they turned the blame to the pillars.

The warriors wanted to be grateful for that remark but they couldn’t bring themselves to smile.

‘That pillar…?’

It was strong enough to be used as a siege weapon in case of emergency.

The mouth of the warriors flew shut.

Seeing that, the magicians who were full of curiosity and desire for intellectual exploration decided to leave things alone.

Honestly, they were very interested in this phenomenon because they felt like they were seeing humanity’s limit in an unexpected area.

‘Well, I doubt it’s going to be a one-time phenomenon.’

Asena thought and promised herself next time.

It looked like this sort of thing was going to happen every night with the Prince and his wife.

After all, didn’t he break their bed on the first night?

‘Should I ask the court ladies?’

Somehow, she felt those ladies would explain this phenomenon very well.

Like that, it seemed the situation was coming to an end.

If not for Ritlen’s next words.

“Um, wouldn’t it be dangerous if we fixed it tomorrow? The pillar is going to keep tilting…”

At those words, everyone turned to look at Ritlen with bafflement.

However, Ritlen’s face was full of worry.

The eyes of the innocent young man were incredibly clear and pure like that of a puppy.

Met with those eyes, people hesitated.

‘He’s serious.’

‘He really doesn’t know.’

But they couldn’t bring themselves to tell the truth to this innocent young man.

“Ah, I mean, if you look at the angle it’s tilting, it should get caught by another pillar so I think it will be okay…”

“R-Right. It looks like it will be fine tomorrow, and even a year from now.”

People tried hard to assure him that it would be okay.

But it didn’t work.

“But then the other pillars will carry double the load…” Ritlen said.

‘No, of course not. It’s being supported by aura!’

‘By His Highness Tarkan! Directly! Safely!’

‘But he doesn’t even stop when it’s like this?!’

‘He’s not human!’

People opened their mouths, looking frustrated but nothing came out.
Like a goldfish, their mouths only opened and closed.

“Umm, when we built the barracks, the pillars were designed to be able to withstand that much load so…”

“I understand that but the longer you wait, the worse it will get.”

The excuse they barely put together collapsed miserably before Ritlen’s objection.

In the end, Asena, who was no better, had to intervene.

“Let’s just fix it tomorrow.”

“And what if it collapses? Her Highness the Princess Consort is inside.”

We cannot put our princess consort in danger!

Ritlen’s eyes shone like a loyal dog following her master.

Seeing that, Asena heaved a deep sigh. “It is really okay, so let’s do it tomorrow.”

“It is not okay.”

“But I said it is?”

“It is still not okay.”

“Agh, I said it’s fine! These are the same people who broke their bed and slept fine till morning!” Eventually, Asena couldn’t take it and screamed.


Ritlen’s olive-green eyes widened.

His gaze shook like a leaf blowing in the wind. Soon realization swept across his face.

“Oh, uhh, ah…I, I see.”

Ritlen’s face turned as red as an apple.

Seeing him lower his head, Asena crossed her arms and gave a snort. Triumph was written all over her face.

The magicians looked at their guild leader and grabbed their hair, while the blacksmiths glared at Asena for destroying their child’s innocence.

The warriors were just embarrassed.

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