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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 126]

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Episode 20: Pervert with a Grudge (1)

* * *

“Princess Consort.”

Umiru gracefully knelt down before Aristine.

“Ah, come on in, Umiru.”

Umiru held out her hand in a natural manner and Aristine placed her hand on top of Umiru’s. Umiru gently rubbed Aristine’s hand before planting a kiss on the back.

“You can do away with these formalities. Isn’t it a little annoying?”

At those words, Umiru sprang upright.

“Do away? Absolutely not! It’s not annoying at all!”

While saying so, Umiru continued to pat Aristine’s hand, not letting go.


Tarkan called her name in a low voice. His voice oddly sounded like it was laced with warning.

“Oh my, how scary.”

Umiru shuddered exaggeratedly and released Aristine’s hand.

“But what’s the matter? I told you to put any opinions and analysis of the scalpel on hold temporarily until I give you a new one.”

Hearing that, Umiru’s expression turned sad.

“Princess Consort, you’re too much.”


“I just sat down and tea hasn’t even been served but you’re already asking why I came?”

Do you hate me that much

Umiru’s fiery eyes glistened with sadness.

Aristine quickly waved her hand.

“Ah, that’s not it…My curiosity got ahead of me.”

She was so focused on the business that she immediately thought Umiru was here to talk about the scalpel. And she wanted to hear it as soon as possible.

Umiru grinned.

“Of course, I do have a purpose for coming here but first, I want to eat the famous pâtissier’s dessert.”

Famous pâtissier.

As Umiru said that, she secretly glanced at Tarkan.

Tarkan frowned when he saw Umiru smiling slyly.

“I knew it; our pâtissier has become famous now!”

Aristine, on the other hand, was delighted.

“Then again, the warriors did eat every bite of that cake…everyone must have been talking about how delicious it was.”

At those words, Umiru raised a brow.

Of course, the generals who ate the cake back then talked about the pâtissier non-stop.

‘But rather than the deliciousness, they were busy discussing why His Highness Tarkan truly invited the pâtissier and what not.’

Umiru’s gaze turned to Tarkan.

He was glaring at her with discomfort written all over his face.

‘Hehe, I think I understand now.’

Umiru smiled.

Dessert was soon brought out, along with tea. It was a refreshing lemon shallot.

“Mmm, this is good.”

Umiru nodded as she savored the lemon shallot.

It was a little odd that Umiru’s gaze kept shifting over to Tarkan, but Aristine felt proud to see Umiru enjoying the dessert.

Of course, Aristine also enjoyed some.

After taking the last bite, Umiru finally brought got to business.

“I asked for a lot of scalpels the other day, but I was told it was impossible to fulfil because a new scalpel is being developed.”

“Yes, because I think I need to focus on developing the new scalpel.”

“What kind of scalpel is it?”

Umiru’s eyes lit up.

She couldn’t help but be curious. The scalpel that Aristine invented was revolutionary just by itself. As someone who actually used that scalpel, Umiru was even more clear of that fact.

But now, they were making improvements to it?

“That is a secret,” Aristine brought her index finger to her lips.

“Oh no, don’t be like that, let me in on a little bit.”

“After we’re done developing it, Dame Umiru will be the first doctor to try it anyway. Let’s leave the fun to that time.”

Once Umiru heard that, she pouted.

This was interesting to Aristine because Aristine had never met this kind of person before.

“Did you come here just for that?”

It was quite different from what Aristine expected. She didn’t think a busy person like Umiru would come looking for her like this.

“Well, I wanted to use that as an excuse to see you once more, Princess Consort.”

“You’re good with your words.”

“I mean it though.”

Umiru winked at Aristine.

Tarkan’s face instantly went dark.

“Umiru, aren’t you busy?”

His voice was mixed with some serious annoyance.

Umiru decided it was better to slowly take her leave and avoid his anger.

“I am always busy thanks to our great warriors. Princess Consort, it’s a pity but I think I have to leave.”

“Okay, I’ll contact you when the new scalpel is done.”

“You can contact me before it’s done too.”

Umiru felt regretful leaving. Although she had no choice but to leave because of Tarkan, she still had to say one last thing.

“Seriously…Princess Consort, you have to take responsibility.”


Aristine tilted her head at that random remark.

Naturally, Tarkan’s eyes glared at Umiru like they were stabbing through her.

“After using the scalpel you gave me, I feel like my fragile wrists are screaming now that I’m using my old scalpel again.”

Aristine chuckled.

She was happy to hear that because it meant her scalpel was good.

“Ah, come to think of it.”

Aristine gestured to her court ladies.

“There should be a set of scalpels left in this room. I kept the first prototype we completed as a souvenir.”

Seeing Aristine gesture, a court lady quickly walked up to the drawer where the scalpels were kept.

Umiru’s eyes went round.

“Is it okay to give that to me?”

“Isn’t it better to give it to someone who can use it than just keeping it in the drawer?”

After Aristine said that, Umiru had nothing more to say.

Tarkan’s lips curled when he saw that. He had already been annoyed by the fact that she was treasuring what Ritlen gave her.

‘Meanwhile, all the jewelry I gave her are just in the dressing room.’

The amount of clothes, accessories and jewelries in the dressing room were gradually increasing but Aristine didn’t seem to notice.

Either way, he felt refreshed to hear that Ritlen’s stuff would be moved out of Aristine’s room.


“Princess Consort.”

The court lady, who opened the drawer, called out to Aristine with a stiff face.

“There is no scalpel here…did you perhaps take it out?”

“No? I’ve never touched it. Maybe someone moved it while cleaning?”

The court lady shook her head when she heard that.

“The box for the scalpel is still in the drawer.”

“What?” Aristine’s forehead creased, “You’re saying…only the scalpel is missing?”



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  1. Thank you for the update, Ruby-sama. I hope you don’t mind, but I noticed an error that I think you might wanna fix.
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    1. Your comments lacks both of consideration and respect. You’re being rude asking for chapters without even thanking all the work Miss Ruby put. Tho I understand that you want new chapters, there’s a schedule, and Miss Ruby will update whenever they want, we shouldn’t put pressure nor demand since they’re doing all this for free.

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