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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 184]

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Loveable (3)

* * *

The next morning.

“Did you sleep well?”

Aristine blinked her eyes, still lying on the bed.

Tarkan, who was lying on his side and looking at her with folded arms, smiled.

Since it was morning, his slightly husky voice was sexy.

‘No, nothing is sexy.’

Aristine thought to herself and shook her head inwardly.

‘That’s just…his vocal cords are stiff because he needs water.’

Regardless of whether it was true or not, Aristine decided to think that.

The morning sun cut through the transparent lace, gently falling over Tarkan.

His black hair, which was ruffled carelessly, and messiness from the long night of sleep added to the languidness.

The collar of his robe was still open, revealing his strong pectoral muscles, basking in the sun.

Aristine felt like she could almost see something poking through his slightly dropping collar and immediately looked away.


Aristine was in pure admiration.

As soon as you open your eyes, your husband asks if you slept well. The perfect sense of a wildly languid and sexy husband.

It made her feel lucky to wake up.

She was filled with so much energy this morning.

Aristine couldn’t help but wonder if this was why everyone got married.

She always woke up with Tarkan in the morning, but today, he felt exceptionally beautiful.


While she tilted her head, Tarkan’s strong arms wrapped around her waist.

“Sleep some more. You still haven’t fully recovered from overworking yourself.”

With a simple tug of his arms, Aristine was easily pulled closer to him.

Aristine’s back pressed against Tarkan’s bare chest.


Aristine blinked.

She could clearly feel the warm, soft yet hard curves of his chest. Not knowing what to do, she squeezed and un-squeezed the blanket repeatedly.

The bed was already very narrow, so parts of their body were bound to touch but it was usually just their arms.

This was the first time they were touching so blatantly.

‘Is this being a couple?’

She was learning new things.

Thanks to the lace curtains providing shade against the sun, the sunlight hitting them was just perfect.

Furthermore, being held by a warm body made her unconsciously relax and Aristine closed her eyes without even realizing.

‘Tarkan said I should sleep more too…’

She thought and was about to let the sleep take her again then her eyes suddenly sprang open.

‘What am I doing?!’

Now wasn’t the time to lie down and roll around with Tarkan.

“What’s wrong?”

Tarkan asked when he felt Aristine wriggle.

His face looked half-sleepy and lazy as he looked down at her.


Aristine groaned and sat up immediately.

‘So this is the rumored beauty trap. How dangerous.’

Aristine wiped her cold sweat. It was the same morning as always but for some reason, she was more shaken.

“You’re not sleeping more?” Tarkan asked.

“There’s no time for that. I have to work.”

Tarkan’s eye twitched.

He looked dissatisfied as he watched Aristine, who was rushing down from the bed.

Aristine, who didn’t know how her husband was looking at her, left the room, leaving behind only cold words, “You should hurry up and go to work too.”

Left alone in bed all by himself, Tarkan clicked his tongue.

‘That didn’t work.’

He even opened his collar on purpose, knowing that Aristine was strangely obsessed with his chest.

This woman was not easy.

* * *

It was closer to noon than morning, so Aristine headed straight from the smithy without having breakfast.

The magicians who were going to build the mana furnace had already arrived and were working.

Aristine greeted the representative, “Thank you for coming so quickly.”

“A request from the Princess Consort means it must be our priority.”

“I’m honored to be able to help the goddess of peace!”

“I can offer my soul!”

The magicians who were talking with the blacksmiths at the back, shouted.

‘Uh…I don’t need your soul.’

She would be troubled if someone gave her that.

Aristine thought reluctantly.

“Everyone is very motivated. There is the fact that they are delighted to help you, Princess Consort but frankly, creating something new is always inspiring for us magicians.”

The representative smiled and said as if asking for her understanding.

“To even think of using the heat and pressure of magical power to replace a furnace…I am really amazed.”

“No, it’s nothing…”

Aristine was embarrassed because it wasn’t really an idea she came up with.

“It is quite common to use manastones as an energy source to create heat and pressure. But no one ever thought of incorporating it into the smelting process. If doing that is nothing, then what can we consider special?”

“Hmm…thank you.”

The representative looked like they were going to give a passionate speech if she denied it anymore, so Aristine had no choice but to respond that way.

‘They call it state-of-the-art, but I just took it exactly as it is on Earth…’

It pricked her conscience.

“The manastones have arrived!”

A blacksmith exclaimed and Aristine’s eyes widened.


That was the news she’d been waiting for but she couldn’t help but be surprised.

She thought it would take more time even if they use the portal to make it faster.

But to think they came straight here.

“I’ve brought the manastones that were brought into the royal palace.”

Most of the manastones that were mined were transferred to the royal palace. They were saying they brought some of those.

“Royal father must have paid more attention to this because he knows it’s urgent.”

At Aristine’s words, the administrator who brought the manastones made a strange expression.

They silently watch the magicians take the manastones then they slide closer to Aristine.

“Um, Princess Consort.”


“This might be presumptuous but I would like to clear a misunderstanding.”

“That’s okay. What is it?”

“This kind of distribution can’t be done by an ordinary working staff.”

At the admin’s words, Aristine’s eyes widened.

Working staff.

Then that meant…

“Prince Hamill sent you?”

“Yes, Princess Consort. His Highness sent this with care.”

Those words were hard to believe.

She never thought that Hamill would personally be involved in getting her the manastones so quickly.

‘I thought it was already good enough if he didn’t get in the way.’

Aristine rubbed her forehead.

‘What in the world is this?’


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