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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 276]

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Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (11)

Tarkan slowly opened his mouth.

“Doubt it, I don’t think we’ve ever met.”

At those words, Letanasia blinked her big eyes a few times then her face flushed red with embarrassment.

“Ah, my apologies. Of course, I couldn’t possibly have had the chance to meet Prince Tarkan.”

Hah, she laughed feebly, then she lowered her head and mumbled almost inaudibly. “…I guess I was mistaken. When I was a child, I…ah, it’s nothing.”

Letanasia shook her head.

She said it was nothing, but anyone could tell from her face that it was something.

“Now Lord Prince is big sister’s husband so…”

Her disappointed voice afterwards served to confirm that face.

“What are you…” Tarkan began.

“Oh, right.”

Letanasia frowned and interrupted Tarkan, who was about to ask something, then she turned to Aristine.

“Congratulations on your marriage, Sister Aristine. I should have said this first, but I forgot in my delight to see you.”

Her smile as she said congratulations seemed to have a story behind it.

Letanasia glanced at Aristine, but as always, she couldn’t read anything from Aristine’s expressionless face.

“Thank you.”

If anything, Aristine just gave a brief response as if it was a bother.

‘What’s going on? This should be enough to raise her suspicion in her husband.’

A feud between Aristine and Tarkan was the best way to stop an alliance between Launelian and Tarkan.

Hence why she came all this way to do something so troublesome.

‘…It will be dangerous if both of them join forces. And father keeps looking down on big sister Aristine, calling her a half-wit who knows nothing, but the way I see it, she’s the most…’

It hadn’t even been a year since Aristine left for Irugo.

But many of the Irugoian people already followed her, and she already had a lot of achievements.

Irugo was now a medical powerhouse, and no other country dared to call them a country of barbarians.

‘After all, they can’t afford to lose their scalpel imports.’

Holding the reins of a business related to human life was a huge political advantage.

‘I thought I’d gotten rid of her but to think she came back with a stronger card.’

Letanasia’s mind was racing.

‘Even if I put sister Aristine aside, for me, Prince Tarkan is quite…’

Letanasia, who had been glancing at Tarkan with an adorable smile on her face, hesitated.

“Don’t touch my wife anymore.”

“She was my sister before she was your wife though?”

“A clingy older brother is a sight for sore eyes.”

“I don’t care what other people think. I only care what my sister thinks. What? I guess you care about other’s people’s thoughts more than my sisters?”

At Launelian’s provocation, Tarkan gave a twisted smile.

“If I cared what other people thought, I wouldn’t have destroyed the barracks.”

For a moment, Launelian didn’t understand what Tarkan meant.

After a brief lapse of silence, his purple eyes burst into flames.

“You, you little bastard…!”

“Oh dear.” Tarkan leisurely blocked Launelian’s attack with a crafty smile.


Letanasia’s smile dropped at this unexpected chaos.

Cries of ‘kyaa’ erupted from the court ladies. It seems they were shocked by the sudden outbreak of violence.

Letanasia felt slightly sympathetic and turned to look at them.

‘Right, I should use this chance to lure Sister Aristine’s close aides to my side—.’

But the moment she faced the court ladies, Letanasia’s face froze.

They weren’t screaming ‘kyaa’ because they were frightened by the violence. The court ladies were surrounding Aristine and squealing in excitement.

“That was such a romantic reunion, Princess Consort.”

“It was such a beautiful scene. I actually teared up.”

“I knew it; we should have brought that bed…”

“I know. The very bed Her Highness said was a bit too much for one person to use.”

The court ladies went ‘hehehe’, giggling mischievously.

‘Hehehe? Why are they laughing like that? Sure enough, Irugoians are vulgar.’

Letanasia’s beautiful forehead creased.

To be honest, she didn’t understand what was going on at all.

She ought to be the one who was loved the most.

She was always the focus of attention, always the main character, and whenever she appeared, there was a commotion because everyone wanted to talk to her.

But right now, weren’t they just treating her like she was invisible?

‘How dare you…’

Letanasia squeezed the skirt of her dress tightly.

“I heard you were on your way to see His Majesty, Royal Father, but I’ve taken up too much of your time. If you would please excuse me…”

She bent her knees and gently raised the hem of her dress. Her figure was an icon of noble grace.

But no one replied to stop Letanasia from leaving or even bid her farewell.

“To think you can call yourself a big brother after showing such violence in front of Rineh.”

“You consider chasing flies away to be violence?”

“Princess Consort, don’t worry. You know how we are.”

“We will always find a way.”


A vein popped on the forehead of Letanasia who was gracefully saying goodbye.

‘That laugh, it is really getting on my nerves.’

She straightened her body and swiftly turned around.

‘Just wait and see.’

Grind, an unimaginable sound came from her pretty lips.

‘I will definitely repay you for this insult, a hundred, no, a thousand times over.’

Letanasia turned to look at Aristine. Her eyes, which had sank darkly, scanned each person one by one.

‘Yes, you better enjoy yourself now.’

Letanasia turned back to the front and quickly walked away.

Her eyes were burning with anger.

* * *

“Huh? Where did Letanasia go?”

Aristine, who was chatting with her court ladies, finally looked around.

“Oh, you’re right. Where is she?” The court ladies looked around and made long faces. “Oh my, we should have given our greetings.”

From the way Letanasia treated Aristine earlier, the court ladies had no desire to impress her. However, they also didn’t want to gain the disapproval of Aristine’s family.

It was the most basic etiquette to bow when a higher ranked individual was leaving.

Moreover, this was Silvanus.

They were more worried because this country was stricter on etiquette than Irugo.

“What if she says we can’t support our Princess Consort properly?”

“Certainly, it is our fault that we couldn’t greet her but…people need to carry some presence, you know.”

“I heard the 2nd Princess of Silvanus is one who beckons the spring, but I couldn’t see it.”

“Because in front of our Princess Consort, she is a lamp in front of the sun.”

The court ladies whispered and came to a conclusion.

“It’s her fault for having no presence. It’s not our fault for serving our Princess Consort.”

“Mn. You’re right.”

Aristine awkwardly looked at her court ladies’ actions.

‘I mean, I think you’ve all mastered the art of flattery…’

Right at that moment…


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    but on a serious note, “im the focus of attention”? that just sounds so pathetic

  2. dang, the author really doesn’t do villains well… especially female ones. like they’re not even smart, they’re just pathetic

  3. Thank you miss ruby 🥰
    Haha I like how tarkan didn’t even think twice abt ever meeting her b4 and said no, also the way tarkan told rineh’s bro what we all thought 😂😂😂I have a feeling they’ll get along well❤️

  4. Thank you so much for the excellent translations!
    I wanted to note because this is the second time I’ve seen you use it incorrectly (unfortunately I didn’t keep track of the first chapter I saw it, and I’ve been binging all night) but “a sight for sore eyes” is a welcome sight, something that you are happy to see—something that relieves the soreness, not something that causes it. I’m pretty sure by the context that you’re using the phrase exactly opposite of how it should be used.

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