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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 268

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Chapter 37: Running Away After Getting Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child (3)

* * *

A loud bang echoed through the room as a clenched fist violently slammed against the armrest of the sofa.

“They failed?!”

An angry voice boomed through the room.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

“I didn’t even ask them to kill her, I just sent them to check on their movements. Yet they failed?”

Hah! The emperor huffed in disbelief.

The servant, who was prostrating before him, lowered himself further.

“Damn it! A Princess should not be staying at a residence instead of the Imperial palace when she is visiting the Empire. It is already making people talk!”

Launelian, that fox of a human being, took Aristine to his mansion as if he wanted everyone to see.

And in the process, the common people saw Aristine’s face.

He covered her with a robe as if he was moving secretly, but the heavily drawn hood was blown away by the wind, revealing Aristine face.

Launelian looked shocked and put the hood back on her but everyone had already seen.

‘The wind, my foot!’

The emperor ground his teeth.

He must have been peeled it off on purpose using that damned telekinesis ability.

If he really planned to hide it in the first place, he would have pulled down all the curtains on the carriage and moved more stealthily.

‘He was practically advertising it to spread rumors.’

Seeing something happening versus seeing a secret that someone was trying to hide.

Which of the two would make your mouth itchier?

Obviously, it was the latter.

The numerous people on the main road became trumpets and spread the word themselves.

Naturally, questions began to arise.

Such as why wasn’t the princess staying in the palace and why was the prince secretly taking her out of the palace?

Such questions spread through people’s minds and mouth.

《 It must be that she can’t stay in the imperial palace.》

《 Isn’t it obvious why she can’t stay? The master of the palace, His Majesty the Emperor, does not welcome the princess!》

《 It can’t possibly be so? Last time, His Majesty even sent an official letter to Irugo that shows how much he loves the princess.》

《That official letter was because the knights and maids who were directly appointed by His Majesty harassed the princess.》

《Back then, I heard a lot of talk about how the selection was done, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that the letter was deliberately sent out because public opinion was bad.》

《 It is the prince moving in secret. Who else but His Majesty could make the prince wary?》

《 In the first place, we should have had a big welcome banquet if the princess arrived! But there was no such thing.》

《 It means that His Majesty does not welcome the princess.》

The rumors grew bigger and bigger.

There were even rumors that Aristine was almost assassinated in the imperial palace, so Launelian hurriedly evacuated her.

“That clever bastard……”

It must be Launelian’s manipulative hands at work to make rumors so inflated.

He didn’t expect Launelian to bring Aristine, so he was not able to react in time.

“I didn’t think Irugo would give up Aristine.”

As this rate, the rumors would start saying that the emperor was trying to kill the princess.

Of course, that was true.

Aristine had to die.

‘But not here.’

She had to die in Irugo and ignite the flames of war.

‘Nothing can happen to her in Silvanus.’

With the current sentiment, the arrow would turn to the emperor should an issue arise with Aristine’s safety.

“Send Launelian my order. He is to bring Aristine back to the palace.”

“But Your Majesty, in the current situation, if she is forcefully summoned—.”

“My ever-precious daughter must be cared for in the imperial palace. It doesn’t make sense for her to stay outside. If you put it like that, it’s not an issue, no?”

At those words, the head chamberlain bowed deeply.

‘For now, I must call Aristine to her palace. And I need to find out why Launelian brought her to Silvanus.’

Since they were such close siblings, there was a high chance that he brought her back because he couldn’t stand to see his sister marry a savage.

But his intuition was telling him something else.

‘Something is up.’

The emperor’s eyes took on a dark glint.

* * *

“I will go to Silvanus.”

Hearing that, the faces of the court ladies turned solemn.

“Please take me with you, Your Highness.”

“Please let me join too!”

We have to get our Princess Consort back with our own hands!

Their eyes shone with determination.

Seeing the look on their faces, Tarkan nodded his head.

Since Aristine cherished her court ladies, it would be better to take them with him.

“Ha, you dare to take my wife?”

Tarkan’s eyes sank like a beast ready for a hunt.

It was even worse since Aristine was currently pregnant with his child. Naturally, Tarkan felt hostile to Launelian for taking his pregnant wife.

‘And they told me she was not in good condition either.’

The worry felt like it was eating at him.

Her body was already fragile and he could imagine how much weaker she must have gotten due to the pregnancy.

“Your Highness!”

Then the door burst open and Asena rushed in. Tarkan’s face brightened.

“Did you find it?”

“Yes, here is the communicaton code.”

Tarkan entered the code into the transmission stone without delay.

His heart was pounding.

Finally. Finally, he could hear his wife’s voice.

He had so much that he wanted to ask and so much that he wanted to say.

But above all, he wanted to hear Aristine. He could imagine how difficult it must have been for her all alone.

And then, the signal went through and he heard the connection being made.


Tarkan tried to calm his trembling voice and called out his wife’s name.


[Ah, you’re the bastard who got my sister pregnant and couldn’t even stay by her side?]

The voice that came through the transmission stone was completely different than Tarkan’s anticipated.



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