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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money: Chapter 220

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Young and Rich, Tall and Handsome(7)

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* * *

“Wow, what is all this?”

Aristine’s eyes widened once she saw the wine, bruschetta, and olives laid out on the bedroom table.

“I thought a drink would be nice.”

Tarkan replied, leaning effortlessly on the sofa.

Aristine swallowed at the sight.

Even though she was trying not to look, her eyes kept going to one place.

‘…I feel like his gown is more open than usual.’

His firm pectoral muscles with a gentle arc and the sectioned abdominal muscles connected below. And further down…

“Come here.”

Tarkan held his hand towards Aristine.

Aristine walked closer to him as if she was possessed.

She sat down next to him as he guided her, and Tarkan wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

His exposed chest touched Aristine’s back.

It was warm, soft, yet firm.

‘Is this why?’

Aristine thought absentmindedly.

A young, rich, tall, and handsome man.

If you came back home after a tough day, it would definitely be nice to be greeted by such a man.

If a man with weak pecs had hugged her shoulders just now, she wouldn’t be experiencing such warmth and firmness.

‘I see. This is a really important issue in marriage.’

Aristine had an epiphany.

She could ignore it if she had never experienced the sensation of this warm bread(?), but after experiencing it, she couldn’t do that.

Aristine picked up a bruschetta and took a bite.


Crispy baguette and cherry tomatoes, boiled with brie cheese and basil to double the sweetness and sourness.

Eating it alongside sweet Moscato wine enhanced the flavor even more.

Sure enough, midnight snacks were the best.

Aristine ate her meal happily until she realized that Tarkan hadn’t touched the wine or food. “Why aren’t you eating?”

Tarkan glanced at her, and the look in his eyes turned ambiguous before he said. “Hm, I want to eat but my hands ache a little…”

“Your hand hurts? Shall I call Dame Umiru?”

“No, it’s not that bad.”

“A warrior’s hand in pain isn’t nothing.”

“That’s why I said it’s not that bad.”

“Having a midnight snack isn’t important right now, you should get looked at immediately. Come on, let’s go!”

Tarkan held Aristine by the waist, pulling her down as she tried to stand up.

Aristine had no choice but to fall back into the sofa.

Tarkan wrapped his arms around her waist, practically hugging her from behind then he closed his eyes and heaved a deep sigh.

“My hand doesn’t hurt at all, so just stay like this. With me.”

What should he do about this oblivious woman?

After he stayed behind in the palace, Nephther gave him wife-seduction tips.

And he thought he made good preparations for the right mood, but why?

Tarkan leaned against Aristine, resting his chin on her shoulders. Her body, which fit snugly in his arms and her scent. It reassured him a little bit but…

‘It’s not enough.’

At that moment, something touched Tarkan’s lips.

A sweet smell.

Tarkan opened his eyes.

A bruschetta was in front of him.

He unconsciously opened his mouth and Aristine fed him the bruschetta.

“You like it?” Aristine laughed mischievously.

“Seriously, you.”

Tarkan squeezed Aristine’s waist tightly.

The crunchy baguette filled his mouth, but he couldn’t feel anything.

Because all of his attention was focused on his wife, who was laughing in his arms.

“You don’t like it?”

“It’s delicious.”

He didn’t know what it tasted like, but it’s definitely delicious. More delicious than anything he had ever tasted.

Aristine giggled and cupped Tarkan’s cheeks.


His golden eyes was filled with her image. A smile spread across Aristine’s face.

“I’m glad you’re my husband.”

Part of it was because he was a man who met all of Paellamien’s four conditions but more importantly…

The reason she could think of Hamill’s betrayal as a step towards furthering her growth was because…

‘It’s because you’re by my side.’

She wasn’t shaken by a single betrayal because she was supported by a strong relationship.

“I like that you are by my side.”

Aristine’s words made Tarkan stiffen.

His golden eyes darkened, a dense glaze covering his pupils as he stared at Aristine as if he was going to devour her.

Aristine felt the arms around her waist tighten.

Their eyes met, a hairsbreadth from each other.

* * *

Tarkan felt his throat go dry as Aristine’s fingers ran across his chest.

Perhaps she noticed, as a soft smile flitted onto her lips.

“That reminds me, I hadn’t fed you wine.”

A low voice whispered in his ear. It was beyond sexy and sensual.

Aristine was strangely proactive, perhaps intoxicated.

Her moist eyes gazing at him, the lazy movement of her fingers, and even her body leaning against him.

Aristine raised her wine glass and took a sip.

And in the same breath, she gently held Tarkan’s cheek.

Her deeply sunken purple eyes were much more alluring than the glaze of wine.

Her long eyelashes slowly fell over her eyes.

And her slightly damp, Moscato-scented lips touched his dry lips.

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    1. I literally screamed when I read that last line!!! We were fed (if this is a dream or she passes out or doesn’t remember I’m suing). I was excited tarkan was back but I didn’t expect this 🤭🫣🥵 praying for Tarkan’s sanity

  1. The bread refers to her dream on their wedding night. Aristine dreamt about warm, soft breads and unconsciously took away Tarkan’s chest virginity. 🤣

  2. Also that bit ab her not being shaken by hamil’s betrayal 🤢 bc of her darling supportive hubby was absolutely perfect 😩😭 I want what they have

  3. Why is nobody mentioning the fact the King gave Tarkan “seduction advice” when they were alone 😂😂 he said go make your wife happy~

  4. “After he stayed behind in the palace, Nephther gave him wife-seduction tips.”

    I died laughing at that sentence for like 2 minutes.

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