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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 176]

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Episode 26: My Wife (5)

T/N: Bonus 5. 

‘Should I comfort her with something?’

Not knowing Dionna’s current state of mind, Aristine pondered earnestly.

She could say they looked so close to each other that she mistook them for lovers, or maybe that they looked good together. Something like that might work.

Aristine made her expression look as gentle as possible, looked at Dionna and said softly.

“Still, I thought you two were really dating. That’s how close you seemed to me…Well, since you grew up with Tarkan, even Tarkan must have considered you quite special.”

“I have never once thought that.”

An immediate denial came out of Tarkan’s mouth.

Dionna glared at Aristine, feeling like her head was spinning.

‘You’re doing this on purpose to ruin me, aren’t you?’

She couldn’t just leave like this.

The angrier she was, the cooler her head became. Even if she made a fuss right now, she would only hurt herself.

Dionna sank to the floor and tear streamed down her cheeks.

“You can’t do this, Your Highness.”

Her sea-blue eyes were wet and filled with distress.

“I have always been by Your Highness’s side, offering support but I don’t care even if you treat me coldly. But my older brother…”

Dionna bit her lips and lowered her head.

“To my older brother, please don’t act like you don’t remember him…”

Tarkan was blinded by Aristine but even if his heart wasn’t moved, those words should move the heart of Mukali or Jacquelin.

As leader of the warriors, Tarkan should have no choice but to take his warrior’s feelings into consideration.

With her head lowered, Dionna smiled with satisfaction.


And sure enough, Tarkan called her name.

‘I knew it.’

Dionna made her expression look as pitiful as possible then she slowly lifted her head.

“Yes, Your Highness…”

“The only reason I haven’t thrown you in prison right now is because of your brother.”


Dionna couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

This wasn’t right.

Tarkan should be conscious of the warriors and choose to pacify her.

But why.

“Even your life is not enough to pay for your crime of disrespecting my wife.”

Tarkan’s eyes were looking down at her chillingly, without a single shred of warmth.


Dionna looked around as if asking for help.

But even Mukali and Jacquelin were looking at her with cold eyes.

This wasn’t right.

She didn’t know if she should stamp her feet or glare at Tarkan with resentment.

At the very least, he should be sorry to her, or filled with guilt…!

“Dionna, do not smear your brother’s name any further.”

Mukali said with a hardened expression.

“Smear…you say?”

Jacquelin, who was next to Mukali, heaved a deep sigh and chipped in, “You are sullying Chantra’s reputation right now. How could you utter such absurdity to Her Highness the Princess Consort.”


Dionna’s eyes fluttered aimlessly.

“Dionna, this is not a simple marriage. It is a marriage of national importance. Yet, you dared to think of alienating both of our Highnesses. I never took you as someone so thoughtless.”

When even Durante added his reproach, Dionna couldn’t stand it any longer.

She kept trying to deny reality and her mind floated dizzily.

This wasn’t right.

This couldn’t be happening.

How could everyone do this to her?

‘All because of a princess who suddenly barged in!’

The fire which had extinguished in Dionna’s eyes was ignited again.

“You all are being too much!”

She raised her voice and sprang to her feet.

“I just, all I did was love His Highness Tarkan! Is that so wrong?”


“Everyone knows that I have loved His Highness since I was young! For so many long years! For me, it has always been His Highness Tarkan alone!”

Veins bulged on Dionna’s neck.

“I am the only one who truly cares for His Highness…! I know His Highness the best! I am the only one who can make him happy!”

Everyone said so.

Even the young misses agreed that Dionna was the best match for Tarkan.

‘Until this princess arrived…!”

Dionna pointed at Aristine fiercely.

“But this complete stranger who doesn’t even know what His Highness Tarkan likes, this wench—.”


At the strong impact, Dionna’s head and body spun at the same time.

Dionna fell to the floor and her body shook.

The burning pain on her cheek didn’t feel real. She grabbed her left cheek with a trembling hand.

It was hot. It stung. And it throbbed with pain.

‘Did he really just hit me? Me? Brother Chantra’s sister…?’

Dionna lifted her head and glared at Mukali.

‘How dare you of all people?!’

“Apologize to the Princess Consort.”

Mukali’s tone was as firm as a rock.

Dionna immediately forgot about the pain in her cheek.

‘Apologize? To that woman?!’


Translator’s Corner:

**I thought I posted this bonus already. Didn’t mean to end on a cliff last week(;へ:)


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