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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 259]

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Why is Brother here? (3)

* * *

Aristine pulled her shawl tightly and fastened it as she slowly walked ahead. There were so many things on her mind so she was taking a walk alone.

The issue with the military communications equipment was a serious matter.

‘How far have Silvanus’ war preparations come?’

She was frustrated because she didn’t know.

The wind blew through her long hair.

‘When will Tarkan come?’

Only ten days had passed since Aristine arrived at the capital.

If nothing changed, he was scheduled to return after another twenty days. But ever since she heard that he’d be coming back soon, she couldn’t help but feel impatient.

‘That said, it will be hard to come back that fast.’

Since communications were down, it would take some time to regroup with the other divisions.

‘I miss you.’

As she was in a daze and lost in thought, she did not see the tree root hidden under the fallen leaves.


Aristine’s body tilted as the roots caught on her feet and right at that moment—.

Someone’s tight grip wrapped around her staggering waist.

Aristine raised her head and looked at the other party.

“Prince Hamill.”

When their eyes met, Hamill’s beautiful face broke into a soft smile. His turquoise eyes glistened smoothly under the autumn sunlight.
“Be careful.”

“…Thank you.”

After greeting him, Aristine took a step back and increased their distance.

Still smiling, Hamill looked at the distance that was made, then he opened his mouth.

“How are you feeling?”

He was asking about her refusal of his luncheon.

Aristine calmly replied, “I feel better now that I have rested away the travel fatigue.”

“Then it shouldn’t be any trouble to have a meal with me.”

Aristine lifted her head and looked at Hamill.

Instead of getting annoyed by her rude attitude, to think he was constantly making offers instead.

“An invitation from a political adversary does not appeal to me.”

“I am inviting you as a friend, not as a political enemy.”

Hamill took half a step closer to Aristine.

It was just the right distance.

A distance that was not too close, otherwise Aristine would feel compelled to distance herself again. But it was not too far, and you could feel Hamill’s desire to get closer through it.

Hamill looked down at Aristine, his long eyelashes draping over his eyes. As it cast a shadow on his face, his scholarly temperament seemed even more melancholy.

“I was wrong. I don’t want to lose a friend.”


Aristine looked at him in silence for a moment.

The words Asena said flashed through her mind.

《 I checked the transmission stone as you commanded, Princess Consort, but there are traces of someone tampering with it.》

《 So, you’re saying it wasn’t problems with the signal but that the military transmission stone itself had a malfunction? 》

《 Yes, I can feel the residual mana in the mana circuit of the comm device. It is overloaded and broken. That’s the only thing I can confirm without equipment in this situation. 》

As she said that, Asena was subtly puffing out her chest.

The fact that she could find out that much was proof that she was an excellent magician.

Unfortunately, Aristine’s attention was elsewhere.

‘Traces of tampering.’

That meant it was intentional.

It meant that someone intentionally interfered so that Tarkan’s demonic beast subjugation would fail.

The moment it was revealed, such news would bring about a war.

《 Keep this between us for now.》

《 Yes, Your Highness.》

As her recollection ended, Aristine studied Hamill’s expression.

‘Is this Hamill’s work?’

He was Tarkan’s political enemy.

‘Or is it Silvanus?’

Silvanus was preparing for war.

If the demonic beast subjugation failed, Irugo would be at a disadvantage in a war against Silvanus.

‘No, both sides could have joined hands.’

It was foolish to use a neighboring country in a fight for the throne, but it was a common tactic.

Who knew what was going through Hamill’s mind when Aristine just quietly stared at him but he began in a soft voice.

“I was worried.” His long, elegant fingers grasped Aristine’s hand. “You suddenly left to somewhere so dangerous.”

Aristine did not pull away her hand. She just quietly watched Hamill.

His delicate and elegant eyes traced Aristine’s face, and his thumb gently brushed the back of Aristine’s hand.

“If it were me, I would never send you to such a dangerous place.” He whispered.

Aristine burst into laughter. “You are misunderstanding something, Lord Prince.”

Perhaps her reaction was different than he expected because Hamill looked a little stunned.

Aristine shook her head with a smile on her face.

“I didn’t go to the demonic beast plains because someone sent me.”

Her purple eyes faced Hamill confidently. “I merely went to look for my husband of my own accord.”

At those words, the smile on Hamill’s face disappeared for the first time.

His blue eyes were filled with Aristine. Slowly, his lips parted.

“I’m jealous.”

Just as Aristine was frowning because she didn’t understand what he meant, Hamill pulled her hand in his grasp.

Aristine staggered, and the distance between them instantly shortened.

“Did you know something?” Hamill began.

Aristine’s silver hair fluttered, revealing her fair neckline.

Hamill put his lips to Aristine’s ear. He was so close she could feel his breath.

“I could become your husband, instead of Tarkan.”

Aristine turned her head to look at Hamill. His blank face was void of any expression.

“Are you proposing an alliance with me now?”

At that question, Hamill froze.

“I’m sorry but I have no intention of betraying my business partner.” Aristine finished.

Hamill, whose breath caught in his chest for a moment, laughed sharply. “Seriously, till the very end, you…”

At first, this part of her drew his attention because it was so unique. But now it was starting to annoy him.

“I don’t think you understood what I am saying.”

Hamill lowered his head.
His long platinum hair tickled Aristine’s cheek.

On his face was an expression he had never had before. An expression distorted from anxiety and nervousness.

Aristine looked up at him with surprise.

“What I want, is not a political alliance.”

Just as he was about to continue speaking…


A muffled moan escaped Aristine’s lips.

Aristine felt a powerful wave of ‘something’ sweep through her entire body.

And then.


Hamill firmly held her slender body as it collapsed in his arms.

Her face was pale, and her eyes were closed, unconscious.

“Oh no…”

Hamill quickly picked up Aristine.

Despite his elegant and scholarly appearance, his body was well built.

His eyes fell on Aristine’s face in his arms then he hurriedly moved.


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26 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 259]”

  1. Thanks for the update ❤️

    And there’s a part not translated:
    Aristine staggered, and the distance between them instantly shortened.
    “Did you know something?” Hamill began.
    “그거 아시나요?”

          1. Actually within the span of a week or so you could feel something was different in your body when you get pregnant. I was like Aristine too with my son.

  2. How were you able to get to the 2nd chapter? The link did not work for me.
    Thank you Ms. Ruby, your updates always feel like such a treat!

  3. How were you able to get to the 2nd chapter? The link did not work for me.

    Thank you Ms. Ruby, your updates always feel like such a treat!

  4. I wish aristin knew Hamill wanted her romantically so she could be conscious of him and would understand why Khan was jelly… I wish she’d collapsed after he spilled the beans 😫 bt oh well…

    Thank you miss ruby🥰🥰

    1. Hamill is rather interested in her in a possessive or maybe erotic way, not really a romantic way.
      He wants her for himself, while she has a husband and she isn’t interested in him in any way anymore, even in a friendly way. And he is getting ‘annoyed’ that she is resisting.
      I would say that’s psychotic, nothing romantic at all. 😅
      Fortunately, Aristine is already more conscious than before, isn’t she? After all she is taking into consideration that Hamill might be the one responsible or partially responsible for communication failure and that means he tried to get Tarkan (and soldiers) killed. I think she realized how dangerous Hamill can be or she will realize soon enough.

  5. Hmm… It was very sudden. What happened? Hamill poisoned her or did something else to render her unconscious, to be at his mercy? Or is it related somehow to her power… can her power malfunction? 🤔
    I also think it’s too early for any negative effects of pregnancy… if she even is pregnant. It would be crazy luck if she had ovulation on this one particular night. But their offsprings can be not quite normal, so who knows how it works with these two… I am open to possibilities that she can have some kind of a magical, unnatural pregnacy. 😄

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hamill tries to rape or molest Aristine, but I hope it isn’t that kind of a story and it won’t come to that. 😅

  6. It’s obvious Aristine is pregnant with her and Tarkan’s child. Those genes are pretty quick if I do say so myself.

    And here we are with Hamill proving why his father didn’t want him on the throne. He’s just a nasty person in general and is just insane.
    I’m happy that Aristine is making it clear with her boundaries, but Hamill proves to be even more gross by ignoring them.

    Thank you for this double chapter post, Ms. Ruby! I look forward to Tarkan body slaming Hamill and taking the throne with Aristine by his side as Empress! 💙

  7. what the F is this asshat DOING he’s DISGUSTING to just disrespect her boundaries like that. to constantly flirt with a woman who is MARRIED (and to his brother no less!) and confess jealousy is so damn outta pocket and trashy and reckless and nasty. get away from her you creepy POS. i feel so uncomfortable w this guy that i feel disgusted by him even catching her when she fainted

  8. the whole trope of guys falling for a girl who’s “different from the rest” and going after someone their rival likes is so, so embarrassing. sure, people can be attracted to others, but to pursue someone and be intrigued by them primarily due to their association with SOMEONE ELSE is weird and pathetic. like you couldn’t even be original with who you liked? it’s so desperate!! she’s not some pretty and entertaining plaything for him to conquer. he doesn’t respect her AT ALL and no amount of schmoozing or a slick facade can change that fact. is being a pretty boy supposed to excuse being pushy and disrespecting her marriage and personal choices time and time again? and being one manipulative unrepentant dude? ABSOLUTELY NOT. this guy makes me so angry bc the pretty privilege is so blatant.

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