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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 153]

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The queen immediately made plans to invite her father, Duke Skiela, to the palace. After asking the court ladies to send a message, her heart was already at peace.

(Queen)“All my worries have flown away with just one word from you.”

(Hamill)“I’m glad to hear your mind is at peace, Mother.”

The Queen nodded, with pride on her face and looked at her matured son.

“I am not saying this because you are my son but it is only right that someone with such resourcefulness and ability ascends to the throne, isn’t that so?”

The queen squeezed her son’s hand then she smiled deeply, “If not you, who else is suited to be king? That low-born?”

The queen scoffed.

“He is nothing compared to you. Neither is that low-born’s wife.”

Just imagining Aristine’s face when she finds herself unable to obtain iron made the Queen laugh.

‘Since she dared to act arrogant with me, it’s time to pay the price.’

* * *

Episode 24: Just because you’re cute (1)

“Wow, it’s so hot outside.”

It was a boiling hot summer. Irugo’s summer was different from Silvanus. It was hotter, brighter and clearer.

“The smell of sunshine.”

Sunlight rarely reached her confined palace so even in the middle of summer, all she could smell was the mustiness.

Aristine took a deep breath, fully enjoying the smell of summer.

Tarkan looked at her behavior and pulled her by the waist towards him.

“You will fall like that.”

“Oh, yeah. Thank you.”

The carriage that Tarkan and Aristine were riding, was a barouche carriage with no roof, and shades that could be opened or closed by pulling the fabric.

It offered an expansive view so it was perfect for summer but you could fall off if you were careless.

Aristine straightened her extended body.

Even after she did, Tarkan didn’t remove his hand but Aristine didn’t care.

Her focus was not on his hands but on the town center that was drawing closer.

“Wow, I’ve never been somewhere with so many people…” Aristine exclaimed in wonder, lightly tapping with her wide-brimmed white hat.
Tarkan glanced ahead.

There were quite a few people on the street but for the town center, this was an ordinary day.

(Tarkan)“There were a lot more people at the wedding parade, no?”

“There were barricades back then, and I didn’t get to walk among the people,” Aristine sent Tarkan a look that seemed to say, ‘how can you not understand?’

“The important part is that I am going in there right now,” Aristine continued.

Seeing her face full of excitement and anticipation, Tarkan smiled. But at the same time, a part of his heart sank.

The fact that she was really looking forward to a normal walk on the street among people made it clear how she had lived. From her usual appearance and blunt words, it was hard to imagine that she had been confined so it made the gap feel even greater.

Soon, the carriage stopped at the carriage station.

Tarkan got down first then he held out his hand to Aristine, who took and jumped down. The knee-length tunic dress she was wearing fluttered in the air.

Aristine looked up at Tarkan and smiled mischievously, “We are in disguise today, after all.”

She definitely couldn’t jump so gracelessly in the palace.

Tarkan chuckled and replied, “Do as you like.”

“Well, even if I’m in disguise, people will recognize me,” Aristine shrugged.

Presently, Aristine was wearing a white sleeveless tunic that exposed shoulders, and a silver-embedded leather belt. For her shoes, she wore leather sandals with crossed lace that went up to her calf.

Since the tunic reached below the knee, she didn’t need to wear another skirt underneath.

It was a simple outfit but every item was of good quality.

From her attire alone, she looked like a young miss from a wealthy house that had come out for a simple meal.

The problem, however, was that Aristine’s face was already very well known. Even if she wore a wig and put on makeup, it was hard not to stand out because she was a different race itself.

Anyone who saw her would think this is the Princess Consort in disguise.

“Besides, my companion should be an ordinary person.”

Aristine glared at Tarkan.

Aristine didn’t plan on leaving the palace with Tarkan initially. She wanted to go out secretly while concealing her identity, and she was going to go with Mukali.

But somehow, Tarkan found out and suddenly appeared, saying that he would go with her.

Naturally Aristine refused.

《Tarkan, you stand out too much.》

His face was one thing, but even among Irugoians, Tarkan’s physique was unique. He had large, firm shoulders and pecs, and a waist that was slender in comparison. In addition to his long arms and long legs.

Even people a dozen steps away would stop to stare at him once in a while.

《Mukali stands out too.》

Tarkan said and looked at Mukali.

Once he got that look, Mukali began to sweat profusely and hurriedly opened his mouth.

《Yes, Yes! I stand out so much. I stand out the most!》

Aristine shook her head, looking speechless.

《Come on, even if we’re recognized, there is a difference between a prince and a general.》

Anyone who saw them would think that Mukali went out in plain clothes whenever he went out.

However, Tarkan did not back down.

《I doubt Mukali and I are the problem. Will there be any difference just because you are in plain clothes? 》


Aristine groaned because he hit it right on the mark.

He was right.

It had not been very long since the relationship between Silvanus and Irugo was restored, and they established diplomatic relations, so it was extremely rare to see a Silvanian in Irugo.

A regular Silvanian would draw many eyes, talk less Aristine who had a gorgeous appearance that would make anyone do a double take. And since her face was very well known…

(Tarkan)《It’s the same, no matter who you go with. 》

(Aristine)《No, I think I’ll stand out more with you. 》

Aristine spoke firmly but eventually, she shrugged.

《Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. Either way, it’s going to be plastered on my head that I’m the princess consort traveling incognito.》

She dreamt of melting into the waves of people, but it felt like it was too late for that.

It would create too much fuss if they announced that the royal couple was coming so she decided to just go in disguise anyways even if someone might recognize them.

After such twists and turns, the two of them left the palace together.

Aristine glanced at Tarkan.

He was wearing a black silk robe, fastened with a purple cloth belt. The sword he always carried around was carelessly affixed to that belt.

Although he was dressed casually, he exuded an aloof air akin a wild beast with smooth fur.

Aristine sighed.

‘I already gave up, but still!’

When she saw Tarkan standing out so much, she was filled with sadness.

But she didn’t realize that she stood out just as much, no, even more so than him.


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