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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 62]

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Episode 10: We’ll just hold hands and sleep. You trust me, right? (1)

T/N: The title actually says, ‘you trust this big sis, right?’

* * *

“What did you say?!”

The Queen slammed the table once she heard the court lady’s report.

“How can Tarkan finish the wedding parade successfully!”

She had used various excuses to stall for time instead of sending a carriage. But it was completely in vain.

Rather, she only earned the King’s displeasure.

“I should’ve known; that lowly thing is like a weed, it refuses to die easily.” (Duke)

The Queen’s father, Duke Skiela, mumbled while rubbing his chin.

“Hah! They rode a horse! How can a war-horse meant for slaughter be used in a wedding parade!” (Queen)

“Exactly what I’m saying. And this is a marriage for peace, a war-horse is certainly not appropriate.”

“Right, it is as you say, Duke. Surely, the people must have reacted badly to this. After all, they desire peace so much. Isn’t that so?”

The Queen asked the court lady who was reporting this information.

It was phrased as a question but in reality, it was no different from asking the servant to say yes. But if she told a lie, she would be faced with anger for the deception.

The court lady swallowed and prostrated on the floor.

“If I may dare speak, Your Majesty.”

The Queen’s brow rose at this response.

“The…the reaction was better than when they were in the carriage. As they were together on the horse instead of just sitting side by side in a carriage, the…”


The Queen threw a teacup and it shattered into pieces as it struck an amethyst decorated pillar.

“Your Majesty.”

“Your Majesty, please quell your anger.”

All the court servants fell to their knees and knocked their foreheads on the ground.

“The people are ignorant by nature.”

“If Your Majesty the Queen guides them to the right path, they will turn around right away.”

In other words, manipulating public opinion.

It was easy to spread words in a crowd. Hence, it was hardly a hard task to guide the direction that things would spread as long as you had money and power.

The Queen was pleased with this answer and calmed down as she leaned back into the sofa.

‘Public opinion, you say…’

Duke Skiela pondered over it for a moment then he opened his mouth with a heavy look on his face.

“Your Majesty, Tarkan’s war-steed is quite a symbolic one. If we treat it as a normal warhorse and try to weave a narrative, we may suffer backlash instead.”

The Duke of Skiela was right.

Just as Tarkan was revered as a hero, the horse that always fought beside him was also treated as a legend. What would people’s response be if such an existence was labeled as a slaughterer or peace-breaker?

Although the people are said to be ignorant, that didn’t mean they were stupid. They would be suspicious if random people suddenly started making such claims at the same time.

“…You are right.”

The Queen also agreed with him.

Earlier, she was so angry that she looked for anything to condemn Tarkan with but riding a war-horse could never bring criticism.

Irugo was a land of warriors, and a warrior’s sword was considered the most important thing. The next most important thing was naturally, a warrior’s war-steed.

“We can’t call a war-horse a slaughterer or anything bad, to begin with.”

“Yes, especially since Tarkan, that lowly thing rode the horse while subjugating demonic beasts…”

A war-horse that subjugated demonic beasts alongside Tarkan.

‘If anything, the people must regard it as a guardian that brought peace to Irugo.’

The Queen burst into anger.

“And here I thought this was a never seen opportunity to deal with that lowly thing!”

There was nothing else they could use.

Tarkan was already very popular among the people and the wedding today raised his status even more.

“The common people are not the only issue. The nobles seem quite interested as well.” (Duke)

“Very few were wavering until this arranged marriage with the Princess of Silvanus was decided…” (Queen)

“Even then, there were many who ridiculed it, asking if that would make Tarkan’s blood noble.” (Duke)

Such words were mixed with flattery but in reality, that was truly how most people thought.

Regardless of how much the King loved Tarkan, or how popular he was with the people, the nobles merely scoffed, thinking that was all he could amount to.

They were convinced that Hamill would be the one who ascends the throne in the end. Above all, most nobles didn’t want to crown Tarkan, who had a commoner mother, as King.

‘Furthermore, Tarkan has shown himself to be very inept at politics.’

He should have pressured Hamill using his popularity with the people or established his position by using the King’s favor as bait.

However, Tarkan did neither of those.

Even when other royals mocked him with showy remarks, he only shut the opponent’s mouth with intimidation. He never faced any of his opponents with political competence or ability.

Hence, everyone labeled Tarkan as politically incompetent.

‘That was the case, but that has changed.’

Tarkan, who was seen as helplessly inept in politics, stepped forward and protected the Princess when the princess was in danger of being seated in the lowest ranking area.

Contrary to what the nobles and the Queen expected, Tarkan’s speech was fluent and unreserved.

He pressured the Queen with political wordplay and achieved what he wanted.

Because of this, people couldn’t help but think that it’s not that Tarkan couldn’t participate in politics but that he hadn’t.

‘And when you add the princess to that.’

The princess who was to become Tarkan’s wife, not only had an exceptional bloodline but her political skills were admirable.

She was the definition of giving wings to a tiger.

On that day, the nobles had no choice but to give Tarkan another look.

And with the wedding today which many claimed to have surpassed the word perfect…

After the bride and groom left the wedding hall, the people in the hall gathered in groups and chattered excitedly about how the wedding went. Even if you ignore the lower nobles who couldn’t participate in the fight for the throne, there were still quite some powerful nobles involved!

“Those noble bastards, they were acting one way not too long ago but changed their attitudes at the wedding today…” (Queen)

Remembering those nobles who were watching Aristine and Tarkan with delight made the Queen fume with anger.

“It is simply preposterous. How can they be so moved at the wedding of that lowly thing!” (Queen)

“It’s not as if they don’t know how important of an issue this wedding is! Instead of obstructing it, they’re praising it!”

“Even if you consider that they’re not part of our faction, I simply can’t understand it.”

The number of people in the Queen’s faction was limited because the more people there are, the more people would have to share the achievement.

Still, that was enough.

In fact, people in other factions have been trying to get on their good side by telling them they support Hamill as well.

“This wedding can’t possibly make them reconsider Tarkan, right?”(Duke)

“How can that lowly thing ever compare to Prince Hamill!” (Queen)

“Those fools that used to chase after us before; they don’t know their place…” (Duke)

“With such a family, how dare they compare us with Tarkan!”

The Queen and the Duke couldn’t hold back their anger and seethed with rage.

Frankly, the reason they were so angry about this was because they were anxious.

“Your Majesty, what should we do?”

The Duke of Skiela asked with a grave expression on his face.

“We can’t move too rashly. Because the attempt to send a carriage was blocked, His Majesty the King must be…”

“He didn’t say anything but I’m sure he’s watching.”

The Queen let out a frustrated sigh.

She thought this would put Tarkan in a predicament, but he benefited from it while she was left with a negative effect.

This was a complete defeat.

“Royal mother!”

Right then, the door of the receiving room swung open, and a loud voice rushed in.

It was Yenikarina.

“Have you seen this article?”

Yenikarina looked pale and she was carrying the evening newspaper in her hand.

On the front page was a huge banner of Aristine and Tarkan kissing.

“Look at what this thing says! It’s calling that half-wit princess Irugo’s hope! Or the angel that brought peace!”

The agitated Yenikarina was ballistic.

“How dare they say such a thing? Yenika is this country’s joy, hope, and happiness!”



Translator’s Corner:

** Yenika is the one who says that last thing. Don’t forget she speaks in third person lol.

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