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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 45]

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Who asked about the lovey-dovey story between the two of you? (2)

The sudden silence was because Aristine had spun around at the request of the court ladies.

Her long and voluminous hair fluttered in the air, following her movements. At normal times, her silver hair glistened brightly as though it was carefully combed with flower oil but now, it looked like finely crushed diamonds were scattered all over her hair.

Her peculiar hair color akin to wet lilac flowers seemed even more vivid. The lower part hung down and the upper part was braided into several parts and decorated with a lisianthus wreath mixed with peonies and roses.

It was such a gorgeous wreath that it seemed like it would be too much but once it was placed on Aristine’s head, it didn’t look over the top at all. It was only fulfilling its duty to make the bride shine.

It was at this moment that they clearly realized what it meant to be beautiful enough to make even flowers bow their heads in shame.

Her purple eyes were deep and clear, and her coral lips looked soft and smooth. Her nose was small but sharp and her cheeks overflowing with life. Her skin had a soft glow without the slightest flaw.

The silk flowed smoothly across her perfectly proportioned limbs. The ornaments worn over it seemed to draw in light, and the hanging white-gold chain glistened as it changed angles with Aristine’s every move.

Her appearance was like something out of a fairy tale. Like a fairy or a goddess, or some other non-human existence.

The maids, who were ready to ridicule the new bride dressed up in barbarian attire, were stupefied. Their eyes shook and widened like it was going to rip apart. Their faces were full of shock.

It was only after Aristine spun again like the court ladies asked that they caught their breaths.

“Ehem, well, I guess it’s just enough to not undermine the prestige of our great Silvanus Empire.”

“Yes, it’s just enough.”

“Barely enough to not be an embarrassment.”

The maids soon raised their noses as if it were nothing special. But the fact that they were fighting a few moments ago had completely left their minds.

They fanned themselves for no reason and feigned indifference.

While the court ladies were sorting out the dress for the last time, the maids were peeking at Aristine through the edge of their fan.

‘Clothes are like wings, right? That’s why.’

‘My gosh, look at that jewel…it’s huge and clear and so shiny. How much is one of that?’

‘I think I can buy a nice dress with just one of the jewels on that chain.’

The maids whispered to each other, their eyes filled with jealousy and envy.

The princess had to be more shabby and humbler than them. Everything that went to her had to come to them. Just like it was in the Imperial place.

They imagined themselves sweeping through the social circles with glamorous and extravagant clothes. With Tarkan’s manly arm wrapped around their slender waist.

That scene was drawn in the minds of the maids like a dream.

‘His Highness Tarkan paid for all of that, right?’

‘As expected of His Highness Tarkan…’

The faces of the maids stirred with greed as they thought of their master’s husband.

By Silvanus standards, Tarkan was not a good man at all. Forget the fact that didn’t know how to treat a Lady respectfully, he even had the nerve to carelessly break into a Lady’s room. He was a man with a lot of flaws.


Even that was attractive.

In front of him, the men of Silvanus looked like little boys instead of men. He had an intense gaze that seemed to pierce through you, features that looked sculpted, and a well-defined jawline. And to add to that, a strong body that looked firmly built.

That alone made him a man that was very desired.

However, he was perfectly equipped with the three holy grails: ability, status, and wealth.

Seeing Aristine adorned in beautiful jewels made the maids more anxious.

‘Hmph, such a man deserves more than this lowly princess.’

‘I’m better than that crazy, illiterate princess.’

‘Someone elegant, refined and noble like me should be holding him from the side.’

The maids chewed on their lips.

Of course, the other ladies had no interest in what the maids were thinking.

“I just know His Highness Tarkan will be shocked when he sees the Princess.”

“Hehe, I want people to see the Princess already. I can’t wait to see their reactions.”

“His Highness Tarkan will look even more charming today, won’t he?”

“Hah, this wedding will definitely go down in history. After all, the two of them are so beautiful.”

Despite the chattering of the court ladies, Aristine merely shrugged.

‘The fact that this arranged marriage ends hundreds of years of hostility is likely more historically relevant.’

In any case, she was glad that the court ladies were happy with the result of their craftsmanship after spending so much time and sweat on it.

‘Sure enough, they are very passionate about their work. I’d love to scout them.’

She wanted to make a lot of money and hire a bunch of passionate employees.

“Right, we prepared the fluffy thing for you.”

“Oh yes, it is very fluffy. It can withstand any impact.”

“And it’s a little narrow too.”

The court ladies lowered their voices and whispered.

Aristine didn’t get what was so good about that, but they were laughing strangely and had strange looks in their eyes.

“I see, good job.”

Either way, Aristine praised them for remembering what she paid and paying attention to it.

As expected, they were really competent people. To think they didn’t forget something she only said once. Her desire to scout them continued to rise.

“Well then, shall we go now, Princess?”

The court ladies enthusiastically opened the door.

It was time to get on the carriage and head to the ceremonial hall.



Translator’s Corner:

*I was wondering, do these maids plan to share Tarkan or..? Like, I get that they want to live better lives than Aristine but how’s it going to work?


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10 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 45]”

  1. I’m starting to wonder if it really makes sense to have maids with that head? I mean how can they be so stupid even if MC is crazy her status as princess in a political marriage won’t change, but even though she’s smart and it’s obvious they keep fantasizing which I don’t really think makes sense.

    These kind of people in this environment are easily killed and exploited and would naturally mess things up, were only idiots sent with MC on purpose? Yeah it looks like that.

    I ask the author to stop showing their ugly characters, I feel no matter how bad their ending is, it won’t satisfy me, so I hope my hate for them doesn’t grow. I hope I can finish the novel without any negative feelings left.

    Thanks for the update Miss Ruby.

    1. I agree. I know plot-wise it’s supposed to be the shock value of the contrast with their old lives as well for the slapface when time is due, but it’s true this is handled on the bad side. I was very pumped out when that maid started acting like a dog those chapters ago because she understood the power dynamic shift, but apparently it hasn’t caused any major real changes besides bickering…

  2. Thank you for translating!!! I guess they don’t think about the other maids and just think about having him themselves? Like individually.

  3. “They imagined themselves sweeping through the social circles with glamorous and extravagant clothes. With Tarkan’s manly arm wrapped around their slender waist.”

    They sure love to smoke weeds i see

  4. I think they’re all crazy, the silvanians are insane, no one can be that clueless lol… At least Rosalyn grew a brain but just how much empty space is in their skull? I like that they are entertainment for her viewing pleasure, but surely they will wise up?? How are they that stupid? It’s well below mouth breathers😂

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